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      In previous generations, mankind confronted his dark side through wars fought with weapons and technology.  Today's society faces a far subtler manifestation of its proclivity towards evil, an evil that is far more pervasive and compelling.  We find also this war is far more desperate and decisive.  Evil can take many shapes, forms, and sizes, never molding itself to any common dictates.  Our generation finds itself embued in a conflict against tyrannical forces which require a resolve forged from spiritual resolve and strength.  We've rediscovered our spiritual nature, uncovering knowledge that has been lost for many centuries.  Some believe this recovery the result of serendipitous forces which awaited a certain period in time for revelation.  Anyhow, we've gained knowledge of our spiritual psyche, the inner device that causes change on a metaphysical level.  Labeled as a prayer field by some, this thought projection is what shapes and defines the reality we experience.  When focused in a specific way, it can have devastating effects far surpassing what we would reasonably suspect possible.  This is a weapon that can become far more powerful than any nuclear device.  With each new discovery of our hidden abilities seems to come a new enemy to be faced as well.  This enemy we're dealing with at present is as I said earlier, subtler and further entrenched in it's ideology.  This tyranny is global in scale and preys on our dependence on technology and material comfort.  Our spiritual natures being reawakened after a long dormancy must possess new vision and desire in order to confront these negative forces.  The emotions of hate, anger, fear, or greed must be eliminated from our psyches if we intend to overcome them.  Our weakness is the unwillingness to confront what evil lives through, our own dark natures. 

     Opposing global tyranny with force is impossible, and will only lead to its further growth.  What we need is to champion democracy through the furtherance of freedom's development.  Taking freedom to the next stage in it's evolution, which may require facing the unknown's of what we may be left with.  Nevertheless, we must plunge forward with what strength we have before it is too late.   Even now there are signs it may be past our ability to save much of what our forefathers bequeathed to us.  We can no longer look the other way while other nations suffer being plundered and ravaged by a greed and power fueled elite.  How many more need to lose so much before we call an end to the insanity?  Quite possibly it will require a great loss to awaken us to the dire need to take action.  


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