No "Religious" Hate Speech Tolerated!

8108769664?profile=originalDear Friends.

The article posted regarding Muslims and Christians in Syria is a out right LIE!

There is no "persecution" of Christians going on in Syria.

There are less than 100,000 Coptic Christians in Syria.

They, like the Jews are tolerated well there.

Contrary to your misunderstanding of ALL THINGS MUSLIM,


The Muslims are NOT the Problem!

What the World has become and Those who Rule IT ARE the Problem!


No Anti-Religion Posts (of any kind) on my page Please.
No anti-Jew, anti-Christian, anti-Muslim.
If you have no respect for Basic Humanity,,You ARE NOT a "Lightworker" and we probably won't be friends.

God Bless us All,

Share if you dare be human and not a Hate Pawn!

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  • I agree entirely, friend.....The dark have always used scapegoats and bogeymen, whenever they plan to take more control from the population...

    In the 1950s it was McCarthyism and the general paranoia about "reds." Note tht all their nonsence never came to fruition, such as the so called "domino effect" in south east asia...They got beaten in Vietnam, and today that country is relatively stable and benign....And of course, China is not what they thought it would become, back in the cold war..

    The same with Iran.....Yet they continue to try to evoke fear of "nuclear attack" in minds and hearts...All manipulation and geo-politics......The GFL are exposing them more and more....


  • hello Brother Drekx Omega,

    Thanks for the support, It is the whole " make an enemy" game I am sick of.

    When I was a kid, it was "The Communists"

    Then it was "The Terrorists" after they made up 911.

    Now it is "Muslims".

    Just tired of it all.

  • Keep speaking up for justice, Gunny.....

    Hate speech is always you say.

  • Well, you've made your point (and quite well I  might add).

This reply was deleted.

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