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Yesterday I posted a blog from Ben Fulford ( Gold is only another yellow metal you cannot eat) In which he himself admits he was duped big-time!

Below is an exert and then my response via my higher self.

"The conclusion is that there are no giant treasure caves in Indonesia or the Philippines and that the so-called global collateral accounts or global debt facility is based on fraud".

 What is true though, is that to this day, large amounts of un-usable dollars and Euros are printed, shrink-wrapped and left in warehouses in the region as “payment” for the gold taken from the region by Western powers in the 19th and 20th centuries.
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This line, a comment or rather confession of Ben Fulford himself , admits that there is no large amount of Gold to bring in the Prosperity Program that he himself had promoted. So here's an end to yet another False flag. At least he admitted in a round about way that he was wrong. He needs to come straight out and say it cause there are still others out there, who are still promoting this absurd idea that we are all going to be wealthy beyond our wildest dreams.

   Of course this is the work of the VISITORS, the DC & Archons. And its still going on right now on this site and others. They also promote Obama as a hero, a spiritual leader, when in reality he is the Ant-Christ. So thats a give away, when they promote Obama. We must all learn Discernment for there is much Deception going on and they Dark Cabal works much like Lucifer & Satan with Deception as there main tools or weapon of choice. In my book Ben fulford is a has been, like Drake the Fake, even David Wilcox is falling way behind as he enjoys being in the lime-light in front of all the camera's, always promoting his books. So that leaves us pretty much on our own, doesn't it.

           We have known for some time now of all the False Flags done by the VISITORS from the info given to us by the Allies of Humanity, ( which I have been posting this last year ) who was the 1st to warn us about them and how they could make you think that they were the good guys and made all of those False Flag Predictions. This is much like the Matrix, in that we don't know who we can trust. We must run everything through our Heart of Hearts to find out what is true and what is not,"Discernment". And this leaves us with yet another False Flag that is still being promoted by them, and that is of course.

The DISCLOSURE & CANTACT that I Believe wont be happening anytime soon but it will happen with our efforts and then last but not least is the big ASCENSION EVENT, which also didn't happen when we told it would but is still happening as we speak and I think that too, will take some more  time. In Truth it seems that the answer is within us and all of these Events including a different prosperty program which does include new energy systems, will happen when we make them happen, even our truthfull space-brothers admit that they cannot do it for us like the False Flags have foretold. But they can guide us and inspire us, such as they have done up to this moment in time. And like our Allies have told us, we are the only ones who can get rid of the DC, Archons & Visitors and make these things happen. We seems to have this belief and a hard one to break, that someone, somewhere is going to come to save us and to redeem us.

  But we are the only ones who can save and redeem ourselves. We don't need a hand-out, we need a hands up movement.We have all the natural resources that many want, we only need to learn to use them in a responsible way. We don't want to be dependent on anyone else but ourselves. So that we don't become Slaves again as we have with the last two Slave masters. And there are more like them just waiting for there turn out there. But I think the good ET'S will not let that happen.

     We have the power, insite, guidence, & lots of inspiration. It is in our major Programing, the one before the DC programed into us. Its our true MISSION the real reason that we are here. We must over come this MATRIX     ( mind control ) and re-program ourselves in tune with the higher realms or Spirit Realms that teaches us that LOVE & LIGHT = FORGIVENESS. We are all one Family and about to step into the Greater Community of not only the Galactic Brothers but also of the Greater Universe Family.

   And in doing so we have to become wise, as with whom we wish to work with. To make sure that there Agenda is the same as our agenda to benefit all of mankind. Of course Ascension will supersede all goals and Agenda's. Service to Others is our primary concern for all must eventually Ascend, Love & Light is the best tool we have to make this happen and Forgiveness is the way it will happen. Lets work together now !! Put all of these False Flags behind us, we have learned our lessen from them and a hard one at that. Lets Create a new more positive Reality based on Love and Light. Don't be afraid, Loves plans are made. L&L Adonai, Rev. Joshua Skirvin


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  • Well,Well thanks everyone for the response and feedback. It seems Confession is good for the soul. This whole scenario reminds me of the 2nd movie of the Matrix, where in the end they find out that the info from there Oracle was compromised, that it wasn't true. The enemy had played both sides and lulled them into believing that the were going to win the war without to great an effort. So in the 3rd part called ''Resolution" they had to refigure every thing and they had to include Divine intervention and so in the end they did save themselves and the Planet.

    So here we are, being feed many hundreds of thousands of channeled info and up until recently most all of it has been true. So in steps the DC and there new Allies the VISITORS and everything changes for them and for us. They now in recent years have started using the VISITORS group mind ability to be able to imitate any and all of our most respected and sacred Channelled enmities, even GOD, and the Arc-Angels. And they began to manipulate the then future Events. About 1-1/2 yrs. ago they began to tell us about all the landings and of taking a select gruop of us around the universe and how they were going to save the Earth Floods by building dykes and then about how they were going to be Disclosure and contact on the end of the Mayan calendar and how they would rescue us both in our material bodies and in our spiritual bodies. AND IT WAS ALL LIES. many FALSE FLAGS. Well that woke up many of us except those still caught up in Discussions and Gossip.

    So about a year ago many of us light-workers began to wake up the fact that we were being deceived. But the question was , why would our space brothers whom we trusted greatly and the spirit realm Deceive us? Well they didn't, and if they didn't , who did? and why. Then someone put up a vid from " the Allies of Humanity" and in the vid our Allies explained how the Visitors was using the Matrix- ( MIND CONTROL) to fool us into believing they were someone else and that the messages being sent were true, even when we knew they were not, because they didn't happen. Then the question was , why would they do that, tell us something that they knew would not come true? Well think about it folks !, what did it do to us, in our belief system, in our faith and most important what did it do to our movement. I'll tell what it did, it made us turn against each other and argue and debate. Many light workers dropped out, they left. And those of us who stayed felt betrayed. So I began to run the post every week or two from our Friends "the Allies of Humanity" for the last year now and I got a lot of slack from it. People just could not believe these being had such power, from there group mind or Hive mind and besides we thought we only had one or two enemies not three. And that they would never work together. Well they do work together if its in there best interest. The DC was failing  and is falling even now as we speak. And there old Allie the Archons was being taken away by the Spirit Realm so they had to come up with a another plan, call it plan B or C, what ever. 

    Thats when the VISITORS stepped in, thats when they began to promise  to make all of us rich beyond our wildest Dreams, to make everyone a millionaire. This False Flag would again tear us apart, our mission and our goal is not Materialistic its Spiritual. Of course they also promised to give us all FREE Energy, Free food and shelter and at what Price I asked. The Price would be to be stuck here or there in 3D and not to Ascend into 4D or even higher into 5D. Then the Question is , do we wont to give this up, our Mission to Ascend in exchanged to stay stuck in the old 3D world of Duality and mind control. To continue to be Slaves to the DC and now the Visitors! So just like in the movie Matrix, many in both worlds, which for us would be the old 3D and now the 4D, many would not or could not believe that they could be Deceived through the Matrix- mind control. And it is here that we must remember the work of Lucifer and Satan for many hundreds of thousands of years on this Planet and others, He was a "Master of Deception " And today those who follow him, even though he may not be here anymore still use this Deception,Lies, False Flags, to get what they want, which is more power and Resources, called wealth and in return they give us more Lies and False Dreams, even teaching many to become like them and join there ILLUMINATi organization .

     In the Movie the people were saved by God , they called Love and of course God is Love. And its the same with us. If we chase after wealth and the supposed Pleasures it gives, we will stay as Slaves in the old 3D HELL. But if we chase after LOVE and LIGHT and learn Forgiveness then we will Ascend to the Higher 4D and later to 5D, Which for us would be Heaven. For Heaven is a state of being, be-ing in Peace, Joy & Happiness. The choice is our to make. We ourselves are our own Salvation and Redemption. No one can do it for us, they can lead us, inform us and inspire us but in the end we must do it ourselves. For no one rules our mind but us. And if we run every thing through our Heart of Hearts before we speak or make any decision the correct responce will be made and the Truth be known to us. For every thing that we need to know to complete our mission is inside of us .It is a Pre-program that no one can even touch or take away.

    So we have all the tools and resources that we need. We only have to apply it, once we remember who we are and the real reason that we are here. And when we do this even there Matrix- mind control will not work on us. For we have free will that the God of LOVE gave us to keep and no one can take it away. But we must use these gifts now, while the time is ripe. This ASCENSION EVENT is one in a Trillion of ever happening again. It has never happened before. You might say its a gift from the God of Love to correct the Mistake that Lucifer made with us and a gift to get us out of Hell and into Heaven. But to keep these gifts we must give them away, the same as Love, to have it you must give it away for to Give and to Receive is one and the same. I hope this helped to clear up  this Matrix thing. May the God of Love Protect you and keep you safe in your journey home, for we are all one. Always remember, you are Loved and you are LOVE, for we come from the Divine Source, which is LOVE.L&L Adonai

  • I think that Fulford's abrupt 180 and the curious suggestions he has been proposing indicates to me (MY discernment) that he has been compromised and is very possibly being forced to use his platform to push the cabal agenda.  I believe Neil Keenan is still on the march, and I stand with him.  ~Namaste~

  • Thank you Rev.

  • money and Prosperity Program, is not the answer it has to be false. people need the truth about there divine nature period. we are brought up on poison and thats all ive been hearing is poison when talking too anyone human being. see i mediate alot and thats whats the whole world needs. not just that but the truth shall set us free period. its very simple . people have such busy dumb lifestyles its embrassing for me to call myself human. the animals on this planet is smarter than us. we seek kill and destroy wake up. we have the most nasty habits to kill are selfs slowely. if they had money programs a good percentage of people are dying. i live in florida and its miserable out here. but i do see greatness also which i attract but i dont have any friends just associates. people i try to show the truth too. i have a master plan that going to be in effect to tell people the truth and show them whats they been missing. because we are longing for the truth thats it. once i knew the truth i change my whole lifestyle i am still fighting other habits though its not easy but its one step at a time. and for this change everyone wants too see might takes till 2015. so get healthy and live that long you will see a change stop with this dam false flag. if we all quit are jobs we would be free. but no 1 has even thought about that because its all about the money.

  • Thank you Rev, nicely put...more truths are revealed sooner than later.

    Love all that your doing, thank you!

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