No Longer Pacified with Lies

wake-up.jpg?w=268&h=132Written by Wes Annac


Note: This article leans less toward spiritual pursuits or ideals, and more toward standing up to tyranny, oppression and lies. Both aspects of our evolution are quite important, and my aim is to keep a balance of discussing both of them.

I’m going to attempt to expand upon something I was just writing for the conclusion of this week’s Newsletter. I was essentially saying that it’s time to stop giving our power away to the external, cabal-run mainstream sources who will only continue to deceive us.

Much of this inspiration I’m drawing upon has resulted from the Boston attacks. Yes, opinions have flown around here and there about exactly who was responsible for the attacks, but the level of propaganda we are being given from the mainstream news about the FBI and the Boston Police force displays that at the very least, the cabals will use any tragedy they can to make themselves look good.

People, we should not be praising the FBI or the Boston Police Department for “thwarting the bad guys”. The cabals have conditioned us to think that they have our backs; that they can stop any terrorist attack or scary event from occurring and that all we need to do is surrender just a little bit more of our otherwise-unalienable freedoms.

Just as others have said, the United States has come very close to becoming a police state in recent years as an apparent response to 9/11, and our rights and freedoms continue to be stripped away just so that an attack on a marathon in Boston, an attack on an elementary school, a movie theater, etc. can take place anyway.

Besides Steve Beckow, does anybody else see the link between the stripping of our freedoms and these attacks happening anyway? (1) Does anybody see that the forces who claim to be working in our best interests seem to have let something like this happen (and likely orchestrated it themselves) and used the opportunity to basically implement Martial Law in Boston?

Now, I’m seeing so much propaganda in favor of the cabals and the Boston police, and people are continuing to give their power away to these individuals as they truly and strongly believe the cabals have their best interests at heart. Emotional manipulation has run rampant in this society, and at the core of the matter is the fact that we’ve allowed our power to be taken away.

Truly, that’s what has caused this entire mess we are in.

We’ve allowed the building and running of our society to be placed in the hands of intelligent but clearly mentally-unstable individuals who feel themselves all-powerful and worthy of controlling the populace. They have kept a tight grip on the running of our societies and now that they see we are waking up, they are taking desperate measures to quell the truth and Light being spread and to put us back in the conditioned fear that saw us adoring them after 9/11.

I very much hope everybody begins to see the clear orchestrations taking place. Beyond those of us who have already awakened and who long understand what is going on, I’m ready to see the public willingly educated on what the cabals have been doing to keep them in states of pacified fear.

It is truly sad to see so much propaganda in favor of forces we’re being led to believe are keeping us safe when in reality, these forces have usurped humanity; attempted to drain our very spiritual essence by keeping us enslaved in positions where we quite literally serve them, financially and spiritually; and physically hurt and killed our public in the name of their greed and desire to remain in control and put others in fear.

Now, many of the organizations that represent these souls are being honored in the eyes of the public for “catching the bad guys”. Nobody’s stopping to ask why these “heroes” couldn’t thwart the attack in the first place, and too many people are still closed off to the idea that these “heroes” may not be working in our best interests at all.

Again; at this heart of this entire problem is the fact that we allow our power to be given away.

We remain pacified. We only worry about what is to happen next in our personal Lives or we only work to maintain a false and hollow image and in doing so, we’re distracted; conditioned; kept in states of perpetual unawareness; and the forces portraying the puppet show seem to continue to thrive and seem to continue to be able to orchestrate or at the very least, do nothing to stop events like the Boston bombings.

They’re able to do this because we let them, and because we quite literally praise them for doing it! Of course, the praise only comes after their script has played out on the world stage and they are able to emerge “victorious” over the apparent bombers and make themselves look good.

Truly, it takes guts to continually hurt and kill a public you’re supposed to be working in the best interest of, and then use lies to orchestrate that very public praising you. The cabals have done this for decades and now, it is truly time to stand up to these souls and proclaim our collective freedom and sovereignty as we dissolve their perceived rein.

Nobody is going to do it for us, and if we remain complacent or pacified than the cabals will only continue to have their “day in the sun” and will only continue to orchestrate tragedies that they are meant to look like heroes because of. Yes, the Light is here to stay on this planet and the darkness is being purged in every moment, but the Light cannot move around a pacified collective consciousness.

Light understands, from a purely neutral point of view, that for it to work its way into a collective consciousness and have a real effect, any and every last bit of darkness must be purged from that consciousness and transmuted.

This is what’s happening now, in our personal Lives and on the world stage and as an aspect of serving this purging and transmutation, I strongly encourage you and everyone else not to be taken in by the propaganda and lies of our governments.

They are not working in our best interests, and only have a desire to keep us in states of fearful enslavement. It’s time to stand up and let them know that truth and Light is here to stay, and that we are a growing and increasingly-motivated populace who understands and is standing up to the tyranny and oppression they have gotten away with for far too long.

In essence – it’s time to get motivated!

Wes Annac – Looking evil in the eyes and shining the purest of Light upon it

(1)- Steve Beckow on the Boston attack:

“We go to so much expense to build so many security systems, subject civilians to so many searches, and position so many closed circuit cameras everywhere, but when push comes to shove we somehow cannot nab (people) with multiple backpacks putting homemade bombs in trashcans at the heavily-guarded Boston Marathon.”

See “Questionable Bombings in Boston” at:


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  • Agreed, Marique. Much Love to you! :)

    Wes :)
  • I totally agree with what you have shared here Wes and everyone and indeed it is time for the masses to wake up. I get called a conspiracy nut a lot of the time but I think that I am on the right track.  I take nothing that the network news shows as gospel, that is for sure.  Where there is smoke there is fire and I can see how the masses are being manipulated right in front of their faces.  I cannot fault people who are naïve and choose to believe that the PTB would not hurt the public such as false front events but I can feel great empathy and concern that the masses are being deceived because they wish to be trusting people and cannot see the big picture.  My prayers are with humanity that they come out of their trusting sleep and say that the manipulation must stop and then have the courage and fortitude to stand up and say ENOUGH lies and then do something to stop the deception.  Good blog Wes, thanks for sharing. 

  • Thank you all for your comments on this blog. It's truly great to see so much converstaion taking place around this subject, and it's equally great to see that so many of us are awake enough to question the "official story".


    Much Love all,


    Wes :) :)

  • Wes for a young man you are truly wise! These words in your blog are what I wanted to say or planed to say in a upcoming blog. But you have hit the nail on the head so well, I have basically nothing much left to say. People seem to have forgot that they got it wrong at first, the wrong person and it was info wars that went through the surveillance vids and found the suspects and posted it on there site. I also posted it from them cause I believed it was true and it was. But of course they were Patsies set up by the FBI for the last 5 yrs. And your right on thousands of officials could not find the subjects until another incident and info wars fans sent info to the FBI. Then it takes 200 swat sharp shooters shooting at a boat to catch a badly injured young man, something is not right. Then after all the MSM Controlled news lies, they all became instant heroes and everyone was waving there Flags just like 911 not realizing they were honoring the DC who set up the whole thing in the first place, WAKE UP FOLKS and smell the coffee burning. This is not the end of the DC War, its just the beginning of it,huh,right..... Adonai
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