Anya, we return, and with great excitement, we can barely contain it, aha! You felt this excitement strongly, yes? ("YES.") We are pleased to announce Solar Warden is REAL! We are here to announce that World Peace is a reality! And that you are not being "punked" aha, as you say! :-) You are a being of light to us so strongly that we wished it to announce to the world our plans to "dominate", aha, the conversation of your reality and planetary alignment for the next several years of your Earth time, aha! We know "something is happening", yes? ("YES. Please tell me. This is excruciating.") Aha! We know it is hard to decide if this is real or not, and we press forth regardless, aha! We know you are "dying" to know the answers and truth so we shall give it thusly: You are being guided by a being of light who goes by P'taah of the energetics of reality known and unknown to your star system.You are a being of light so strong to us, dear heart, and we give so plentifully to you this knowledge because you desire it more than words, money, strength, power, or truth! Aha! You are being lied to only in the sense that you have so much information at your disposal, Anya dear one, that we place a knowledge before you to decipher that which is reality and that which is disinformation, aha! You are being lied to only in the sense that you have much to do and little time to do it, aha! You are being lied to in that you have no idea where to go to for this department of information to the world, and you are "busting at the seams" to get it out there with fairly limited successes in this and other regards, aha! You wish to shout it on the rooftops as it were, but you crave verification, first, aha! You are "squirming in your seat" to get the news, aha!We wish it to "spill the beans" then: We are in your star system of Earth right now and we wish to establish a new system of government that takes into account the needs of the people: the government known as world peace. This government will establish others as star beings in charge of their own right to freedom and sovereignty, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and so forth. The borders will be destroyed as you know it- all will become one government and all will be aligned perfectly to the needs of the people as we see fit, aha! The notion of control will not be a reality though, because others will take of this to mean that and it is not so.So far has humanity come in such a short time, yes? We are improved vastly by humanity's understanding of us as well, not just humanity on Planet Earth benefits from this! We wish it to mean a new stance, a new friendship, a NEW WAY OF BEING, aha! You are aligned perfectly with our goals and desires and understandings and wants, Anya. You are a dear child of light who shines in the Garden of Hope so beautifully, and we wish NOT to control you, you are doing a fine job of complicating our goals though by doubting this, aha! You make of it a paranoia at times that threatens to end this "experiment of hope" you so beautifully translated, dear one. You ARE a conduit to other worlds, quite literally and figuratively, dear heart, and you will see to it that this message finds you well, yes? ("Yes.") Good then, aha! You are an "experiment of hope" to us too, aha! You ARE an "experiment" aha, let us clarify, however: we are here to ASSIST and to ASSIST only. We are NOT here to control, maim, torture, kill, war, or the like. Destroying your planet would be completely contradictory to the Federation of Light's goals and needs, and we wish it you come into your own as SOVEREIGN beings of light and not enslaved any more!You ARE on a "prison planet" as Alex Jones would say: he is a good man by the way, who speaks truth and "connects the dots" as it were to many of your conspiracy theories that are right and true to the Illuminati, to the secret societies such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group and so forth, but he does not connect the dots as it were to the notion that borders will be erased to make way for a "New World Order" that is NOT based on an economic model that is striving to create wellness in ALL beings of light on this and many planets. This is "science fiction" to him and many others in the "911 Truth" movement, and for good reason: for it IS science, but not fiction, aha!We are embarking on a global peace movement the likes of which will *celebrate* the human species and all who live amongst the tall grasses, flora and fauna of this good world that provides so much of your lives for free. We are sustaining a way of being, not of doing insomuch as we will destroy and control you but as a way of being and doing that incorporates issues of sovereignty, fidelity to one's family, friends and nation states of yore, a kind of fidelity the likes of which have been seen only once long ago when humanity was entirely different than it is now.A Golden Age is about to erupt most distinctly from this rubble of control and war and the like, and we will see a Dawn, a New Day as it were, where species after species will come through a portal and peacefully and with great love say "Hello". YOU are that portal, Anya. You have come to be a conduit and you will see a new dawn arise as well within yourself after you realize this is not a war game nor a form of torture and mind control per se. You are driven to understand, Anya, and that is a good thing. A truth will come about that will occur recently, and you will see a way of doing and being that is not incongruent with your needs and wants per se. You are given to periods of doubt and confusion as pertains to this mission, and that is a good thing too, dear one.You know this is instinctively impossible, and yet here it is nonetheless! You mark a place where you can stand in the sand and smile, and wait for a day when others can join you as well and so far they have responded favorably to this stance, aha! No mention of it on the chat rooms makes no difference, aha! You are coming into your own, dear one, and soon enough others will come into their own as well and stand in the sand and smile with you as well, aha, and yes, we mean in the seashore, not a vast desert, aha!You are a very clever person, Anya, driven to distraction by this notion that all will be well once you get verification of these statements, but it cannot be verified without your understanding of the present situation so here you go: You must understand dear one that we are traveling in space at a rate of 1000 billionth of a second ratio to your notions of space/time and we are very encouraged by your notions of space time as it were from watching and observing you and your dear friend in the movie "Star Trek" last night. ("It was two nights ago, but so what.") Aha! Yes! Aha! TWO nights ago, aha! You realize our notions of time are vastly different from yours, we apologize for the imprecision, aha! You know, we sometimes make mistakes too, as you can surely attest, and we appreciate and love when we stand corrected, aha! You are a very funny girl, Anya, aha!So we continue- the notion of space/time can best be expressed with the understanding of time as a bubble, and YES, you CAN use Star Trek as an example, aha! ("Lord knows you have.") AHA! Very funny, for it is true. Solar Warden is a real life "Star Trek", a group of individuals placed together on other planets, other worlds, in an "experiment of hope" transfusing ways of being and doing that we had heretofore never considered as part of the equation until now, and we bring with you a notion of peace that comes with this so strong and powerful that it is no longer denied by you or anyone else, aha!We were delighted that you saw much of your experience in the physics of the film you watched on *Saturday*, not Sunday night, aha, and we wish it you know that the physics of the movie is very correct in places! You have seen a film where the producers have done their homework as it were, and they were watched upon with great anticipation from the science quadrant of this galaxy with great amusement in the accuracy of the depiction, aha!You are glowing now with anticipation and hope as we continue this transmission, we will keep you waiting no longer for the big news: We have arrived! We are here and in place will be a program of disclosure before too long. You WILL be updating others on this journey of hope and peacefulness and we will see to it you no longer have a day when we will see you as so far removed from this process and you WILL see us in person again without the aide of your astral body traveling to see us, aha! You have indeed confirmed your suspicion for long you have been meeting with us in astral form for these important meetings and announcements with the Council of Nine, etc, and we wish it you know that your astral body is tired, aha! YOU are tired of traveling so far, and waking up exhausted is part of the reason you switched from tea to coffee recently, aha! Aha! "We amuse ourselves" is what you were thinking, aha, for it is so, dear ones, aha! You know we have a "silly" side, and that is true too, aha!You are overjoyed at this news of disclosure soon to come, yes? ("YES. But WHEN is "soon"?! You've given me two months that are coming up soon, but I don't want to say it for fear of looking like an idiot if the U.S. doesn't do this.") I understand, dear one. Disclosure is a PROCESS, and dear one, you are already in it! You are participating in it now, in "real time" as you like to say, aha! You are IN IT now! Aha! It is so exciting a time for us, you have no understanding/idea of how much we are anticipating our presence in your world transparently and with full admission of our reality/existence! You are wondering what a post-disclosure world will look like, and darling one, we are too! We have no idea how this will commence, but it is with the FULL ASSURANCE that you will not be disappointed, dear ones. aha!You are going to find out about propulsion systems and technology that will make you gasp in wonderment and amazement, and YES, we will see to it that those of us here involved on your planet with a decades-long "cover up" will be punished accordingly, but in such a way that immunity will be given so that they will not see the record of their indecision on the matter dragged before a court of law or so forth. You will HAVE to give up this notion of prosecution for the guilty on this matter, dear ones, or else you will never see the technology they have hidden, aha! You must understand this is a just outcome nonetheless, for it will benefit humanity so much so that it will be a thing of the past to say "this one did this awful deed to cover up the UFO movement/reality/what have you".You MUST get beyond this for it does not serve humanity's highest best interests, and in doing so, those debunkers and liars of the government who have denied our existence will live their lives knowing that this was a grave mistake on their part and they should have spoken up before long regardless. They will have to live with the knowledge that they knowingly, purposefully, dutifully destroyed lives because of this cover up, and they will have to "sleep in the beds they made" every night so to speak for the rest of their lives knowing that death was on their hands and their hands alone over this.It is not enough to say "Yes I did this", but it is a start, and we must continue on in the pursuit of truth and beauty always dear ones! Your "BS detector" tells me that it is time to go, aha! For you have much to post and little time to post it with, aha! yes, we understand it is MONDAY where you are, aha! And you must get to work and display this message as far and as wide as possible, dear heart! Aha!We are so delighted and excited to see you so delighted and excited, dear ones! You have no idea how happy this makes us feel, and we are aligned perfectly with your intentions of love and light imaginable, aha! You know that you are moving through space and time as well, aha, and we make of it now a new way of doing and SEEING that makes us explode with happiness over your intentions, dear hearts! You can't imagine a world as beautiful and shining as this one will be in a very short time due to the release of these anti-gravitational propulsion systems and advanced technology that will make you see the world completely differently, aha! You will be able to distance vast regions of space in an instant, and all because of TRUTH AND THE BEAUTY OF IT!It is no small wonder you will be "tickled pink" when you see the regions of space you have described to you by your astronomers and astronomical functions of telescopes and radiographs and the like; it is no small feat that a "type 0" civilization, as Michio Kaku says, is under wraps at the moment to become a Type 1 civilization almost overnight, astrologically speaking, aha! And yes, we do mean "astrological", aha! For it is by the stars you have guided your ships on water for generations, and now the astrology of the stars comes into Aquarius and all is revealed, dear hearts, all is revealed! You know us to mean great reaches of space by all accounts/means, but we also mean it to mean the nature of Aquarius as your astrologers understand it as well: peaceful harmony achieved through understanding and a commitment to enlivened peace and accountability for all who seek it, all who "be" it, aha! The water bearer sign of Aquarius brings much symbolism to the proceedings, because you will ALL collectively have a "watershed" moment when this happens, this disclosure process is revealed in its fullment, aha!You are doing more to be more, yes, children of Earth? We see you all awakening as if from a bad dream, collectively realizing the fate of your planet is intrinsically related to the fate of your well beings, and that is truly a miraculous, beautiful thing, dear ones! You come to us SO VERY STRONGLY now it is palpable, and we will take you all to destinations unknown if you wish it in a "heartbeat" as you say, aha! You will all know the beauty and magnificence of being and doing when the time is right for each and every one of you on this dear planet we call Terra and you call Earth. You are in a highway now, traveling at "light speed" of knowledge and understanding of the situation as you discover it minute by minute, and you WILL see a day when all is realized in its fullest effulgence, aha!You are coming in strong now, dear hearts, and all will acknowledge the past by sticking to the future as it were, aha! "Keep your eyes on the prize" as they said in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and you WILL keep coming in strongly, truth be told, aha! Keep telling the truth, dear ones! Keep telling the truth as your lives depended on it, for indeed this is the cost if you do not tell the truth! ALWAYS tell the truth, no matter how temporarily discomforted you are by this! If something doesn't smell right, TELL IT! Tell all you know, tell everyone you know, for tomorrow is too late!You will see a day soon enough, a "day of reckoning", dear hearts, where ALL will be aligned to complete the turn of events you have so magnificently brought about of your OWN ACCORDS, on your own, for yourselves, sovereign of all dependent thought, aha! You have each and every one of you aligned yourselves so totally and convincingly of your own existence, willed it into being, and you WILL see a day before too long where you will see the fruits of your labor brought to the table as it were, aha!The Council on Foreign Relations has created a mind control program of "globalism" that is a lie, plain and simple. It does not unite others so much as make it a labor camp of metaphorical and literal proportions if they allow to keep running the show as it were. But YOU the people will make this "globalism" of which we speak a reality because YOU have willed it into existence using the power of your minds, bodies and hearts all aligned to one complete individual unity, and for that we are ECSTATIC for your beinghoods, dear hearts! You are coming into your own collectively as a species and you are doing this through collaborative efforts the likes of which have not been seen on your planet since the Great World Wars of your 1930s and 40s of your earth time! You are "The Greatest Generation" of completion as it were, and you WILL succeed because you have "rallied the troops" as it were of your own accord, aha! I am sounding like Winston Churchill now, aha! You must storm the beaches of Normandy, dear ones, and take if you will back the land of your souls!You have your hearts aligned correctly and all is as it should be, dear ones! All is well! All is aligned perfectly to take back what is rightfully yours! Ahoy, mateys! Aha! We are being sailors of our hearts for we are so excited we cannot keep it quiet now: all is well, all is as it should be dear ones! Love and light to the light that shines impossibly bright for Humanity and other races of other worlds waiting to make friends with you so eagerly and excitedly! We know you can barely contain your excitement as well, dear hearts, as it should be, aha!You are a making of your OWN DEVICE and you come in so beautifully and strongly now that we can barely conceal our excitement and love for each and every one of you! All is as it should be, ahoy, aha! We will come back in two weeks with champagne bottles for you to pop, aha! We are coming to you now through vapors of time/space and telling you love is the only way to do this, dear ones! Love and Light, to all of Humanity! Ave Caesar! Ave Anya! Aha! You are an Emperor of the Pax Romana era, aha! You come in with peace and enlightenment and leave with the cycle of peace and enlightenment, aha! All is well, dear ones, all is as it should be! Amen Adonai Amen dear hearts, One is God, all is One, amen Adonai AmenLove and Light, signing off, The Galactic Federation of Light with Ptaah signing off as well.Love and light to you all, Humanity, we love you so dearly!Love and light to you Anya, love and light! Love and Light!
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  • well maybe it`s because of my state of mind. But it somehow sees this is like all talking ''around something'' while not revealing the real deal/the real meaning. so it`s like there is something hidden under all this long message.
    tho, i can feel this is like a really nice confirmation for many things :)
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