New Earth

Chapter One:MEMORIES OF "THE ARK"The first generation of Humanity now returned and established on the New Earth are privileged indeed. Not only are they the pioneers of a New World; they hold in their own memories their unforgettable experiences on the great Mother Ships. As future generations are born and grow up, tales of these giant space ships will be handed down as folk memories like the story of Noah's Ark. But for now the experience remains strong in people's living memory, providing a rich source of material for the stories which those of the present "Mother Ship Generation" pass on to their children and grandchildren now being born on the New Earth.They tell of the warmth and welcome when they first boarded the giant spacecraft shocked and bewildered by the turmoil on Earth, of the healing vibrations which soothed and calmed them, the spirit of openness and instant friendship with anyone and everyone they were to meet whether from Earth or from any one of numerous other planets.They recall the incredible size of the craft: the typical Mother Ship, anything from ten to a hundred miles or more in diameter, seemed like an entire planet, and indeed many of the ships' Earth guests departed without ever having fully explored the complex and fascinating craft which had been their home. No sensation of enclosure was ever experienced, for the accommodation, office and meeting complexes were set in "open space" so vast that it seemed like "the great outdoors". There was a feeling of sky high above, and beneath it there was "countryside" for walking and relaxation, and lakes with rocky shores and secluded beaches. In scenic spots were pleasant meeting places in rustic settings where people could chat and enjoy some light refreshment.They remember the spirit in which the Space Brothers offered their help. Whatever was needed was there. Advice was always willingly available. Their interest, the concern, the enthusiasm, all were offered in abundance. Yet nothing was ever pushed or forced; for those of higher evolution understand the Law of Karma, that each must create his or her own reality. Earth's new inhabitants had to create their new world from their own hearts and minds, in line with their own collective point of evolution; and now it is done they alone must be responsible for what they have created, be it good or bad. The right and the duty of Earth's people to pursue their own line of evolution was always respected. Yet this was not reflected as a cold, academic detachment; the warmth of encouragement was always there in abundance, advice always freely offered.And of course they remember the creative excitement of the great debating and planning sessions on board the Mother Ships, for it is based on those debates, decisions and plans that the present civilization of the New Earth was, and will continue to be, created.At first, on the great Mother Ships, healing, relaxation, and familiarization with the spacecraft environment were given precedence.As the Earth arrivals began to tune themselves in to the higher vibratory environment they found their bodies lightening, their minds becoming more alert, the need for sleep and food lessening. They gradually found themselves able to "see" on different levels as their range of perception widened, and so that they might enjoy and benefit from this new breadth of vision they were given opportunities to travel in thought to other planets and other civilizations.Many also took the opportunity to study Earth's history through the Akashic Records. They emerged much chastened by the experience, for Human history is a turgid tale which is both disturbing yet rich in moral lessons.But that was history, for with the benefit of a higher vibration rate and level of consciousness the old antagonisms and competitive ego-motivation which had been responsible for so much conflict in the world gradually faded away, replaced now by an enthusiasm to move forward in a spirit of cooperation, working together in the joy of sharing and contributing. At this point the people of the Old Earth now "born again" were considered ready to commence the serious work of preparation for their eventual return to their New Earth.The debating and planning sessions on the various Mother Ships, centrally coordinated on the Ashtar Command's Ship Shan Chea, took place in huge debating chambers expressly set aside for the purpose. Here the guiding philosophies of moral and social law were first explored and formalized; broad notions of nationhood were discussed; economic laws were debated and researched; the nature of community was analyzed.So that they might begin their great debates with a unifying foundation, the Earth people were given opportunities to study and discuss many of the great Universal Laws which govern the Universe and the conduct of people, communities and planets within it. The beauty and simplicity of these great Laws was a revelation to them; more so was the gradual understanding of their universality and practical effectiveness. It was not felt necessary by our space friends to stress to Earth people that these Laws had already been given to Earth many times by great Masters and Teachers whose words had been largely ignored by a self-centered humanity!The Laws of the Universe give us many rules for our guidance. They can be divided into three Groups: the laws of Manifestation, the Laws of Self-Understanding, and the Laws of Relationships.The Laws of Manifestation tell us how we can give form to our wishes on whatever level of reality we currently exist. They are concerned with what we on Earth would commonly call the "technology" of physical science, through the growing understanding of which we provide those physical goods and services deemed necessary for our health, comfort and improvement.The Laws of Self-Understanding tell us how we can gain a greater comprehension of self within the wider context of evolution, and of the laws of karma through which we control and affect our destinies - the Science of Spiritual development.The Laws of Relationships tell us how to treat one another correctly, and how to treat all other beings in the universe including the animals, insects, trees and rocks in the same way; this we would call Political Science or the Science of Social Conduct.The Laws of Relationships are many, but they are based on one single Law, namely that whatever we may choose to do, we should do nothing which is harmful to, or actively interferes with, the evolution of another or other lifeforms. This is the Law which guides the Universe and all of the more evolved planets; it is the Law which was taken for granted by all the Space Brothers on the Mother Ships and it was - it is - the Law which Earth people soon came to understand and unreservedly adopt.Earth people with experience or natural talent in legislation and political matters then began to make their contribution, pointing out that this concept equates not with Freedom which is inherently unlimited, but with the word of Latin-Roman origin: Liberty, a concept of limited freedom. A Land of Liberty is not a place where there is absolute freedom to do whatever you like no matter what the effect may be on others; that would be a Land of Anarchy. A Land of Liberty is a land in which the expression of individual freedom is limited to the extent necessary to permit the similar enjoyment of freedom by others.Even with the inherent limitation of freedom expressed in the term Liberty however, there are degrees of limitation and degrees of liberty. When everyone pursues their own evolution, destiny and enjoyment in whatever way is best for them, but with one essential qualification: that no one should do anything which is harmful to, or interferes with, the evolution of others: then and only then is the overall liberty maximized. Enjoy your liberty, but do not prevent others from doing likewise.When this idea had been thoroughly explored, Earth people termed it The Principle of Liberty.A very simple law, as many Earth people thought when they were first told of it. Yet when they began to study its implications, both with the assistance of Space Brothers expert in such matters and through their own debates, they began to realize that this one single and apparently simple Law does many things. It can guide each individual's personal conduct as it effects others; it can guide us towards fair and responsible use of the natural resources; and it can provide a just, stable and productive basis for economic and commercial activity.And used as a Constitutional discipline it promotes a totally new kind of government: government which serves and is subservient to the Principle itself, government dedicated to the promotion of liberty, government in which all may freely and without formality participate to the fullest extent of their wishes, capabilities, inclinations and interests. With a clearly defined Principle guiding the course of law there can be no unilateral decisions, no arbitrary justice. Legislators become "Upholders of Justice" whose job is not to wield arbitrary authority, but, with the widest public participation, to interpret and apply, as accurately, fairly and consistently as possible, the guiding rule of right relationships: freedom up to, but never beyond the point where freedom harms, or imposes upon the freedom of others.With this foundation of common understanding established as a background, attention could then turn to the detail of constitution and legislation, personal and commercial law, and the physical planning of the built and natural environment.Chapter Two:A NEW GEOGRAPHYAs time and the higher vibratory atmosphere healed the many "wounds" of past history - the memories of war and competitive strife of Earth-life - the old differences and distinctions of race, creed and color had gradually faded. They were not silenced as an act of self-discipline nor were they "swept under the carpet"; such distinctions and the prejudices which so often went with them had been manifestations of a lower level of existence, and in a higher-vibratory atmosphere the old national, religious and linguistic groupings no longer held any relevance. Earth's geography too had changed, so even if people had wanted to go back to their "old countries" this would not in most cases have been geographically possible.So how would they choose to group and locate themselves on the Earth's new surface? This question involved the probing of human psychology through much debate and soul-searching.After considerable discussion which seemed to move in circles and lead nowhere it was decided to start again with simple basics, the very fundamentals of life which in the old, long-established societies were always taken for granted.To begin at the beginning, people need to identify with something called "home". Most basically of course, one needs a home in the form of walls and a roof - a private space in whatever form and in whatever particular location one may choose or find possible. But the concept of home is not just a single isolated dot on the landscape; it's like ripples on the pool, an ever-expanding sense of belonging. Around or close to the private home-space you need a community in which to combine in work with others, for cultural exchange, to do your shopping, to meet friends. And widening the view yet further you need access to a city, where you can employ some specialized skill or enjoy those special things, the lectures, concerts, learning, that require and are generated by a larger population.Ideas became clearer with further debate. Though many would choose the quiet life in remote countryside, all were in agreement on the fundamental human need for contact with others, for commercial, cultural, educational and social purposes. Those who felt they might like living in semi-isolation, nonetheless visualized being within reach of a small village community; those who preferred village life liked the idea of having access to a nearby larger town, and on occasion, to a city which could offer yet more specialized and sophisticated amenities. And of course there were many who firmly chose "city life" for its cultural stimulation, its varied activities and its sense of centrality.Thus the concept of the County was born as the fundamental unit of group habitation: small rural communities and a few isolated homes around the outside, villages and towns towards the center, all linked to a central-hub city which would form the nucleus of the whole community, or County, and act as a cultural and commercial focal point.But do we then spread these Counties equally over the Earth's surface? If so, given that the world's population will be but one tenth of what it used to be, Counties would be very spaced out and isolated from their neighbors. Further debate revealed the need for a yet wider sense of identity, some kind of a regional-grouping corresponding in many ways to the old nation-state.But how big should it be? While many looked back on their old "countries" as being of an acceptable size, it was observed by those who had previously lived in the United States of America that most Americans had actually thought of themselves as Texans or Oregonians first and Americans second. This was not to deny their American nationality; it was simply an acceptance of the fact that a comfortable grouping with which people can identify corresponds more to one of the individual States in size than to the total USA.Thus it was decided by broad consensus that anything from half a dozen to a dozen Counties could be grouped to form a "Region", as it were, a "Regional family". The Counties would be grouped closely enough to create a sense of identity, yet sufficiently spaced-out to allow room for wilderness recreation and "for nature to breathe". A much greater spacing and distance was envisaged between the Regional Groups.What do we call this grouping of Counties? Regional Grouping is a bit cumbersome. State? No, not really; and the word Nation was definitely unacceptable! Ultimately Region was generally agreed as being the term most appropriate for the grouping of Counties.As the planning debates proceeded on the Mother Ships and ideas gradually turned into formal plans, and as the re-planting of the now cleansed and stabilized Planet Earth by teams of Earth people and Space Brothers gathered pace, so the map of the New Earth's geography, both natural and built, began to take shape.Regions were to be carefully spaced around the surface of the Planet, their locations often corresponding with the planet's internal Vortexes or Power Centers (equivalent to the Chakras in the human body), or else located to take advantage of a particularly pleasing natural area. Some were in the cooler areas, some in the "tropics" - though on the New Earth at the etheric level there are no longer the physical plane's extremes of temperature which rendered the old Earth uncomfortable or even uninhabitable in its frozen polar, or humid equatorial regions.The layout of a typical Region might possibly consist of up to nine Counties arranged on a loose grid pattern to allow easy and equal access between them. The individual Counties comprising the Region are well separated with plenty of natural wilderness in between; yet overall there is a comfortable feeling of "belonging" to one's home Region, enhanced by the greater spacing between Regions. Not that there is any competitive nationalism, nor any reason why people should not move freely anywhere on the planet - or to other planets for that matter!Moving about.... Yes indeed. What sort of transport will there be on the New Earth? Right from the start two important propositions were accepted: one might be called negative, the other positive.On the one hand it was unanimously accepted by everyone from Earth that never again would they allow themselves to get into the mess of cars, roads, spaghetti junctions, tailbacks, commuter crawls, pollution and environmental degradation which had been the distinguishing features of "transport" in the old days. Nor were they willing to contemplate what many saw as an even worse scenario: the hundreds of tiny "personal flying craft" darting about the skies in a constant cloud of multi-dimensional and multi-directional movement often visualized by twentieth century science-fiction writers.On the positive side they were shown by space brothers with knowledge of such matters something they could all readily understand: the simple fact that if you plan for shared transport, shared transport will work perfectly effectively. Examples of this proposition were shown from life on other planets. And indeed there were many interesting historical examples drawn from the Old Age in the USA, Britain and Europe showing how in the heyday of public transport during the 1920s and 30s shared transport had been planned in conjunction with major housing developments, or cases where transport undertakings had built amusement parks at the extremities of their routes to maintain traffic volumes.In contrast, later location of residential and commercial developments in Britain and the USA was scattered and haphazard, spreading almost unrestrained over the countryside. The absence of integration with shared transport facilities made shared transport unworkable; and the low density of scattered development made individual transport inevitable.The necessity of integrating transportation as an inseparable aspect of overall planning in fact combined very effectively with the County concept already agreed, resulting in three types or levels of transit facility.First, the individual homes and small neighborhood communities of five hundred people or less at the outer periphery of the County are served by the Rural Services. These Rural Lines are carefully molded into the surrounding contours, even if that requires the occasional detour or slightly longer route. The pace of travel in glass domed magnetically levitated trains is leisurely, reflecting the needs of passengers who are either tourists enjoying the scene or country-dwellers who have chosen that environment specifically as a reflection of their quieter nature and less hurried lifestyle.Second, the larger villages and towns are linked to the City at the County Center by the faster-moving Radial System, like spokes radiating from the hub of a wheel. In addition, there are two or three orbital routes encircling the County Center at varying distances, linking the spokes in the form of outer rings and permitting travel between the outlying towns without having to go through the Center.Third, a high-speed network between Counties links County Center to County Center, similar to the "InterCity" concept of the old days. In fact this "InterCity" service operates not only within the Region itself, but is also extended beyond as an "Inter-Regional" system to link Region with Region worldwide.A separate, totally underground and totally automated freight transportation system was also conceived, using standardized goods containers, following the above-ground radial and grid routes.Thus New Age travelers can move about easily and efficiently, while those enjoying the pleasures of countryside will see no traffic-clogged roads, freeways or motorways, no evidence of smog or pollution.Once the basic details and theoretical form-plan had been agreed, Earth planners and participants on the Mother Ships were provided with holographic facilities which seemed beyond their wildest dreams of science fiction, though they were an everyday reality for the space brothers.In an apparently living environment of multidimensional holographic virtual reality, homes, neighborhoods, villages, towns and cities complete with industries, agriculture, recreational facilities, natural environment and transport could be created merely by the power of thought. Individual homes were then able to be located within particular towns and cities, and then furnished, even color schemes were chosen, and gardens planted... all in the form of multi-dimensional Thought Reality captured on the Mother Ships' powerful computers. Once created in this holographic form, the whole environment or any part of it could be experienced as if walking through it in "reality"; yet anything could be modified or even totally restructured merely by the power of thought."Is this Illusion or Reality?" bewildered Earth people often asked their Space Brothers, who had a somewhat annoying habit of suggesting that all experience is illusion and that it is we ourselves who give it "reality" so that we may learn from it. Yes, there were still some areas of mutual non-comprehension between people from Earth and those from other, more evolved planets; but the Space people all had a great sense of humor and fun, and since they seemed well aware of those concepts with which Earth people still had difficulty they would always make a joke of it. As one Venusian pointed out: "Fortunately Evolution continues on its way regardless of whether we understand it or not!" The debates on the planning of the New Earth were taken very seriously however, and though there was no shortage of good humor it was always to the point and in proportion.The planning and debating proceedings were led by Earth people in a style reflecting their new attitudes. "Experts" were not called upon to dictate to everyone else, and there was no competition to "hold the floor". Individuals who felt instinctively that they had a special talent or interest in the subject under discussion would speak out, after which general comment and debate would follow so that all views could be heard. Everyone felt quite free to speak their mind, yet all spoke briefly and no one dominated the proceedings.As the collective vision of the New Earth gradually unfolded, its progress was followed by anyone who wished to do so from any place on any of the various Mother Ships, large or small. And as in the more advanced factory production lines of the 1990s anyone could "blow the whistle", anyone who had good reason could "stop the production line", break into the proceedings from anywhere and say "I think this is going the wrong way" or "wouldn't it be better that way?"All the plans were drawn up in minute detail before any construction began on the New Earth. Simultaneously with the planning sessions on the Mother Ships, Planet Earth was being re-seeded and re-planted with vegetation where it would not conflict with the building of towns, cities and transport lines.Onto this pristine natural canvas the now completed plans of Regions and Counties, homes, parks and workplaces, recreational facilities and agriculture were then given physical form by teams sent down from the Mother Ships in advance of the general re-habitation. Only when all of the infrastructure and most of living accommodation was completed, some dozen years into the new millennium, did Earth's people begin their return in substantial numbers to their totally cleansed, rejuvenated and now largely rebuilt New Earth.But "the Return" is a fading memory. Reality is the New Earth, on which its new inhabitants and their communities are now well established.
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