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I think I may have met one of my guides in a dream I had but am not sure since I have not seen him since the encounter. So here it goes. I had a dream about three weeks ago. Before this dream, I kept asking my guides if I could meet one of them face to face. I meditated on this for a good week before I had this dream where I think I may have met one. The dream was very vivid and I was visiting someone I knew in my dream and I was over their house. It was a big get together. There, I met with a tall blue man maybe about 7 or 8 feet tall, all I remember was he was VERY tall and I am VERY short lol, so I noticed this before I even thought it strange he was blue. He seemed to be hiding out in the corner of the room, going unoticed by the people around me. Just standing there and observing everyone with such a kindness in his eyes. His manner though seemed quiet and gentle, his presence familiar, peaceful and inviting. It was like I knew him before. There was no real conversation with us though, not like I would verbally express things to you or anyone else. I just walked up to him and he smiled at me with a confirmation that yes, I do know you. His apparrel was strange yet no one else seemed to notice this. He was wearing a white robe, kind of like a toga, sandles and was carrying a basket full of fruit. I know it seemed kind of funny but that was what he was wearing. It kind of reminded me of the chiquita lady. Do you think this was a silly dream or could I actually have encountered one of my true guides? I imagined the meeting would be a bit more personal as it was. I did not catch his name as the meeting was brief and he disappeared as soon as someone else started to get my attention. I have not seen him since :-( Maybe he thought I was rude or had other places he had to be, lol.


I really am a believer that the people we meet in our dreams are really as real as just you and me just they are walking around in the etheric plane. I wouldn't be surprised if it really was one of them though. He seemed just way out of place. I really do hope he visits again. I find it odd he was blue, as I find a strong connection to adromeda and I heard that there are a lot of blue skinned andromedans. Hope I'm not turning delusional. Just thought I'd share.


I love you all!


<3 Christa

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    You are right about meeting people in your dreams that are here on terra!!

    I took this weekend course on SEKHEM All Love, and the night before the course, I met a Spanish guy in the astral.  He asked me if I wanted to make love, and I was like, ummm.....   and then he said, "No, not that kind of love!"  Anyway, it was like a dance, surreal, ecstatic, very beautiful.  The next morning I  described him to Patrick Ziegler (he conducted the SEKHEM) and he said, "Oh, that must have been Zigor Aretxabala!!"  I looked up this guy on the internet, to see his photograph, and it was him that I met in the astral!!!   I was so excited!  I decided the next time this happens to ask the person's name that I met.

    So, of course, in a matter of time, I met someone else in the astral.  I can't remember exactly what we did... flying around the US, anchoring stuff, dunno, but I asked him his name.  Another latino: Cristobal L.  I remembered his name after I woke up and looked it up on the internet.  It took some searching, but I found his Myspace page.  I'm sure it was him.  The last thing he said in the astral was that we were to meet again in Maine....  dunno what for....   : )     The strange thing is, according to Patrick, is that you meet the people in the astral but they don't necessarily know/remember they met you.    Happy dreaming !

  • Wow, thanks for sharing your experience as well Redgirl :-) I felt exactly the same way when I met mine. He didn't disappear into any twinkling lights like yours did. It would of been super cool if he did though!
  • I can relate to your story :)


    I did a meditation to meet my guide as well.  I was expecting to meet some wise old sage, a guru with long hair, or just a normal person....  instead I saw an ET.  At first, I started laughing, and said, "Oh, you're an alien!!!"  Perhaps because I was laughing so much, he disappeared before my eyes into twinkling colourful lights.  He emitted lots of love though.   He had big eyes, and greyish skin.  It was a beautiful moment. 

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