My frog dream-an emergency


 I had the craziest, saddest, sweetest dream last night.

Dozens and dozens of little frogs were on emergency help telephone lines phoning humanity from a frog conference or gathering with a message to humanity telling us of really important things concerning earth changes.

It was such a higher dimensional experience and so detailed..and of course I can't remember the exact message in words. I wish I could remember everything.


The feeling of it though..That's what I brought back.  The animals need our help and understanding right now. They want us to take responsibility for ourselves and our impact on the earth. They are deeply saddned. It is an emergency, and things are reaching a tipping point. In the dream they are reaching out to me/us in desperation, love and wisdom.







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  • That is a sad sweet dream. I love frogs. That is interesting I have been feeling animals as well. They do need our help......and understanding....

  • Hey RedLoner,

    That is quite an interesting dream you had, it seems to be steeped in symbolism. Whenever I have dreams of my room or see my room through closed eyes I get suspicious and curious :). Those are usually astral projections or obe's..

    Thanks for sharing!

  • ...

    I had an interesting dream last night as well. 

    I won't share the whole thing, but a few bits.

    First, I was sent an email, asking me why I thought I was so dark.  Personally, I feel more like a demon child than anything else.  Makes me sad at times, but whatever.

    Then, something was in my room.  I lifted up my shirt and couldn't put it down.  Something had taken hold of it, and wasn't letting me resist it.  I was terrified.

    I asked it to show me what it wished for me to see.  It brought me across the room and up to the ceiling, and from the other side, I pulled a golden frog (toad, but actually a frog), which was carried with me throughout the dream (without being aware of it, but the being directing me was always in my focus).

    Skip ahead, I was shown some...jewels, and other things.

    Skip ahead again.  I was outside, and the earth was diseased and blighted.  I was sitting on the ground being consumed by it.  A horrible sight, seeing the world..dead.  I woke up, pretty sad.  I think, that the being was my grandfather.  I also had the feeling that it was, myself.  There was more to it, but I do not feel that it is relevant.  Even if it is, I do not feel like sharing.

    But, I hope you cared to hear this.

    And thank you for sharing your dream. 

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