So... i'kll do my best to describe this. It's only two molecules from DMT so of course the effects will be difficult to explain. So it went like this: I ate the mushrooms in a sandwich and I just pretty much chilled, it was the first time and I was by myself on top of that so I began to comtemplate bad trips and what not, but I told myself whatever I feel or think will happen is probably going to happen so best to just think happy and so I did, it took much longer than 45 minutes more like an hour and 20 minutes for it to really kick in, but I felt minor effects at 20 minutes in and  began hugging and talking to my pillow and laughing hysterically at the fact that I was doing that.

And so I decided I wanted some orange juice because I heard it kicks up the trip, I drank a shitload of that, and my legs were weak, as were my arms, it was a very strange feeling and everything looked really different, the laughter was constant, at almost anything and it was just the most beautiful feeling ever,I tried to watch a movie.... but I simply could not focus on the screen like I had wanted too, all i wanted to do was lay back and not move, but I resisted this for about 2 hours and decided to eat another alice in wonderland cap, and so I decided i was gonna go swimming at the apartments pool until this kicked in and i snuck outside of my window and the sketchiness began, I swear i heard fucking footsteps on grass sprinting at me, and i immidiately knew what was going on speedily regained my compusure, straightened my back turned swiftly and regained confidence in protection of mind thru confidence and happyness.

and that worked, then i continued moving along and jumped from the platform onto the grass, i fell on my ass when i landed (hahahaha) i fell in that patch of grass and felt happy in the grass and rolled for a second then realized what if someone saw me(it was an apartment complex so....) and i continued walking on the sidewalk towards the pool complex,  and i saw this SUPER BRIGHT STAR!!! I've nevr seen a star this bright it was 4 in the morning too. and i get there and there's people at the fucking pool and i was and i said fuck it and they were in the pool so i goto the far edge corner and get in, at 4 in the morning and they get quiet and look at me, i refused to sketch, i simply looked away and went back to that star in the sky and drifted off as if they were not there, they got out of the pol and went to the hot tub promptly, i said good riddance, wtf were they doing there at 4 in thee morning either, and i went underwater and did underwater flips and stuff it was SO FUN!!!!

being underwater on shrooms. and skipping onto later i got out of the pol to head back and when i got back i ate my last little shroom cap and i said fuck the sandwich and just ate it raw and discovered when u run ur toungue on it it tastes like broccoli, its a vegetable!!! it makes sense!!! my mind roared andi swallowed it, so i'm trippin balls id eaten the whole 2.3 and i ended up at sme point laying on my back in bed and i ventured into my mind.And i discovered, things i cant even begin to describe but ill try anyway. I ventured in and i was seeing alot of the many memories id had my whole life a shitload of memories and random things thtd happened in my life as if i were accesing my memory banks and pulling out random memories and I somehow uncovered the truth behind why i check my phone every 2 seconds, why im always on my email, why I EVEN USE THIS WEBSITE, why im so nervouse around people, why i ignore people all the time, it was simply because...... i was.......lonely.... I'm quite the loner but i always told myself i preferred this and i always denied the fact that not having a dad had any effect on me whatsoever and its true directly it doesnt effect me but indirectly it made me lonely, and i felt as tho i would never be udnerstood, because i mean what normal kid especially my age would be on this type of website, would know things about the government that i did, studies the subconscious mind as I do, eats mushrooms and smokes weed like i did. I just felt misunderstood by everyone and therefore boxed myself into my room and didn't let anyone in and i felt at one with the universe upon that realization and began to see that the universe must feel just as I do.

Far apart from anything, the universe is everything, literally all there is, i began to be shown that he manifests here so he can intereact with something, imagine 14 billion years of silence& loneliness. It's like me and the universe felt the same way(the universe, god, collective consciousness) whatever u wanna call it. and i began to weap a few tears and i told the universe it was okay.i loved the universe, i was sad and depressed but it felt so good at the same time. maybe because id uncovered a great secret and i was glad. and i was just simply MIND BLOWN and still am, i dreamt the other night as well that i had taken the wheel from someone in the car which means id taken control of my life in subconscious dream symbolism and now i have, im usually lazy but not ive decided fuck it im gonna do my spanish online work, and im planning on getting a job and evrything, it was so amazing. I got onto the computer and i swear the universe was sending me things on purpose like i saw a commercial on the internet for a show on the discovery channel and it was called Curiosity? Secrets of the universe. and i was like WTF.

so i  got on youtube andthis song wplayed, (it had been stuck in my head all day even before i tripped)
   and it was like the universe was talking to me with this song, and it was telling me that the world was what i made of it and i was already fascinated in the first place and this song was telling me to "Keep feeling fascination" so i could change the universe that way, because really the universe is only as you see it, anyone who lives a differwent life from you thinks ENTIRELY different than you do and you have to shake the foundation of that persons very belief system to get them to change their minds about things that don't correspond with a belief system that was decided at around age 7.

Many 7 year olds have the ability to rape murder steal and destroy because of their system. It's the way the mind works. WHich is why they want you to start school at age 5 so they can hammer you with their version of reality and no one later in life will be able to tell you differently. and then on the related list that song came on and then after that and i was fucking FREAKING OUT. Happily of course. The best way I can get you to see what I was feeling is by asking you this:

Have you ever been in some sort of situation where you absolutely knew for a fact that God or whatever it was was sending a message to you by either a song on the radio, a commercial on television, a text or call from someone, a house for sale sign, as if a prayer was answered by this random occurrence? That's what that shit was. I discovered that life is what we make it(I knew it already but i nthat trip I FELT it, and that I was lonely, thought i'd hopelessly denied it for the past three years. and that the universe felt my pain of loneliness). It was fuckin incredible though. I just had to share that with someone. If you read all that, i applaud your patience. :D Kudos!

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  • when u do dmt you literally pop out of your body and into another dimension imagine the peak of ur mushroom trip multplied by infinity
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