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The way I see it....
When Disclosure is announced.....officially.....when the Mass Media Empire is on it the same way they were "on" Sept. 11, 2001....   when you see "craft / ships / floating cities / whatever.."......when it's simply you realize what is going to happen?.....truly?......have you thought "on it" from every angle......not just one or two......but multiple ones?.........if you have, then you "know" that all "plans are of the table", so-to-speak.  What i mean is this, people WILL be running around like chicken's with no will be "hell on earth" for some....for other's it will be "Rambo" time......grab a gun....and let's KILL KILL KILL......still for others....they will turn to the "Religions"........CNN.....and so on.  You, however, .....Lightworker.....Starseed....Enlightened One.....(?)....will soon discover what a true vacuum effect is.....ALL of you emails that have fallen on deaf ears will come "full circle"'re family, who some have rejected your "views" will come a runnin.....your work friends, bosses, lunch girl/guy.....all will have eyes the size of pumkin pies....and YOU will be there.  Where you are needed.  As it is.  As it was meant to be.
The "System" will continue......but on a pace on pare with that of Sept. 11, 2001....."ssssllllllooooowwwwww"......."Paused"......but still moving.....for that's all we know to do......march to the drum of our pay pay the bills......which play's into your decisions.  This will pass.  For those "moving on" will find $ and your need for it to slow evaporate.  It is time.........  to let go.  YOU have been where you were needed all along....and now find yourself ready for the next "challenge".  Get ready my dear friends.  You know it's here already.....but again, this only how I see it through "my eyes".
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  •  Good pair of eyes to see through good thing your heart is

     centered in your Temple. Love it. Blessings Peace and Harmony Kingjeff.

  • Eloquent words, from an eloquent lady.... i totally agree with you HappyKelly.  Where working professional's know all there is about one thing in particular, we as Lightworkers / Starseeds / Indigo Children / whatever ( kinda sick of the "labels" - like to look at it more like "knowledgable" souls ) know a GREAT deal about many, many things....therefore making "us" in my opinion, perfect at directing traffic on the........





  • Yes one thing I have really learned is how different we all are, even Lightworkers come in all stripes.  So the reactions are going to be very different for each of us.  One thing to consider is the effect this will have on the group mind of mankind... we need to have a unifying event that brings us together.  It will most likely be one of the cataclysms predicted...something we can rally around as a whole entire group and experience at the same time... if we can do that for the billions here on earth, then we can do anything - including First Contact because it is the Lighted Beings like us who have the most "votes"... our light counts for more than the conspiracy energies- so our visions are going to emerge from the ethers, not the fear filled ones.  Do you know what I mean?
  • And I honestly don't believe there will be a great chaos or even shock, not for the majority of people, at least. I think the majority will just be like ''Wow they are announcing it!'' Most people, I believe, believe in UFOs, they just don't really care about it, well this will make them care. There will be the minority of the extreme, who say this is the end of the world, or this is some invasion, or some false flag operation by the elites, and yes, some people will be going nuts. But by and large, I think people will accept it.

    People will, for sure, realize how big a deal this is, and will want to know more. They will want to know, ''What does all this mean!'' This is where we come in, the light workers. Some will be afraid, sure, and we have to be there to reassure them! The media also has to do their job to reassure people that there is nothing to be afraid of! We can tell them all we want, but unless the ''authorities'' tell them, they won't really be at ease. People will need to understand that this is going to change things, and these changes are going to be for the better, so there is no reason to fear it!

    There will need to be a period where people can just bask in this new reality, and explore all the different ramifications it has for us. And we, and the media, have to do our part in explaining what this will mean for everybody, and what the future holds. I think when people understand what this means, they will be overjoyed! There might be some fear at first, but if everybody does their job, this fear should turn into joy and anticipation in no time! Then, we can move forward with the actual mass decloakings and mass landings.

    This is how I see it happening, at least. I guess this is just what I want to happen. And I do think it is the most sensible way to go about it. And like the Federation has been saying, it might be better too, to have the governmental changes and the changes to the system come before the announcement of ET presence. Now this, I would want to happen tomorrow! The sooner they get the ball rolling on that, the sooner the ET presence can be announced, and the sooner we can come to a real first contact, and the meeting of our space and spiritual families. More importantly, though, the sooner we can come to being able to restore our planet and ourselves, and create our galactic society, ready for Ascension! It is going to be an amazing time, to say the least! Love, joy, and magic will be returning to our world!

  • Yea but that's not how it's going to happen. The last thing the Federation wants to do is create a chaotic situation, and the plan, according to all sources, is to have an official government disclosure of ET presence FIRST, a period of acclimation to this reality second, and then the decloakings and ships filling the skies. And this way is the most sensible way! Do we actually expect them to decloak tomorrow, without any announcement? People would be going crazy. There would be a period of great instability, and the Federation has said, no, this is not the plan. The most sensible and realistic thing to do, is to have an official announcement by our governments come first. That is, of course, if you want to make this thing as smooth and easy as possible for the population.
  • a message as beautiful as the eye it comes from.
  • KH: Yes.. Thats why we are spread around in every corner of the Earth.. We have to deliver information to the community. And get it out in the Newspaper. The quicker the better, to unvoid agression out of chaos. We have to tell the people what we know. The local community will trust us !!.. I know what i will put in paper, when time is right.
  • We're on the same line. 8)
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