My Close Encounter with a human-Reptillian

I was in Asia early this year. I was supposed to be working for a company as a part of my education. It was a dream come true, and I was so glad I had the oppertunity.I had warnings of not going. In my dreams I knew it would be horrible and I shouldn't go. But I just wanted to so badly I left anyway.I had the worst luck. The apartment wasn't ready, had my wallet stolen, my friend turned on me and left, the company backed out on their end of the deal, and oh gosh, got assaulted and had my passport and computer stolen, so I had no choice but to come home asap.I soul-searched what I had done do deserve this. I really couldn't think of anyone I had wronged and not made amends with. There were 3 other people from my institution there, they were lucky in all ways possible. Their apartment was ready, no misfortunes of any kind, and these were selfish and rather unethical people, it just didn't make sense!On my last day there the attack happened. I was on my way to check into a new hotel for the last night. A homeless Indian guy stalked me, I was well aware of this, and suddenly as I turn he hits me psychical so I can't move. I can't explain the aggressive nature of this psychic attack, it was the purest evil I ever felt. I can't explain, but I was "binded" like something out of a sci-fi movie.Suddenly it hit me what was happening, and I did "something". Through my forehead I sent back psychic aggression, and he turned 180 degrees the moment I did and walked in the other direction.I talked to the people at the reception and asked if they were careful of who they allowed in and they were. They asked for a description, because they kept track of the homeless people in the area so they wouldn't bother their guests. They didn't know of this guy.I was totally depleted, thought I was losing my mind, but knew I wasn't. After all he did turn 180 degrees. Glad he did, or I wouldn't have believed what I had experienced.I have always been somewhat psychic, telepathy, empathy, clairvoyance, dreaming of the future, telekinesis moving small objects less than an inch is all natural to me. But this was at a totally other level. Actually psychically holding a person with pure psychic aggression was beyond what I realized was possible. I may have believed it to be possible, but realizing it is another matter.Months after getting back home, things just suddenly fell into place.The bad luck wasn't karma, it was intervention. I was in great danger.I meditated to connect with the scene (not the attacker) and I found it was recruitment.Later I saw videos of reptilians morphing and changing their eyes and entire face. And I knew I had been faced with a reptilian. This did explain the in-human evil aggression.I am sharing this, because I want everyone to know, that if this happens to them, do not accept it, fight back. They aren't coming for anyone who is not a threat to them, this fortunately also means that anyone who is attacked has the ability to fight it off, and to find that trigger that is needed.I don't know what I did, but I know I could do it again if needed.Blessings of Love and Light to all - and I do hope you don't encounter these beings.Namasté
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  • Watch out for psychic hybrids. Shields help.
  • Thanks Ann. you're right of course I forgot to mention to get out.
    I'm going to google the book and possibly order it from amazone. Information is the key

    Much Love
  • Thanks Aidan,

    Makes perfect sense a slum person would be an easy pray to posess and use.

  • I dont mind at all.

    Like I said he looked like a perfectly normal Indian man(asian Indian not Native American). Homeless, no shoes, ragged dirty clothes, clothes were made of canvas or cotton or similar. Hair was semi long and extremely messy. Very dark skin, the most dark Indians can be.
    His face and esp the eyes changed, A face I can never forget.

    Thanks for the good wishes.

    And please dont let it scare you, I am sure we all have that defense mechanismn and if attacked most certainly have the mechanismn.

  • Hi
    I'm so glad nothing happened badly to you!
    Do you remember what kind of clothes this being was wearing? Were they special? Do you saw his face?
    I’m sorry for attacking you with those questions, I’m just wondering ;-) You don’t have to give me any answers if you don’t want.

    Take care,

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