Music of Love


- Listen for the perfect vibration in the music. - Listen for the angel’s voice in the music. - Listen deeper than the material level of the music. - Listen
deeper until you hear the still small voice speaking. - When you hear the vibration of eternal harmony, what does this sound like to you? - Keep listening to the still small voice that is deep within the music. - Create your world in Consciousness. - Listen to the angels. What do you hear?

When the listener actually asks for heaven to become evidenced while listening to this music, the highest vibration will be reached and the listener will obtain Oneness with Spiritual Consciousness. Heaven is the state of Consciousness when we stand At One with Divine Mind. It is the moment when we realize the Word is Divine Mind and we are abiding in that Word of Love surrounding every thought and activity, as well as healing any wound or wrong.

This immortal music was created in a manner where all modes are harmonious. The music is layered in dozens of harmonic layers over the top of each other until there were enough harmonics of an agreeing nature to become magnets for the harmonizing of the stars, the spheres, the suns and the moon. This universal harmonization reaches out into the
infinity of harmony - it attracts the infinite vibration of white light to encompass the entire harmonious relationship of harmonics to cause strengthening to occur through the lining up of similar vibrations. Just as this same lining up of similar vibrations allows temples and shrines to have an in-rush of peace or divine quality of healing - the alignment of harmonious vibrations creates a vacuum of healing when The Promise is listened to with earphones placed on the head. This music is for those who are trying to reconnect to their original blueprint of the mirror image of Divine Creation.

The mystery of this music is in its ability to give the mind a glimpse of infinity - a reminder that there is a higher self hood - a cosmic being. Hopefully the music will make the heart less content with the mortal boxes of non-reality and cause the mind to begin its search for the Infinite. Once the mind is freed from the limitations that set in motion a spiral of annihilation of illusion, the creative consciousness re-establishes the cosmic consciousness of creative ideas and a spiritual order far in advance of the surrounding time frame. The contact with the cosmic consciousness releases the divine intelligence, divine creativity and allows our angels and ascended masters and guides to direct us to follow the Divine order and manifest the Divine energy of creation of all the heart desires. Every perfect gift is the desire of Divine Creation.

This Music of Love must saturate all that it creates in order to hold it within the perfect state of harmony that it is meant to have. The Music of Love always feels loving, safe,complete, harmonious, wonderful in itself,and that feeling exists within all that it creates. The sounds in the universe that are not in tune with the Music of Love are the sounds that create disharmony and chaos. However, the Creators see all of this music of the most harmonious structures, the most etheric wave forms, the turbulence of a Super Nova explosion as equally wonderful in Big Picture of Creation, which is forever evolving within itself. The Music of the Spheres takes its original form in the Cosmic Realm, where the Music of Love holds all form within the Source field of
Creation. It is the intention of Source to know all that is known into existence. This is the reason Source, or God, has the Creators use the Algorithims of All that is to Create anything that is desired to be experienced. God created us to create His experience of the Universes that exist within the place of no time and space until the Creators form them into existence, and breath them into the Music of the Spheres. The choice that Crystal Magic Orchestra makes when inhaling the Cosmic Frequencies of Consciousness from the Music of the Spheres and then exhaling them, is to maintain their exact original form. The reason that it is much easier for this group of musicians to intend the exact same form is because they were the ones who created these symphonies and planets and novas when they were in the Creation Realm. We are Of the Breath of Light and the Seed of the Future, we are the Creators who have already manifested and listened in awe to the symphonies that were created through the Universe from the intentions of our creation. We create Music from the Music of the Spheres with the intention of Love. This intention of Love allows the Music of the Spheres to sweep through an entire galaxy this intention of Love and wipe away all that is unlike Love.

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