Mother God:  Find
Your Freedom Within


Mother God:

Let us begin with a big hug from me to you.  I am so delighted to see the growing confidence with which you all fearlessly go inward to your hearts for understanding, comfort and Love.  This is our portal through which we communicate, and we cannot reach you with our endless flow of Love and acceptance if you are distracted or trying to exercise your brain in some way.  Let it be, Beloveds, so that we may carry the energy and Light of Love directly through your central portals and into the depths of your heart.

Practice your meditations and Visual Centering every day.  This way you achieve centeredness with your eyes closed and open.  You will feel the power of your meditations being carried with you throughout the day, and you will be able to sense our presence even while you work, walk, drive or cook your dinner.  This is the state of Grace we wish for all of you.

My heart fills with emotion as I send this message to you.  We are closer every day to the complete connection with you which is Oneness.  It is our hope, our plan, our fondest dream that this hard work you are doing now will be the push which puts you over the tipping point, into the deepest faith and trust - the knowing that We are One, and that we are all a part of the great Love which is Creation.

Nothing else matters, you see.  Only Love is real, and only a heart can experience that Love.  Those of you who complain that you do not feel our love and do not trust that we are really there for you are simply saying that you have closed the channels through which you can accept our Love.  You have closed those channels yourselves, Beloved Ones.  You were born with the capacity to feel us; all children are.  The "hard knocks" that cause you to shudder and cringe, fold yourselves fearfully around your heart to protect you tender feelings, are the cause of this state of numbness you feel now.

We understand, Dear Children, that you do have tender feelings, and that repeated disappointments have caused you pain.  It is not a weakness on your part to have tried to shut down to protect yourselves.  Do not think badly of yourselves for this.  All children do this, and all adults who have had a difficult time begin their work in just such a state.  This is the reason we continue to work with you, providing tools for your growth and freedom.  We urge you to use these tools, over and over, until you feel yourself growing and blossoming.  This work has its own rewards - happiness and peace of mind like you have never felt before.

Father God worked with our channel for thousands of hours to provide you the messages which appear on the website, www.whoneedslight.org.  When you read them, you will feel the air around you brightening, for they are filled with the deepest Love.  The energy of our feelings for you are there, in every word, stored and available for you to absorb.  We also were involved in every chapter, and Sananda also participated in the final writing, editing and organization of the book, Who Needs Light? which is a compilation of the work of Sanat Kumara and Kathryn.  

Sanat Kumara volunteered to come to a life on Earth so that he could teach the Visual Centering technique, to prepare a very large number of people for the present lifting of vibrations.  The thousands of people he taught are now the ones who will be able to lead the way because of their ability to reach deeply into the center of their being to find peace of mind during the changes which others will feel as disruptive or chaotic.  His work lives on in the teachings we have asked Kathryn to offer you, on the internet and in workshops around the world.

None of this was an accident, Dear Ones.  The timing of these lifetimes on Earth were all carefully choreographed, including yours.  The relationships you have built, the people you have touched, the writings and comments you have shared -  all contribute to the vast pool of knowledge which is now aligning with the wisdom of higher dimensions.  You have no idea how important your actions are, and what an integral part of the process of Ascension you have become.  

We have called to you, "All hands on deck!" and you have responded with excitement and anticipation.  That feeling - the excitement - is the stuff that Ascension is made of!  It is the expression of lifting your vibration, raising your entire being to meet us.  When you meditate, call to us, raise your eyes upward, and feel the quickening in your heart and the tingling through your whole body.  This is Ascension!

We do encourage you to cultivate forgiveness, compassion and good will toward all around you, but that is just the beginning.  It allows you to build the clear and steady foundation based in Love which is the platform from which you can spring into higher dimensions.  Smiling and "acting nice" is not a step toward Ascension.  In fact, it reinforces the inner organization that is the false self you created for protection, out of desperation during your formative years.  Feel your way now to the space behind that artificial creation.  It may cause some anxiety and feelings of being exposed and vulnerable.  Reassure yourself that you are no longer vulnerable, because you grew up.

This work, of releasing the false self behind which you were hiding, is the important step which will allow you to be completely free.  I will give you a hint about how to identify it.  First, suspend all judgmental ideas about what is good or bad, or what you should or should not have done.  You cleverly did what was necessary at the time. There is no crime or shame in having developed a false self.  In fact, it is a measure of your resourcefulness and creativity as a child.  So, thank that child you were.  Use the powerful psychological technique of making a picture of the child you were at a young age, and put him or her in the chair just beside you.  Acknowledge how dear, how sweet and innocent that child was, and send nothing but pure love to heal all feelings of doubt and fear.

Now, remember with admiration the tricks and strategies you developed as a child to deal with the difficult people around you.  Smile with compassion on that child, letting him/her feel the sense of acceptance which is warranted.  Take the position of being an indulgent, amused aunt of uncle who sees only the best qualities in this child, for it is those best qualities which are your true nature.  Use only this standard to evaluate (not judge) your actual talents.  Search your entire life to identify the most brilliant moments, the peak experiences, and use only those moments as the true measure of who you are, for you cannot reach higher than you are, or be a larger being than you are.  It is the only guideline you need.  

Now, with us as your cheering section, lift your heart to recreate the exhilaration and hope you felt at those best moments.  Perhaps it was a single action, a brilliant athletic feat that you never again were able to recreate (because of self-doubt and disbelief).  Or perhaps it was a moment of wonderful creativity in which you produced something far beyond your usual level.  Perhaps it was a moment of daring in which you faced down a fear, showing confidence and courage you have not experienced since.

These, Dear Ones, are who you really are.  These are the times you came through the fear and "protection" of the false self and showed what you are really made of.  This is the You we see when we look into your heart: the brilliant, creative, courageous Self just behind the added structure - something like a scaffolding surrounding your beautiful face and body.  Imagine yourself, like the inspiring Statue of Liberty, which had to be covered and hidden for some time while extensive internal repairs were done.  Once the reconstruction to return her to her former glory was complete, she was unveiled, more glorious than ever, the wonderful symbol of freedom, shared by France and America, standing as a reminder to the whole world that we are One, and we are free.

Claim that freedom for yourself, now!  Come out from behind the scaffolding that now supports only fear.  See the path before you, where we hold the Light for your passage.  Be daring.  Claim your right to live without fear, without anxiety or despair, at peace with yourself and those around you, no matter how contrary or difficult they may seem at the moment.  They too have a center of gold behind the false self they were required to adopt for their role in this life.  By revealing your True Self, you set the standard, become the inspiration for yourself and others.

Yes, you can be the inspiration for yourself.  Talk with the small child you were.  Acknowledge how brave and persistent s/he was.  The evidence is that you survived; you are here to tell of it.  You came through difficult times which might have caused one to give up, or spend the rest of life rocking in a mental institution (although some of those are fulfilling an important role too).  You are here, and as long as you breathe, you can begin again, new.  

So, Precious Ones, breathe life into the New Self, the one who has been in hiding, just waiting for this brand new chance to live truly free, without the inner constraints that have caused you such discomfort and resentment.  Yes, it is your own restrictions and rules which have caused the anger to simmer within, fueling the feelings of being trapped and persecuted.  You have been victims of your own imaginings, a habit of thought repetition which re-enacts the actual victimizations you experienced in childhood.  Your imaginings were for good reason, but those reasons are now in the past. 

Lift your eyes to merge with our eyes, Dear Ones.  See yourself as the brilliant Light which we see when we gaze into your inner being, the deepest place in your heart where your true feelings of hope and pure Love remain to be tapped.  You will learn you are unlimited, untrammeled, unhampered in any way.  Your love can flow endlessly without your ever becoming tired or "burnt out," for Love is in endless supply when you link your resources to ours.

Breathe our Love; it is in every molecule of oxygen you take in.  (Your scientists are close to discovering this, but it will take them some expansion to understand what they have found.)  Feel it being absorbed into your lungs, into every cell, and into the center of your brain, where it will infuse every thought and every action.  This is the route to genuine freedom.  You will feel it when you get there.  As you practice these exercises we have given you, we are here beside you, cheering you on, with tears of joy.

I am your Mother God, speaking for all the Realms of Heaven when I tell you: We love you without end.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, July 18, 2014, 1 PM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website, www.whoneedslight.org.
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