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Lord Lanto continues~ 4-15-2019

The stipulations were that until humanity wakes-up again to embrace their divine potential and the principles of Christ-hood, and when the level of consciousness has reached enough spiritual maturity for mankind to be trusted once more with this sacred energy, the knowledge for the right use of these flames will be reintroduced to Earth again. With the Ascension of your Earth Mother, those who have reached the level of spiritual maturity to become candidates for Ascension will benefit, in their own timing, from the return of their gifts.

That is the mastery you will need to attain as you walk through the initiations of the seven inner temples. Once you gain the momentum of Love, Wisdom and Power on all the flames and have fulfilled all the other requirements, you will be invited to take your place among the immortals with all the glory and attributes of a fully ascended master.

That day, beloved ones, will be the most wondrous day of your entire existence. For eons of times, you have incarnated here facing many challenges in most of your incarnations, always keeping the dream and goal to make it someday to the Ascension doorway. Now this opportunity is offered to each of you in this very incarnation! You never have to die again for most of you, unless you choose it. The time you have waited for, is now presenting itself to you! This is an invitation from us, the Chohans of the Rays and also an invitation from your Creator. We love you all so very dearly!

Know beloved ones, that if you choose it now full heartedly, and keep this commitment to yourself and your I AM Presence, you can end, in a few years, your long cycle of incarnations to join us as an immortal. Once ascended, you will be working with us face to face, learning from us all that we have learned since our Ascension. Contemplate this for a moment, what took us so long in the past to accomplish, you can reach the same in less than half the time it took us.

I now invite you to look at my picture and contemplate the bright flame of Love that is radiating from my heart. I was able to manifest this in my last incarnation, as a mortal like you are now in your present state. If I could do this then, you can surely do this also in this time of Earth Ascension.
From the Love Flame of your heart and the power of your love, you can learn to expand your love to the point of creating a similar accomplishment. And if you work at it, I will be at your side to assist you and to champion your Victory!

I am Lord Lanto, your teacher of Wisdom, lighting your way back home with the wonders of the Illumination Flame.
( From The Seven Sacred Flames By Aurelia) <3

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