The level of human consciousness will vastly increase in the coming months...YOU were not meant to walk the planet earth in containment, YOU were not meant to walk the planet earth in fear or in despair...




Brothers and sisters we come to communicate and to guide and support you at this time of vast change across YOUr planet. For many of YOU now are beginning to go through the cleansing process that must occur prior to an increase in vibration for both the planet and for YOUrselves Mother earth is undergoing vast changes as is apparent by the change in weather patterns and other events that are occurring on the surface and below the surface. We are here to guide at this time to help YOU move out of the fear that is being taught by illusion around these events and changes to YOUr home planet.


Many of YOU are experiencing extremes of emotion and often this will be extreme negative emotion, we note the rise in anger across the planet with humans who are now turning on humans to vent the anger that is arising. The anger is the seed with which the illusion controls and contains human BEings, when in the state of anger the emotion takes over, clouds the vision of the human experiencing the emotion and leads the human BEing away from TRUTH. We guide at this time to show YOU how to move through the negative emotions to find TRUTH within YOU.


It is vital that at times of mass change and increase of vibration for not only the planet that YOU live on but for the human race that YOU are aware of YOUr triggers. Many have suppressed the negative emotions deep within for the illusion will teach that human BEings are storage vessels and that to keep the emotions contained is how to live as a human BEing, we guide ALL to detach from this teaching. Human BEings incarnated upon the earth to experience emotion not to hold on to it and to store it, that was never part of the human life experience. Illusion has distorted the human life experience and now many across the planet are trapped in the vessel of emotions created by the teaching of illusion. It is this entrapment that will lower the vibration of the human race and cannot be allowed to continue.


World events are orchestrated to trigger these stored emotions for illusion taught that negative emotions be stored and so all of humanity proceeded to keep the grief, the anger, the injustice deep within their very BEing. It should come as no surprise that in a period of cleansing, of recalibrating the human body that these emotions would rise to the surface. Illusion continues to teach through this process and we note that many fall back into the trap of allowing the emotions to surface and then aligning with the emotion all over again. We guide for ALL to detach from this way of BEing. Whilst YOU define YOU through YOUr emotions YOU will dance within illusion. The challenge if you will for human kind at this point in evolution is to move through the veils of illusion to TRUTH. How can YOU move through this if YOUr heart is closed off? How can YOU move through this if YOU are pulled away from TRUTH by the negative emotions that seek to pull YOU back into the illusion?


We note how easy anger is to sway the human BEing at this time and we guide ALL to be aware of this. Anger is seeded from fear, ALL negative emotion is seeded from fear and as the higher vibration sweeps across, through and within the planet called earth this fear will strike as much as it can, it will hold on where it can, it will contain as much as it can. This is to be acknowledged if it is to be stepped out of, for many human BEings do not see the way that anger works within the human life experience and fall deep into the darkness which is duality and separation.


The planet earth is gaining in vibration, ALL are heightening but that is not the end of the process for such is the depth of containment of the human race that deep cleansing of both the planet and of the human race is required. The aeons of containment have penetrated deeply into the human psyche and this needs cleared. That is done not only on a personal basis with the human BEing concerned clearing the energy system of the body they inhabit but also within the very structure of the earth itself. For the earth that YOU walk upon is YOU and YOU are the earth. The link between human BEings and mother earth is strong, what YOU FEEL, she FEELS and vice versa. The planet itself has to be cleared of the negativity that was stored within it. That is the pain and trauma for all that has taken place both on and within the planet. This is being cleared as YOU move through the clearing process as a human BEing living upon the earths surface.


This process can at times be a painful one, for mother earth has seen many conflicts and has ingested the blood of many lifetimes of humans. She seeks to cleanse and purify and hold again the LOVE that IS within and upon her. The result of this is the weather changes that sweep across the planet and we note how this can result in fear for those who live upon her. We ask YOU as a race to step back from only thinking in relation to the body that YOU inhabit in human form and begin to absorb the TRUTH of your mother planet. For YOU are she and she is YOU. Do you understand our analogy? Do you understand how intertwined YOU both are?


The planet is healing as YOU are healing and any healing process begins with the acknowledgement of the pain that has to be healed. We watch as many human BEings move through the ascension process as it has been called, unaware of the pain that they carry. The pain is ancestral for YOU are YOUr ancestors. This has to be recognised and acknowledged for the pain to be healed. YOU carry the pain and trauma of all who came before YOU, YOU made the decision at soul level to be alive on this planet at this time to heal that pain and trauma as YOUr mother heals her pain and trauma.


Many are not in a place within themselves to recognise the vastness of what is happening across and within the planet at this time. We watch as many who would use the label of light worker allow the emotions to control the human life experience they are having. Many are still containing themselves and under illusion, this will change as the new heightened energies begin to take affect. Do not allow emotions to rule the human life experience, do not allow the anger that is aeons old and exists within the very tissues of the body that YOU inhabit to stop YOU from cleansing the wounds of long ago. For the wounds will heal if the LOVE that IS is poured upon them and through them. Never before in the history of the human race has a cleansing on this scale occurred. YOU ALL stand on the verge of UNITY yet illusion seeks to pull the rug from under YOUr feet and to teach that there is only separation and duality.


We speak to the higher part of ALL who read these words at this time, for the deep part of YOU knows the reason YOU are here. For ALL who have agreed to step forward and hold the space for their fellow human BEings we ask that YOU step forward, for the time to cleanse, to move forward and to expand is NOW. The understanding of humans with regard to that which exists around them is about to expand. Greater understanding of the role of the human race in relation to the planet and the planet in relation to the solar system and the galaxy will be revealed in due course but the cleansing of the lower vibrations must be undertaken. For to reach the stars YOU need to hold the higher vibration whilst being anchored deep within the earth. Many, many humans fear the anchoring to the earth. For the connection to mother earth is one that holds memories of the pain and trauma from the ancestors they carry within their DNA.


To heal the pain then acknowledge it within YOU, acknowledge YOUr ancestors and call on them for help, for they are standing beside YOU ready to help and support YOU at this time. For ALL ARE ONE.


The level of human consciousness will vastly increase in the coming months, undertake to cleanse and to clear at ALL times and watch the human life experience become what it was always meant to be. YOU were not meant to walk the planet earth in containment, YOU were not meant to walk the planet earth in fear or in despair. Allow the emotions to be cleansed, allow them to arise and let them go, do not define YOU through them for that is not their purpose nor YOUrs.


We are from the greater galaxies and we will reveal who we are in due course. Know that the expansion of consciousness begins NOW, at this moment, know YOU are part of this.




Copyright Karen Doonan, All rights reserved.

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