Message from the Alpha Master July 5, 2009This message has been channeled by Lainey of the Awakening Center.This material can be copied or shared but cannot be changed, recorded, or used as an abundance exchange without the express permission of the conduit. Please honor the content and the intent by following these instructions.Dearly Beloved:We gather together in this now moment that is creation within creation.We have come to a major step in evolution with the energies of the solstice, and the new moon with its lunar eclipse, the planet Jupiter going retrograde. The planet has gone retrograde in Aquarius, and it is about finances, communication, technology, and it is giving each the space to reflect on that which was and now no longer is, or soon will no longer be.The drums are beating, the spiritual warriors are prepared and ready to move forward with the work that they came here to do, some knowingly, and others in full awareness. This is the feminine energy that is balancing, and bringing this in at this time to bring balance back to the masculine/feminine. We talked about this last week, and we continue because this is of such importance.It’s important, as there are many from different parts of the world who come together at this time, with many different belief structures, and systems, and there is no judgment.Back to the energies. These Solstice energies are assisting in the balancing, as we said before. Some struggle with the body symptoms they experience, and wonder what they do that is wrong. There is no right or wrong. If you feel it, allow it, and it will move through you. If it is something that interferes with your daily activities, there are a multitude of remedies that can be tried, Again you must try and see what works best for you. This too shall pass. The music and the vibrations assist in easing what some of you feel. Some have vibrations going through their body. Some are feeling sensations in their feet. There is a great grounding that is happening as the energies stimulate the planet to evolve, and the human angels are the conduit to ground these energies into the earth.The animals, plants, trees and rocks, in fact all sentient matter in and on the earth, assist. The human interface is one of the strongest connections, and because this must all happen within the next few years, there is a time frame that is regulated by the Universe that has set up in the form of cycles that are each coming in at the same time. These are like the gears in a cog. There is one at approximately 26,000 years, one at around 52,000 years, and so on to one at over 1,000,000 years. This will not happen again for a very long time.This affects the galaxies that are waiting for this evolution because the earth is, in a way, pregnant. It is about to birth, and with the birth each of the galaxies can continue in their own evolution. There is much that has been unknown in the past, and has come forward in recent years. Some of this information has been brought forward by scientists, some has been forward in channellings, and we await the day the scientists and the meta-physicians can work together to bring complete understanding in, if need be, provable information to everyone. This is part of the work that is being done by those in different spiritual communities.As we talk about spiritual communities, we are seeing a small movement towards crystallization of these communities working together for the greatest good of all. This is part of the unity that is needed. There can be no competition or “mine is better than yours”. This is the oneness that is necessary to bring forth the greatest benefit to all. As we said, we do see this starting to happen. This goes back to the 3 Musketeers, who had a saying which was “ONE for all, and all for ONE”.Each time someone despairs, because they see someone moving ahead, at least in their own mind, and becoming more abundant, it erases the unity that is necessary for the total evolution of all. There is no one better than another. This goes back again to the spiritual warrior, and the purpose they are here for at this time. They are those from previous lifetimes who have returned in human form many times, to bring unity to all. This has never been a job for the squeamish. it takes strength, it takes dedication, it takes focused direction, and single minded determination.We have such as these now and present and this role is recognized by those who know their purpose. And this is done in love, in love of creation, in love of creator source, and for this the heavens are in total gratitude.Love is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others, for there is only love. This is coming as we speak. The love that is unconditional love, the unconditional love of humanity and self. Without love there can be no evolution, no growth and the 5Th dimension remains a dream, an unfulfilled wish. So raise your hearts to that 5Th dimension. The new earth has been created, the new tree of life is growing and prospering, and the rainbow bridge has been built.There are some who have already passed over the bridge, and it is open to all. The karma is being transmuted to grace, grace being the key to open the bridge.We invite you to spend some time in Metatron’s temple that exists on all dimensions and in all time. Take the love that you are into this temple and create unconditional love in abundance and joy. Sit at the table of mother/father God, where a feast is prepared, the table is ready, and your chair is waiting for you to sit down on, it has your name at the top back, as the director on your set, your creation and all is in readiness. The angels have gathered around and are singing and chanting, the harps and violins are accompanying them played by the master musicians, there is a garden of paradise filled with all the flowers and trees that have ever been on the earth, and some that have not, are so vivid and bright, so magnificent. There are bees and hummingbirds drinking the nectar, the ambrosia, and all is fully activated and at ONE with the divine creator.With this, we close this transmission.I am, we are the Alpha Masters, assisting humanity to unite the above and below in golden radiance and we are love, so be love.I am a receptacle of divine love, grace and ancient wisdom and I AM ready.
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