December 2011

Dear Friends,

Happy Holiday Season to All!

For our December Newsletter, we present excerpts from the 11/11/11 Stargate Gateway Portal Day Channeling with Divine Mother. The gifts that we received from Goddess of Victory, Great Silent Watcher, the Female Elohim and many Aspects of the Divine Feminine are a wonderful way to complete the final month of this calendar year and prepare us for 2012.

For the Gateway Portal Day, 12/12/11, Divine Mother will reveal her plan for all of us as we embark upon the all important, much prophesied and documented, year of 2012.

Portal Days in December: 12/1/12, 12/2/12, 12/11/12, 12/12/12, 12/20/12, 12/21/12, 12/22/12, 12/29/12.

Full Moon is on 12/10 and New Moon is on 12/24.

To all of you from all of us at Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School,

Have a great loving and compassionate Holiday Season.


These are Amazing Times

We are incredibly fortunate to be alive at this juncture in the history of our world and to be spiritually awake and conscious of events as they unfold in both the sublime and mundane. Because of this awareness and through the grace of Divine Mother and the Masters, we are given the remarkable opportunity and solemn responsibility to participate in building our world anew by setting the pace for our entry into the Seventh Golden Age, the Age of Itza (or Knowledge), as prophesied by the Mayan Calendar.

The Stargate Portal Day of 11/11/11 is the penultimate event which brings the cumulative impact of the critaical12 year period of escalating energies, which began at 01/01/2001 and ends on 12/12/2012. Performing ceremony and offering prayers and invocations at a Landmark Point such as this, yields enormous benefits.

At this momentous time, Divine Mother and the Ascended Masters are preparing us and our world to move through the Gateway Portal of 12/21/2012 and land in the most advantageous layers of the 5th Dimensional Octave. What we sow this year, spanning from 11/11/11 to 12/12/12, will be reaped during the next decade, which brings us to 2020, the year for the attainment of Mastery at Global Scale. Further, the cumulative effect of what we sow in that decade will be felt throughout the entire century to follow bringing us to the year 2112. From this plateau, the energies will build again, as the next century passes to bring us to 02/02/2222, another Double Mastery Year. While that date is more than 200 years away, everything we set in motion now will continue to be magnified over time. What we do at this critical juncture, builds up over the next few centuries to become the Reality for thousands of years into the future, benefiting the generations upon generations of souls who follow us.

This is the immensity of the task at hand and the magnitude of its impact on our Earth and Humankind. There are no coincidences. We have traversed through many physical incarnations to prepare ourselves and our world for this moment in history and we will earn the merits and reap the harvest of what we sow now and have sown for eons of life times, in service to Divine Mother, the Masters, Earth and Humankind.

Please join us to expand our luminous Grid of Light and perform the following guided meditation every day, if possible, for an extended period of time. Allow it to gain momentum, as we move through the final phase of this year and enter the much speculated and prophesied year of 2012. In love and in celebration of all we have and will achieve together, we thank you for your selfless service.



Guided Meditation with Divine Mother


My Children of Light, I am your very own Divine Mother.

I hold you in my own heart with great, great gratitude. What we have accomplished together is boundless. You would not believe the enormity of what we have been able to achieve together if you were able to see through my eyes. You have offered a tremendous service to allow us to anchor energies on behalf of Earth and humankind. We can do great things together. This is why many Cosmic Beings offer you gifts of their gratitude.

Goddess of Victory and the Energies of Victory

Goddess of Victory is the Cosmic Being who carries the Quality of Victory. For more than 300,000 years, she has been victorious in every project that she has embarked upon.

She saw how much you were doing on behalf of humankind and she came to offer you her gifts.

Envision Goddess of Victory standing before you. Look into her eyes. She will make certain that whatever project you embark upon, from this moment on, you will be victorious.

Focus your energy in the center of her chest at her Heart Chakra and see a series of Sacred Geometric shapes begin to be illumined. This is her sacred gift – the gift that carries the Signature Energy of Victory – specifically fashioned for your use.

It matters not if you are incapable of seeing the Sacred Geometries emanating from her heart. What matters is that you receive the gift that she gives. If you wish to receive this gift, tell Goddess of Victory that you accept it. This translates to making you successful in all your spiritual, as well as mundane, endeavors – making you victorious in all that you do.

The Sacred Geometries form an emblem inside a Sphere to be placed inside of your Heart Chakra. It will be absorbed by the Flame of God Unity that is illumined in your heart. It will be absorbed into the Sphere of Remembrance; that is the Sphere that carries everything that you have ever done – past, present and future. It will become absorbed into the DNA structure of every cell of your body and being. It will permeate your entire Five-Body System. Goddess Victory has specially fashioned it to match your Signature Energy. This is a unique gift. You may feel a sensation of throbbing or tightening in your chest. As you fully absorb the energies it will magnify its impact and the throbbing will subside. Goddess of Victory’s Gift Continues throughout Your Lifetime to energize you and to pull the energies of Victory to you

Great Silent Watcher – Protection, Fearlessness and Divine Power

Goddess of Victory now stands by your side as I invite the Great Silent Watcher.

It takes an enormous Being such as the Great Silent Watcher to help you overcome your fears because you live in such density – where you feel the fears and pains of everyone around you. The dilemma that you face is that, on one hand you have to expand your energies to be able to reach to the Higher Realms but on the other hand, this process of expansion means that everyone’s fears, worries, thoughts and concerns are energetically brought into your auric field.

For this reason, I request Protection, Fearlessness and Divine Power for you from the Great Silent Watcher, as her gift to you. The Great Silent Watcher creates a Grid of Protection to empower you to become fearless. One of the signs that people receive when the Great Silent Watcher communicates with them is the image of an enormous eye. Focus on the Great Silent Watcher’s Third Eye. See a Shaft of Turquoise Blue Light beaming from her forehead to your body. This Turquoise Blue Light carries the vibrational frequency of Fearlessness, Protection from all harm and Divine Empowerment; the Signature Energy of the Great Silent Watcher.

You may get a sensation of tingling or itching in your Third Eye. Feel it in your forehead but know that it is penetrating into every Chakra of your body, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

Feminine Aspects of Seven Mighty Elohim

The Great Silent Watcher stands by your side. I now call upon Lady Amazon, Lady Minerva, Lady Angelica, Lady Crystal, Lady Diana, Lady Pacifica and Lady Star Astreya.

These are all Cosmic Beings. I ask the Seven to stand in the formation of a Seven-Pointed Star around youbeaming their specific Light – the Light of Manifestation, Illumination, Organization, Abundance, Divine Love, Divine Power and Divine Order. Each of these Lights has their own bandwidth and their own frequency. Each of these Beings sends their own Signature Energy and aligns their own Signature Energy with your Signature Energy so that the Lights that carry these specific Qualities will always be with you:

• Manifestation of your desires,

• Illumination of your thoughts,

• Organization of everything that you choose to do,

• Abundance to flow in your lives,

• Divine Power to imbue all your decisions,

• Divine Love to imbue your heart,

• Divine Peace and Surrender – that is also Divine Order.

Carry this Seven-Pointed Star Grid formation with you from this moment on and absorb their energies. The Seven-Pointed Star carries the Divine Feminine. Seven is a number for Mystical Fulfillment. The Seven-Pointed Star is the container that helps you receive permanent flow of the Divine Feminine into your lives and your bodies without obstacles, without blockages.

More Gifts from Feminine Beings of Light

While this Grid is in place, I call upon

Lady Quan Yin to bring you Purity and Innocence,

Goddess Hecate to bring you Power, Passion and Action,

Goddess Isis to bring you Sacred Magic,

Goddess Athena to bring you her Wisdom and her Power to Choose to Fight, when necessary.

Goddess Pele to bring her Fires to Blaze the Trail on your behalf and to Remove the Obstacles,

Mother Mary to imbue your heart with the energies of Divine Love,

Lady Nada to help you Serve and to be Successful in everything you embark upon, and

Goddess Gaia to give you of the Abundance of Earth. Your Earthly Mother is Goddess Gaia. I ask her to remove all the obstacles from your path and to see to it that Abundance and Prosperity, Peace and Harmony, Love, Joy, Celebration and Fun permeates your life, the lives of your loved ones and the lives of everyone you touch.

Goddess Victory will hold her Torch of Victory and Scepter of Victory over your head. The Great Silent Watcher will wrap her Turquoise Blue Bubble of Light to protect you, to imbue Divine Power and to free you of all fears. I send you my Copper Gold Light, my Devotion, my undivided Love and Attention.

May this century bring you Glory, may your Glory be sung throughout this entire Universe. I shall sing the song of your Glory wherever I go and I shall bring you in my heart. I hold you in my own heart.

I am your very own Divine Mother. So it is.

© Nasrin Safai 2011



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