Meat? Vegies? who is right?

For a long time this debate has raged.  Some wont eat meat as it is wrong to kill something to eat, as animals has souls too.  The debate has raged for such a long time and no-one ever end up being right.  As there is no right and wrong in this.  Its a matter of choice.

Here I will attempt to bring together a few views and research, so that you the reader can decide on what side of the fence you are or maybe even on the fence.  The choice are your own.


On 2 February 1966 a world leading Polygraph expert, Cleve Baxter, made an astounding discovery.  It was one of those finds that a scientist comes across while looking for something else.  In this case there was a plant sale near his office, and his secretary brought in a couple of plants.  He saturated then with water, curious as to how long it would take for the moisture to reach the top of the plants, particularly with the Dracaena cane, since the moisture had to climb a long way to the top and to the end of the leaves.  He places electrodes that measured the galvanic skin response (one part of the lie detector) in several places to measure the resistance.  When the moisture reached a particular electrode, the resistance would drop and be recorded since water is a conductor, not a resistor.

Baxter noted something unusual on the chart that looked more like what would be expected is a person were taking a lie detector test, even though moisture hadn't yet entered the leaf.  From this discovery he got curious as to how the plant might react to a threat.  He has the image of burning the leaf that he was testing and without having verbalized the thought, he touched the plant with he equipment, and the pen jumped off the chart.  He got matches from the secretary's desk and waved a lit one by the leaf a few times, but the reaction was already so intense that it didn't make a difference.  When he took the matches back to the desk in the other room, the plant calmed down.

He realized that something quite significant was happening, and from there on he dedicated his time and attention to look further into this phenomenon.  He did various experiments that showed that plants did perceive and respond to human emotions.  Rather than calling this capacity extrasensory perception (ESP), he called it Primary perception, since plants don't process sensory apparatus that humans do.  Primary perception is something that takes place at a much more fundamental level.  Others began to call this the "Baxter effect".

In the article titled "Man in partnership with Nature" (, Jeff Frank writes.

Mr Baxter proved scientifically that plants could think and respond!  A Consciousness!...  Baxter did months of research and found plants respond to threats as well as healing peaceful thoughts.  Plants love to listen to easy-listening music and classical music (but no heavy metal) and seemed to be attuned to animal life.  The plants wound actually tell when a human subject on the polygraph machine was lying!   Baxter found out in stress conditions, as when it is being cut, a plant will "faint" so it can't feel any pain, it goes "flat line" on the machine.  With fruit, the plant wish to give up its fruit only in a loving ritual, a communion between the eater and the eaten, a sacrifice.  Baxter said, "It may be that a vegetable appreciates becoming another part of another form-of life rather than rotting on the ground, just as a humans death may experience relief to find himself on a higher realm of "being"

After Baxter's initial discovery, there was considerable interest and further replication of his results by others, yet the Western science community generally reacted with derisiveness followed by ultimately ignoring his work.  On the other hand, when Baxter discussed his findings with a Indian Scientist, Buddhist or Hindu he stated, ("Instead of giving me a bunch of grief, they say, "What took you so long?"  My work dovetails with many of the concepts embraced by Hinduism and Buddhism." Its also dovetails with what the Findhorn community was discovering at about the same time, what quantum physicists have been telling us, and the research on DNA cited earlier in this book.

--------- taken from the book Earth Magick by Steven D. Farmer-----------

This clip show more on just how receptive plants are.

During my training as Shaman and Druid, I was told to go talk to a tree.  I thought my guides has gone bonkers.  Yet something in me told me to do that.  I have learned to open to animals and to speak with them, so why not plants.  I went outside took my chair, placed it under the old Oak tree and listened.  A hour passed, the horses and the cats came over and settled around me.  Then just when I was about to give up, I felt the flicker.  A really light touch.  At first I thought it was one of the animals, but eventually realized that it was the tree.

When learning to speak to animals you learn that they have very little words, they speak in emotions and pictures.  Domestic animals and familiars tend to speak telepathically, as they learn from young to respond to our language.  Trees and plants speak is different, its slow, gentle, fluid. They use energy and emotions, and pictures.  That tree showed me its life, pictures of people that moves around it, a little girl sitting under it when she was really sad.  How he comforted her.  It was aware of all the other plants and animals around it.  It was able to communicate to them, as the older ones remember the season cycle, it gives the other plants the ques as to when to conserve energy and water, and when its a time of abundance.  They learn, feel, are sad, happy, etc.

It shocked me at first, but also helped me remember the old teachings, the ancient druid teaching of the old druids that once roamed this world.  In a time when nature was still respected.  When the plants and the animals meant companionship, healing, food and shelter.

In the movie Avatar, the man learn to hunt, learn to kill the animal, saying a incantation over him, thanking him for his sacrifice, so that they can live.  This is something many do not understand.  This system was build for service in love.  The souls that come here has to learn to serve those around them in love, and in return they serve themselves.  The plant sacrifice its life for the animal to eat, so that it can live.  It leaves its life force behind while its soul move on and return to source.  The animals body uses that life force as well as the nutrients that is the plants makeup.  Us as humans eat the plant and the animals, their sacrifice give us life force.  Something our bodies need.

Animal life force are stronger, its a warmer energy, where plant life force are of a colder energy, together they are what balance the human's life force.  the eating of either one or both is a matter of choice.  None is right or wrong.

what is however a issue, is that food produced in a wrong way can affect your life force.  There is much research on this issue, but that is another discussion.

Being vegetarian, or not, is a life choice, you can not tell others their choice is wrong, as its not.  A plant gave his life so you can eat, or a animal gave its life.  which is right the pot or the kettle, their both in the fire and both burned black.

You as reader decide it remain our own personal choice.

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  • That is exactly my point.  I have been saying this so many times in the last 9 years, and people get really angry about that.  Fact is this system was made this way. the plant use the soul, the buck eat the plant or the bug, the predator eat them. the predator die, the soil and enzymes reclaim it.  Its the cycle of life here.

    I have seen so many vegaterians protest with their dog, and if you ask them what their dog eat, they say dogfood.  many of them dont even know that dogfood is made from animal products.  That Jello is a product gotten from bones.

    Here the reabilitation centre for wild life has vultures that clean the bones of meat, that the lions leave, those bones are send to the factory where the jello is extracted, and the bones milled for dogfood and other products as plant food.  Plants grow much better if milled bones are added to the soil, which many organic farmers use.  So guess what as vegetarian, you STILL are eating an animal.

    There is a reason, even the bible tell us to pray over our food, there is a reason for it.  Its not to aplease god, its to thank the spirit of the plant or animal we are about to eat for their sacrifice.

    We need to live thankfully, for all we receive, not because the bible say so and if we dont we go to hell, but because we have to be consiously aware that what we receive was given to us by another soul.  We are all connected.

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