Me in India in the Festival of Colors

My trip to India had to be shorten due to some reasons but still even today on my second last day in Bhavnagar i had been to a Krishna temple without any plans and to all my surprise i found a big festival of colors where i enjoyed my inner self as a rainbow child. India is celebrating festival of colors and fire this days known as Holi Festival's... As I was told before nothing is impossible in India i would once again agree this is so true. that Indian lifestyle itself is of spiritual awaken in its each moment and movements. we all know spirituality has no bars of time and space, but todays basic need is understanding of trust love and comfort. for ONE God we all have so many paths, faiths and believe still God is One common man is always left with some confusion with religion or spiritual believe forced by others.. we may think or say Indian is strictly religious or spiritual country but today's event of my trip showed me and i felt a new dimension of Indian culture and people... Hinduism is what i felt a ancient culture where each moment and movements itself in name of religious practice is awakening of inner self with higher self.we know in spirituality chakras, mantra's and many other process as tantra.... all this goes very easy here without any bars of knowledge, wisdom age or intelligence i have no more words to discribe my inner feeling at that moments showed in this picture.... to all surprise this event was though new to me but i felt that it was a part of my spirit too... the chief of this temple was playing with colors with lord Krishna (Girirajji or Goverdhannathji) was spraying colors on idol of God and same was sprinkled on the devote present there too... and that moment i felt that real bridge of Love is more of sharing with higher self or what we call God or mother Universe....colors used were red and white just as it was tunning of all chakra form top to bottom as red is color of Muladhara chakra to crown chakra... i was so much filled with universal energy flow that i was just as a free bird flying in space without and hard efforts or process.. again i wish this message to all my dear Daystar family here that awakening of inner self is a constant process of a human life but condition is that we accept that condition unconditionally and just flow in present and presence of each moment and movements....divine love and light to all with this flow of presence of todays event♥♥♥

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  • He, he, he...yes it is me..but I didn´t know what type of celebration Holi festival will be...I laugh all time this special time..children there where so happy to draft my face with all colors...amazing joyfully event.. next day I fly home ..I met lot´s of colourfull person on the streets, shops... airport...funny mood....I am grateful for this experiences rainbow and light warrior and you too for stopping dear Gopala♥♥♥ Gopala, Gopala deva ti nashine Gopala.... you know my special mantra which I sing when I divine in the
  • Beautiful!!! I have no consciousness of India's spirituality except in the dance and music and that is alot :-) for it reaches deep within and brings Great Joy outward in expression.
    Blessings to you
  • What a beautiful experience!

  • when there is a next time.......i think i go with YOU my DEARESTTTTTTTTTT !!!!

    many greetings, blessings , light and LOVE from my and my heart
    frans xxxx
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