Master your Thoughts_Never Allow your body to do harm

MASTER YOUR THOUGHTS.NEVER ALLOW YOUR BODY TO DO HARM.Osho - Any thought goes on inside your mind. Watch for a few minutesand you will be surprised: the mind seems to be crazy! It jumps from onethought to another thought for no reason at all. Just a dog starts barkingin the neighborhood and your mind takes the clue from it... and youremember the dog that you used to have in your childhood, and the dogdied... and you start feeling sad. And because of the death of the dog youstart thinking about death, and the death of your mother and the deathof your father. And you become angry because you were never at easewith your mother; there was always conflict. The dog is still barking,completely unaware what he has done. And you have traveled so far!Anything can trigger a process in you. This is a kind of slavery: you areat the mercy of accidents. This is not mastery. And a sannyasin, aseeker, should be a master. He thinks only if he wants to; if he does notwant to think he simply puts his mind off. He knows how to put it onand how to put it off.You don't know how to put it on, you don't know how to put it off; it goeson and on. It starts working in the childhood and goes on working tillyou die. Seventy years, eighty years, continuously working -- so muchwork, and then you cannot expect anything great out of it because it isutterly tired. It has not much energy left; it is leaking from everywhere. Ifyou can put it off... that's what meditation is all about: putting the mindoff, the art of putting the mind off. If you can put it off, it will gatherenergy.If for a few hours every day you are without the mind, you will gather somuch energy that that energy will keep you young, fresh, creative. Thatenergy will allow you to see reality, the beauty of the existence, the joy oflife, the celebration. But for that you need energy, and your mind hasonly very little energy. Just somehow you manage your life. You live apoor life for the sheer reason that you don't know how to accumulateyour mind energy, how to make a reservoir of your inner being. It goeson and on leaking and you don't know how to stop those leakages.NEVER ALLOW YOUR BODY TO DO HARM.Three things, Buddha says: Be careful about words, be master of yourthoughts, NEVER ALLOW YOUR BODY TO DO HARM. Because the bodycomes from the animals, the body IS animal. It enjoys harming, it isviolent. Be conscious of it. Don't allow it to go into violence. Don't allow itto harm anybody, because if you harm others the harm will come back toyou sooner or later. That's the whole theory of karma: whatsoever you doto others will be done to you. So do to others only that which you wouldlike to be done to you.Source - Osho Dhammapada Vol 8
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