Mary Magdalene's weekly manifestation lesson

Dr. Angela Barnett(2016)

Teachings from the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse

The steps to manifestation of any desire are
the Creation of the Idea in the Mind, followed by the
Letting Go

This entire process of manifestation must take place in the Mind of God.
Where is the Mind of God?
It is the SOMA.

It is what some have called the Mid Brain, others have called it a place in the Pineal, and I have drawn it on pictures as the Blue Brain. It has also been identified as the area of the pituitary and pineal working together, and as the complete area of the mid brain, medulla oblangata at the top of the spine connecting into the Stem Cell, the Soul, the Master Gland.

So, all of these body parts have resulted in an over use of diagrams and explanations that keep people confused about where to focus while creating their manifestations.

That is the reason I create this music. It is to help place the focus back into the actual Frequencies of the Mind of God, the Frequencies of the Christ Consciousness and the Oneness of the OM, or the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound, which is the Sun itself.

This at one ment with the Cosmic Sun of all creation is the Place we are actually going to for the Focus.

But, we don't actually GO any place.

Yes, it is true that I have given you techniques and meditations and journeys to help you explore and experience the FEELING of moving into the light of the candle or into the Light and Sound of the Sun.

Once we experience this feeling of moving completely into the Light or the Frequencies, there is a Feeling. This is the Feeling of an activation that takes place in the Mind of God part of the Brain. This is the Cosmic Consciousness Frequency that connects with and becomes one with that BLUE BRAIN.

The reason we call it the Blue Brain is because it turns blue when it is full of the OM- of the full spectrum of light and sound of the SUN. That is the reason that the light turns blue and the Sun turns blue.

This Blue color is the Ultra Violet Blue that is created from the process of MOVING INTO the SUN, and then moving clear out of the Sun (meaning being completely absorbed with the Sun's Frequencies) and the TURNING AROUND and looking back.

I have repeated this journey in the Candle Technique, the Sun Journey and I have collected these Frequencies for you and created albums to help you FEEL this Frequency that you should feel inside of your mid Brain. When you feel this. When you see the light turn blue this means you have located this AREA in the Brain that we are calling the MIND OF GOD.

The reason that it becomes the Mind of God is because you have connected into the ONENESS of the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound of the Sun, and the Sun is the Creator of all of our existence and all of our desires. The Sun is like a movie projector that allows the ideas that we desire to be placed in the light of creation and then manufactured on our movie screen.

I have found a much easier and faster way to allow this place of manifestation to be continuous when listening to the music.

First, it is impossible to just tell someone to do this who has not FELT this place in their Brain as a result of the techniques I have given.

So, I will assume that you have FELT the SUN in your Brain. So, there is this place that is in the CENTER OF THE FOREHEAD where you FEEL this Sun igniting. You actually FEEL it and if you close your eyes you SEE it. There should be a BLUE DIAMOND.

I have called this the Diamond Door because we always walk through this door of the full spectrum of light, which is the God Door and then turn around to ignite this blue color. The blue diamond door appears in those who have practiced walking into the sun and turning around and looking back.

Now, just feel this spot in your forehead. Feel it buzzing with this blue light energy of the Sun. Now, imagine your eyes popping out of your head and turning around and looking at that blue buzzing place in your forehead.

Actually, you don't even need to move your eyes outside of your body. Just imagine an absolute closeness between your eyes looking back at the place in your brain. Make that place where the eyes are OBSERVING the Light so CLOSE that there is zero distance.

Allow no distance to exist between the Place of buzzing light in the forehead and the observer of the light. Find that place of Oneness and you have found the place that you need to remain in to manifest your desires and your daily activities while living in the Mind of God.

The only reason that all desires are not manifesting is because we are not remaining in this God Room of Manifestation the entire time that we create the idea, focus on the idea and the strongly INTEND the idea is in existence already so strongly that there is absolutely no room for any other possibility.

After the Intention, there must be a strong enough belief that the idea has been created and manifested that we can let it go and allow it be.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN to begin wondering why it didn't happen yet. It does not mean that you should start looking for it and then doubting that it is some place and then to stop believing because you don't see it yet.

If you do any of those things, you have just de manifested your desire.

These are the reasons why the manifestation process do not work for most people.

This process that I went through to insure the successful completion of the most important MANIFESTATION in this Universe included this Creation Process of a Calculation, a complete FOCUS on the Big Picture of the Process, and the Strong INTENTION that this Process and Manifestation of this Ascension Portal is Complete, and then Believing that the Manifestation is already Perfect, Eternal and Completed, followed by a complete Letting Go of any thought or tiniest suspicion that the work was not completed, followed by Allowing what ever else that would follow to be what ever it would be.

The most important part of any Manifestation is the INTENTION. The INTENTION must be as strong as the desire to push a baby through the birthing chamber at birth. It must be as strong as the desire to lift a heavy car off of the top of a young child.(This miraculous manifestation has occurred hundreds of times on Earth) It is an Intention of a Huge PUSH that is created by Breathing to cause the outer Band of all of the Spheres within Spheres of the entire Cosmos to collapse into Oneness by Spinning the outer Band Clockwise through the Breath of Light.

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