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Mark: Will We Be Meeting Pleiadians During Landings this Year?

September - 16 - 2009


Hi Mark,
Kryon says we won’t get to meet the Pleiadians in this lifetime, which contradicts First Contact. What is your interpretation?

Hi xxxx, Well I’ll let Kryon speak for himself. He may have been quoted out of context. Mother Sekhmet, Ashtar, St Germain and many others have spoken as recently as last night and Formal Landings are indeed on ‘tap’.

Beth and I have gone to visit the Pleiadian Mothership, the Pegasus, and can assure you that they are indeed HERE and going to be meeting us on the ground…sooner than most can imagine.

Many of us originally came from there. I mention that because the Pleiadians are the Guardians for the high elemental beings and are most dedicated to seeing all those magical realms reopened to us and fully participating and adding joy and magic to our new galactic society.

They are very family oriented and we are their family that they seeded here a very long time ago…in Mu, Lemuria, etc. We have just graduated, and they wouldn’t miss our reunion celebration for anything! They will be fully integrating into our new galactic culture…on the ground and will be mentors and advisers to us!

First Contact has already begun. Kau’ila has regular contact with Pele, in Hawaii…who is taking on one or more physical expressions now and is a distinguished goddess from Pleiades.

The mass decloaking of millions and trillions of ships will be the greatest event this planet has ever experienced and it will catapult our consciousness a full half step and blow open our hearts and core memories…just from the decloaking…before they land…about 7-10 days after the Announcement of NESARA.

Below is a copy of our report of our visit to the Pegasus and our talk with Melik of the High Council aboard that ship. His Twin Flame, Queen Maab is on the ground and is known as the Queen of the Fairies. We are in direct communication with her as the result of a gift from her of a Venusian Pink diamond crystal that supports that communication. Read this and then make up your own mind. All old predictions are mitigated or dissolved by the great progress we have all made.

Our future is here, now. All we have to do is Choose, Ask, Embrace it and Allow it to Express through us…in Peace and with Love.

Welcome to the Pleiadian High Council, I am Melik.

We welcome you Home, Blessings.

We are here at Earth now, with our Mothership–the Pegasus. We are working in coordination with the Intergalactic Federation. We have enthusiastically worked with you to assist in many ways with Earth Ascension. Arcturians are known for their light technology, Sirians are known for their libraries and Pleiadians are known for their work with nature spirits. We are partnering with you on Earth in reintegrating to Gaia now, the physical manifestation of all the magical realms back to Earth. Our Mothership is here carrying representatives from the higher elemental, plant, animal, devic, and nature kingdoms.

The Pleiadians have a long history of working with these kingdoms and serving them. We are their Guardians. We have shared our knowledge with those on Earth since the beginning. You are our family. We helped seed earth and we are the ancestors of many living there. We are what Native Cultures call the Grandfathers and the Grandmothers. We have telepathic resonance with all in the animal kingdom, including birds, butterflies, ants, whales, dolphins, elephants, zebras; all animals and creatures. We have telepathic resonance with all those in the plant kingdom. We use the Force and teach these ones to be in harmony with each other, as they are all part of All That Is. The elements of water, air, earth, and wind likewise live in harmony together.

We desire to help bring harmony back to Earth. We are experts in what you call Green technology. Our sentient computers coordinate with weather, elements, animals, plants as well as rivers, oceans, mountains and sky. We harmonize these to work together for climate control, clean water, clean air, clean seas and rivers, We will, immediately after First Contact link our computer system into the Earth Grid. We will bring forth free electricity and power for everyone involved.

We also work with the merfolk, unicorns, fairies, elves, sylphs, salamanders, and many other magical beings. They have never left where we are. We are working to reintegrate them on to surface Earth. They will work in harmony with you and the Earth energies to create complete unconditional harmony. There will be more fun to life, more life in fun.

We want you all to know that we are here now and waiting on the cusp of the new phase where we may come in and help with all of the new green technologies. We will have projects on ocean cleanup, farm-crop redistribution, energy source sharing and clean water and clean air technologies.

We are available to you now. You may call on us to work with you to reintegrate the magical kingdoms into your individual lives. You may have a Fairy or Elf or other partner with you, just as Angels do. Angels are part of the natural realm. Call to Maab, Queen of Fairies and call to Melik, of the Pleiadian High Council, we are Twin Flames. Ask us to Guide you in your pursuit of a new relationship with these precious ones. We will help you understand how they may help you more in your everyday lives.

We are here to partner with those on Earth to restore her pristine beauty in all her realms, back to love. We invite any and all of you, especially those, whose Mission this is, to call on us often to work with you. We invite you to come during dreamtime at night for more training on our ships. All you must do is ask. Maab is on Earth full time now, coordinating these efforts and working directly with you. We have waited a very long time for this and we are very well pleased at recent developments opening the portals and pathways back to Earth.

We Bring Peace.

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Comment by ☼Petar▲Truthseeker on September 17, 2009 at 9:09pm
awesome :D


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