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Magenta Pixie and The Nine on the Results of Unifying in Purpose on the 4~4~4

So yesterday I said it doesn’t matter what time you meditate, you can still connect to the global meditation on the 444 portal date 4th April 2020.

This is true, and I put this out there especially for the UK and other places in the world where it is the middle of the night!! Having said this, I woke suddenly at 3.40 am with the words “It is time to meditate” very clearly through clairaudience.  So there was on this occasion a definite call to participate at the same time….despite the fact that the energy body is non-locational in time and space, and you can join the collective in dreamtime.

As I was obviously called to participate at the actual 3:45 am point, I put on my headphones and did the guided meditation from the Nine, which is a starseed unification ceremony for the 444 portal. This lasted 30 minutes, and after I did that I joined in with the last part of the beautiful live meditation with David and Elizabeth Wilcock, which I must say was extremely high vibrational with Elizabeth’s beautiful soft voice and her singing bowls.

This morning I woke with a very positive feeling. Many of you may have felt a tangible shift took place during and after the global meditation.

So I asked The Nine, why is global meditation so important at this time? They replied;

“It is not meditation per se that is necessarily important but collective focused intention on the same outcome/goal/timeline/frequency. Meditation is but a tool to enable collective focused intention.”

So I asked, has a shift taken place during or since the global 444 meditation? They replied;

“Critical mass was reached for collective focused intention. That which was intentioned upon, the liberty templates as in freedom for all, healing for all, reconstruction of Galactic and Planetary grids, diamond core alignments, rehabilitation of humanity and the genesis of Earth and the creation of a Galactic society was placed as sixth dimensional codex, set within that geometric framework and drawn down into the third dimensional reality.

The match within the physical dimension must and will take place and is taking place within your now time moment. What, in fact occurred was the raising of the planetary vibrational frequency exponentially. This spike in energetics shall indeed be seen upon your measuring devices.”

So indeed – a shift took place, moving us into the actual creations of the New Earth reality.

Not sure exactly what the Nine mean by ‘measuring devices’, and indeed there is work yet to be done.  It is going to be a challenge for many, but we are warriors of light and trained for the job at hand.

Such gratitude and unconditional love for all humanity at this point, most especially every soul who took part in the global 444 meditation yesterday. We wait now and see the manifestations of our collective unity take place within the physical reality.

It is my opinion that this will present in a myriad of ways but one prominent aspect of this will look like the Great Awakening, or “Huge Revealing” across the planet, including all areas that have been infiltrated including mainstream media!

Let us collectively come together with these global meditations as often as we can for truly, they are so powerful.

Blessings & love,
Magenta Pixie

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