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Living is as building and the birth of a boat

Living is as building and the birth of a boat

Living starts with the birth of "your journey", you make a design of which you thinks I can navigate the largest seas,
you go in search for the correct wood, the correct fitting up of your boat, and start building.

After a spell the boat is for your own feelings seaworthy and your move on the sails, and you start to your first excursion concerning a large sea, but never as far from a port away.

As long as you are still in the neighbourhood of the safe ports, everything goes very well, after a spell you comes in quite harsher water, the boat starts cracking on all sides, here and there your sails starts becoming small tears in.
You putting rapidly in a safe port, repaired every tears in your sails and you speed sail out again.

Now you already dares something further on the large sea, because everything were now nevertheless stronger ....., but what puts up suddenly, yes correctly a storm, and the sails tear, but now all to shreds.

You just can come home on your own strength, and provisionally your boat must in the dry dock to repair everything.

Meanwhile the boat is ready after years, there are now large sails and all wood has been replaced by exceedingly strong oaks and teak, therefore now you can navigate really the large seas.

Full good courage, the travel to further places now starts, go to large seas concerning, without a safe port in the neighbourhood, now must you put you, however, now is none return there more, now you must further, further by high waves, they lash sometimes rock-hard against your boat.

It cracks on all sides, the ropes stretch to, the masts bounce sometimes dangerous back and forth, and nevertheless persevere you, because you want that large puddle pool concerning, you want see what there is on the other hand of the sea.

And then happens there something, there a very heavy storm puts up, exactly in visibility of that beautiful port, your know, it is not save, masts nevertheless break, sails fly aimlessly around, they catch none wind more, therefore you prevent you feeling no longer ahead, and the moment you want give up, you see it slightly of that lighthouse, it seems straight through you gone, it is beacons, it is a last liveline possibly, and your know you have to hold to fixed myself, or I have lost everything.

Eventually you succeeds nevertheless to walk in that port, with all people on the quay which wants help you, however, but you think I know it itself improve, for which I will have aid necessary, I were the captain on that boat.

But never forgets also already you are the best captain on your boat, it manage sometimes skilful be on the advice of you people once throw the rudder to, and then eventually in a port to come, where never no more storms are, where always a gentle breeze blows, where well sailing is, and where you get off with a whole skin.

This port is not gone far away, it is very near, you throw out anchor but rapidly, and enjoy all that beauty surroundings you. This port has also a beautiful name:

~~~~~~~~~~~ YOUR HEART ~~~~~~~~~~~

I wish you a preserved speed with your SMALL BOAT .



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Comment by frans on June 2, 2013 at 1:01pm

let's sail my dearest on the ocean of love ........

have a magical day 

~~ frans xx ~~


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