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August has been a FIERY month of change. Sometimes it's difficult to find the Strength and Courage to face so much upheaval and change.


Radical Trust is required to remember that the Divine Presence is guiding your life and you are never alone. In fact, you are profoundly loved and being cared for especially during this time of uncertainty.

Do you want more Inner Strength? Support? Courage?


Here are some suggestions...


  • Allow old structures to fall apart without attachment within yourself, your life and the world. As you let it go, focus on your heart and the power of your inner Gyroscope. 


  • Into the Quantum Field, use your imagination to plant new intentions for what you DO want to create.


  • Find the great opportunity that is always hidden within all crises. Expand your thinking.


  • Create a sanctuary for yourself within your heart. This lets you BE a sanctuary for others.


  • Hold onto Bigger Picture Perspectives for what is happening in the world, and let these intentions seed your life


  • Open to what is wanting to be expressed through you. Invite your Highest Self to show you what that is.


  • Learn the Wisdom from these tests of Faith… (After all, it is ALL a test of Faith) 

  • Remember: Fortitude is a powerful F-word tool for this time. Invite Fortitude to flourish within you.


To help you experience this Strength and Courage, 
like the Lion you are...


Enjoy this powerful new meditation from the Lion's Gate Celebration on 8/8.

Shine Your Love into the World!

 Be the Light to the world that you are. 

In the same way a lighthouse illuminates the dangerous rocky shore line, you are being invited to shine your love into the world. Your Light brings Courage, Strength, Compassion, and Love into the hearts of all humanity who need to feel this energy as guidance.

You are releasing all that no longer serves you in this new time, while birthing new aspects of yourself to shine in the world as a radiant being of Light.


P.S. The Life in Transition series of gatherings is being extended! Look for details soon.

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