Major flooding occurred in Kerala, India traumatizing thousands of people in August 2018.  People were evacuated from their homes and put in relief camps for 8 days. When the people In Kuttanad came back from camp, everything was gone.  The people have no water, scarcity of food and no beds or mats to sleep on.  Even the kitchen utensils, buckets, and the furniture vanished in the flooding.  They are still in panic. 

Yesterday, I met a colony of 38 families who shared their heart wrenching stories with us.  We created a business plan to help these people get drinking water immediately.  Our goal is to bring the water cylinders to them this weekend.  Please peruse our proposal and donate if at all possible.  Thank you in advance for your beautiful souls.  God always provides and it is through the kindness of its children.  Please visit our Facebook Page and share your own humanitarian projects.  Also, feel free to use our business plan to help people with similar issues in your local area.  We will all work together in unity to support each other to obtain our dreams.  Love and blessings everybody!  The pay pal address is


Problem – No drinking water for thousands of families in Kerala, India due to flooding in August 2018.

Focus – 38 families in a colony in Edathua, Kuttanad, Kerala, India.

Vision – We will give 20-liter water cylinders (containers) with dispenser to each family and every Saturday we will arrange someone to refill the water from Edathua town.  We will continue distributing water to every beneficiary till water is easily available to the colony.

Proposed Budget –

  • Cylinders – 250 rupees/cylinder or $4 = 38x250 = 9,50 0 Rs or $134
  • Initial Refill Cylinders – 250 Rs or $4 = 38x250 = 9,500 Rs or $134
  • Dispenser – 250 Rs or $4 = 38x250 = 9,500 Rs or $134
  • Initial Water – 50 rupees/cylinder or .70 = 50x70 = 3,500 Rs or $50
  • Initial Transportation – 3,000 rupees or $42
  • Weekly Refilling (inc. transportation) – 50 rupeesx38 = 1,900 Rs or $27
  • Weekly Refilling Oct 20, 2018 – Dec 28, 2018 = 1,900 Rsx10 weeks = 19,000Rs or $271
  • Weekly Refilling Jan – Dec 2019 = 1900 RSx52 weeks = 98,800 or $1,411
  • Weekly Refilling Jan – Dec 2020 = 1900 Rsx52 weeks = 98,800 or $1,411
  • Stickers on Cylinders – 2,000 rupees or $29
  • Miscellaneous – 2,000 rupees or $29
  • Total 2018 – 59,900 Rs or $850
  • Total 2019 – 98,800 Rs  + 2,000 (miscellaneous) = 100,800 Rs or $1,440
  • Total 2020 – 98,800 Rs + 9,500 +9,500 +9,500  + 2000 + 2,000 (replacements of cylinder, dispenser, stickers, miscellaneous) = 131,300Rs or $1,875
  • Grand Total Projections (2018-2020) = 292,000 Rs or $4,165

Action – Prayers, Donations, Sharing, Discuss.  Email us at Feel free to use this business plan to help people in your area suffering from similar situations. 





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