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Do you ever sit and wonder is this life of yours is just a fluke or is it pre ordained.

Well it took me some time to realize that we aren't here as a fluke or a mistake but in fact each and everyone of us are pre ordained for this very moment.  Every second every minute every day we are made for this moment in this time in this world. 

Life gives us moments, moments that not only effects just you but moments that leaves ripples in the universe that effects everyone everything from you to the tiniest molecule in a different universe in a different time.

Lets take a star that may burn out now, Did you know that thousands of years from now our earth will still see the light from that star that's because up until that star burned out it let out a ripple of light that didn't hit us to effect us so we could see it until a thousand years has passed.  What an amazing thing it is how can we even fathom that something done a thousand years ago can affect us still today how about millions or billions of years ago, how about when it was all created how that one act of giving this universe life is still affecting us today.  How one breath of life billions of years ago keeps breathing life into us all. 

I cant help but wonder what this words that I type here and now how it may affect someone or something thousands of years from now.  Will my words have impact on them will they be used for something good or taken out of context for something else.  Will my words lift a persons spirit or will they harm them.  All of lifes ripples how everything is so connected that it affects everything for all time, that is a little scarey to think upon.

I can only speculate what is in store from what I, you, and others do today how it will affect tomorrow, but I can say all we can do is our best to love one another, help one another and treat the life we have today with respect and appreciation and know that all that we put out from ourselves returns to ourselves and sends ripples out that the future of the universe will receive and feel millions of years from now.  You know how they say you never truly die but you live on forever?  Those ripples are you living on forever, you will forever be felt in the ripples of time and life you truly never die you have eternity my friends leave your ripples full of love life laughter and most of all connection to all that was is and ever will be.  That millions of years from now someone feels you, your ripple and they can say I know you I feel you and although you were here millions of years ago you still make me smile and I can feel your love I can feel that ripple pulsating so warm so brilliantly through my connection to you.

Much love Lisa

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