As we are heading to the New Age and moving out of duality, with deep sense of joy in my heart, I want to celebrate with you, my fellow light workers for our collective commitments on the path to the light, which have lifted this duality world on its path of enlightenment.

I can see many souls are diligently working on the path of ascension. It truly touched my heart. However, I also see issues that might need a bit attention. I want to share my view on the big picture and wish to be of help for those who resonate to achieve their goals.

Metaphor of Maze Humanity is in a maze. Most cannot see the whole picture and try to find the way out of 3D is always a trial and error. It takes a lot of time and energy. There were legends and mystery teachings, but few can turn them into reality. As time is almost up, beings from the outside come to help. In their elevated position (higher dimensions), they offer instructions for directions (Channelled messages). Yes, we are allowed a bit “cheating” now - Thanks to the Law of Grace.

People who do not want to stay in the maze are searching the way out and they heard the instructions. It is a great opportunity. They get together in groups to share the information and commit themselves to find the way out. However, there are some “people/beings” do not want this to happen and they sent out misleading instructions and false signs. People in the maze get really confused.

This is when the Drama begins. They debate fiercely about what to believe and who to believe. But because no one is in the elevated position, no one can see the whole picture. It is all about the elephant and the blind man. Because of the 3D rigid mind, people take what resonate with them and amplify it to be the only truth. Let’s take Law of attraction as an example. Did Jesus attract the people who crucified him because his vibration is similar to theirs? Can everyone manifest a million dollar lotto ticket by diligently practice law of attraction? Law of attraction is definitely the law of universe. However, there are other laws and factors in play as well. Law of Karma, soul contract, freewill in co-creation, etc. Take one as if it is all is just like taking a leg as the whole elephant.

In the maze, being right becomes more important than finding out truth, for some. Limited minds turn instructions into dogma. As drama unfolds, there came many onlookers. The drama is fun and entertaining and many have forgotten that the reason they got together was to find the way out. People are told to get up to the tower (raise consciousness) to see way out for themselves. But many do not think it is relevant. Energy, consciousness is too abstract for their mind to understand. They would rather stick to the illusion.

Debate and exchange of anger lowered people’s consciousness. Many cannot think clear. Lower consciousness level makes them more resonate with misleading messages and attract dark entities. The entities live on their energies and cause more fear (because losing energy cause lower vibration). They lash out their fear with more abusive acts. And the cycle goes on. As for maze, getting out (Ascension) for them become a dream that hopefully can come true instead a goal that can be achieved through personal efforts.

Spiritual Reality

True reality is the reality of divine energy/consciousness. A soul is an expression of that consciousness. Energy and Frequency is the key to ascension. Gaining spiritual understanding helps to break the barrier of conditioned and limited human mind, and release the negativity existing in these structures. However, unless a knowledge turn into wisdom through direct experience, it won’t affect the corresponding part of soul frequency/Spiritual DNA. That is why we have to come to experience.

To grow spiritually, one needs a loving and nurturing environment. Spending time in nature to enjoy its beauty or sharing wisdom with a group of like-minded souls are all good examples. When it is warm with a lot of sunlight in spring, everything comes to life. It is a big contrast with harsh winter when nothing grows. Souls are seeds seeking growth. There is no difference with plants in the garden, except that the awareness is in different level. We need higher frequency cosmic light which is not visible like sunlight.

Love is a frequency, the highest in creation. It is a frequency that always passed energy to others and gives them life force and a sense of home and oneness. We use the word “love” to describe how we feel emotionally when we are in contact with and vibrate in that frequency. We miss the feelings of being nurtured where the energies were given to us and we feel more alive. Many seek external things such as money, relationship and status to bring them enough energy to reach that frequency without realising they have an endless source inside their hearts. Love is the frequency that helps us growing and heals our spiritual DNA (and physical body). Hatred will do the opposite. In an environment where people exchange negativity, no one grows. When one is attacked, he lost his energy. He will tend to get back in the same way if he cannot connect himself with divine and most newly awakened souls cannot. Then the “natural” reaction is to get back in same way. He will get his energy back. However, both parties express a frequency which is detrimental to their soul growth. If there are audience, all are drawn to align with this frequency.

Love is a frequency. You cannot be love unless you are in that frequency. In that frequency, we connect with source and energy naturally flows out of us and nurture everything and everyone around us. If someone is not in that frequency and he gives out the energy in the name of love, it will lower his frequency because he does not connect with source where energy will flow to him. He will expect something back and that love is not unconditional. So be true to yourself, love when you truly what to express, but not out of obligation. Source does not issue merit certificate or signing special passport for your “good” deeds. Your passport of ascension is your frequency and the divine nature it naturally demonstrates. No one can fake it.

Sometimes people come to a community and bring their personal problems. It is nice that people offer their help and love. It is an opportunity for the vibration of love to be expressed and it is great as long as people truly give their energies with sincere hearts. It is an opportunity for them to feel the connection with divine. It is OK if you don’t feel the same way. As humans, we all have our times of highs and lows. When the frequency is not there, you don’t have extra to offer. You must love yourself first so you can connect with source. You cannot flow like water if you are in the state of ice. But all the ice has the potential to become water if the frequency is raised after absorbing enough energy. We are all made of same “material”. No one is superior to another. The only difference is the states/frequencies and that can be changed and will change. If you feel guilty or judge yourself, you project more negativity to yourself and “freeze” yourself even more. If I have not recharged myself for a while, I get frustrated when people twist the intention of my words and become defensive if I get too many attacks. But I choose to forgive myself. It is part of being human. How can we help if we don’t experience humanness and understand the limitations? We signed up for this. To interact with 3D reality, we will experience moments of disconnection when negativity affect us to a degree.

When we can see the whole picture, we won’t feel the need to prove ourselves to be right. Help people when we are asked but do not impose our views onto others. Discuss with those who might understand but leave those who has too big frequency gap with ours. Otherwise, both will get frustrated. Raising our consciousness will help to raise collective consciousness and help everyone to see a higher truth more easily because fundamentally we are all one. So we have not abandoned anyone. We just help in a different way. But if we allow ourselves to be dragged down, we are helping no one.

It is time to let go of unproductive and negative debates and the drama they cause. Raise our vibrations to experience divine first hand. The light it brings will dissipate all the ignorance and brings a higher truth in sight. Energy and frequency are the true reality. We will see through the veil and let go of illusion.

Many are facing challenges in their lives. This is the dark night of soul for many. Humanity is experiencing collective “dark night of the soul”. When the heat (cosmic light) becomes intense, the last block of old “ice” (Middle-east problems, race and religion differences, border disputes, etc.) situated at the bottom of the collective consciousness was stirred up. It came and floated to the “surface” and everyone felt a chill especially the light workers who are at the “surface” because of their higher frequencies. Lost of energy and lowered frequency manifest many problems: financial hardship, relationship issues, health problems, etc. However, this is the Karma that many light workers agreed to take on to themselves for the collective by participating in a freewill and co-created “reality”.

The prophecy that says after 3 days darkness a new world will come is true, but not in the sense many interpreted. The prophecy is not from 3D consciousness because no one in 3D mind can SEE the future. It was from a higher dimensional perspective. In higher dimension, it is all about essence/reality not illusions. The essence/reality is consciousness, not “physical”. It is after the collective dark nights of the soul can we rise up in term of consciousness and bring a brand new world. Many feel the world is not changing for the better and they cannot see hope because of this collective feeling of dark nights of soul. However, some of us can SEE and SENSE the new world that is fast approaching. When I connect with that vibration/reality, my heart sings and the joy brings tears to my eyes. So let’s be strong individually and collectively by connecting with divine source inside us, we are getting there.

It has been a great experience sharing my thoughts with dear souls at AC. Thank you Ben for creating this place for us. My deepest love and bless to you all, my family of light!

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