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Laura Tyco TAUK with my Higher Self – 15 Dec 2011-12-14 – Your Ascension

Your tensions are huge obstacles to overcome when it comes to higher quality of vibrations. Can you feel the tensions accumulated in your back? In your neck, along your spine, between your shoulder blades? Even your skull and the skin surrounding it is tense. The cold is an increasing factor and of course being attached to the illusion that what you see is all there is.


All of you are indeed at different stages of your evolution, of your life. The vibrations you emit are no different. Vibrations go throughout the day up and down the scales. It is normal, as different type of energy is required depending on what you do, who you interact with, are you in movement or are you meditating. All of these, and more influence your vibrations every minute of your life. Nothing is static, all is in movement in space, on the surface of your planet and inside of you also. The question is, how aware are you of what is taking place inside of you?


Remember that all humans are potential light conduits; you are conductors of energy, yes? Do you understand? I mean your body is a vehicle; it should be cleared from blockages, in order to allow the energy exchanges to move up and down your spine. You, as all living matter are much more refined that the crude body shell you inhabit for a couple of hours during your day. What is it that moves your body, what is it that you call I? You are a part of everything my dear, you are pure light in constant movement through your body. You are all made of the so much wanted God Particle, you are made of it, do you understand what I am saying? I see you are beginning to comprehend. Very good!


Allow me to continue with an analogy perhaps. If your body is a vessel, quite literally, shall we compare it with a glass bottle? You, your life force and energy are not the bottle at all! My precious friends, you are what is in the bottle, you are the wonderful perfume, the precious priceless wine, the aged Armagnac. Your state is over 75% of water, as you know. The human body is a complex machine, a huge sophisticated machine. Part of your energy has in fact, over time, become part of the machine, it has become too attached to it. You have forgotten in duality that in fact you are free to circulate around the body, and to travel outside of it.


Like perfume, you are also present in a somewhat gaseous state, ethereal state to be correct. When you leave your bodies, your state changes from liquid to ethereal, or more like a gaseous state. You are free to go, and to enter your body at will in ordinary conditions on other planets. When one dies on other planets, it is nothing at all, as beings from other planets know exactly who they are and the reasons why they inhabit a body for a period of time. When one feels that one has had enough of that particular experience, one just leaves an empty bottle, to continue with our metaphor. The material of the bottle is made of the same vibrations and matter coming from the planet and must return to the planet, all its elementary make up is dismantled and decomposes as part of the planet.


The God Particles you are a sum of, does not reside, decomposes on the planet. The matter it is made of, does not belong to that realm, to that vibrational state, if you wish. It returns to the Higher Realms it came from, after an incarnation experience. The subtle, matter it is made of, is invisible to your eyes frequencies, this is why in your ordinary state, you think that you and your body are one and the same. When you die, the essence you primarily are, rises into a higher dimension, or ascends, to use your own terms. In order for you to Ascend, you will have to let go of your physical vessel consciously. There will be no pain, no fear, as all will be under your entire control and will proceed under your exact guidance. Of course, you will not be left alone, and will receive help, as you always have. You are all always guided and loved by the beings of the higher realms.


There will be no death as such, for indeed what is death, except an interruption of your impressions and experiences. This interruption will not occur when those who will ascend will leave their earthly body. As you know, you are made of a series of layers, or bodies. Those bodies have been in the building for some of you, while those who have ascended before, have the entire set ready since birth and are ready to let go at any time. In ancient times, this knowledge was well known; it was called Merkabah, or even Astral Body, or Mental Body. Well, no matter what you choose to call it, it will all work in the same way. So, you will ascend with your bodies, not the bodies you have now, but a much more refined bodies, bodies of endless possibilities. You will see!


I am your Higher Self

Laura Tyco















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