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  • Here's 2 more crop circles from July 29:

    ~XOX~ : )

    This one shows our moon passing close to a bright star, Antares, on the night of July 28:




    This shows the chemical structure of Vitamin A:



    And this one appeared on the 28th July...



    27th July...



    “The circle represents a mirror type image of the pattern and location of the Moon, Saturn, Mars and the star Spica, also known as Spitor, which can be seen in the south western sky.

    “It could maybe point to an event that’s about to happen in the near future as other crop circles that appeared in the UK and Europe in recent weeks have related to a similar pattern".


    July 25th...





    June 2nd Polar Clock...








  • The caterpillar one is debunked- lol- obviously... the first one is a followup of the same kundalini snake and eye from June 25 of this year. 



    Today's new crop circles from crop circle


    Yes, they are going back and ajusting ones they have already done.... cool :)

  • Here's some good ones that appeared this month...










  • I take it back. They are all fakes. I went back and enlarged the 1st one and it has many faults as well. Somebody is doing a bad job of tying to fool us. At least the 1st one looks like something they would do but ETs are much much better at it. So there all fakes, no need in trying to figure out what they mean, its a waste of time, maybe we are being tested. Adonai

  • I am sorry but I think the last two are false. There are to many mistakes in them. And the last one is not something they would do. it looks like a spoof or a joke by some lost people to try to fool us.I have never seen them do something like this in all the yrs I have been watching them. Look closely at these last two yourself. And the lady on the last vid has no idea what she is talking about and just goes in circles. What a joke. Fool me once shame on you ,fool me twice shame on me! Adonai

  • Completely agree with you . . Exo, These have no Soul.

  • Honestly, they look man-made to me. The way the grasses in the first and second pics drop looks like a wood plank was used. The third pic looks like amateurishly done. Some excess grasses were unnecessarily downed by a wood plank and hence the imperfect look.
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