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I have an idea, a perspective if you will. Part of this Awakening process, I believe, is embracing diversity and as such I hope that this perspective is read from the proper place of Love. At any rate, for personal reasons I’ve been doing research to learn about Thrones which are a specific type of Angel. Throne Angels seek to Right “injustices” and speak to the masses in a language they can understand. I’ve learned that this is closest to my “Soul Family” and that Lady Gaia is a Throne Angel as I aspire to be an Angel on Earth. So, as such, I would like to speak about Lady Gaia.Lady Gaia is a Mother and the Giver of Life. I had an epiphany the other day about her and our views on “God” so I would like to explore it here. My idea is this: What if Gaia or Mother Earth is the “God” that we are Meant to worship? This is not a new idea rather a very, very old one. Before there was Mother Earth there was Lady Gaia who is an Angel of God and if God Created the Universe than God also Created Mother Earth. I will be specific on a few things here. The bible says that we were Created in “God’s” image and since I’ve never physically seen God I can’t be completely sure what that means. However, if I view this statement from the perspective that Earth is “God” than I can say with factual knowledge that we were Created in her image because we are made up of all of her Elements, right? I have come to believe that maybe the level of Ascension that is Meant to be reached will not come to completion unless Humanity is willing to look down and recognize our Mother.All of the indigenous tribes that I’ve read about including the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians have all worshiped Lady Gaia. This also applies to earlier Earth-based religions such as Pagans and Wiccans. They KNEW something, something very important, and I believe it’s worth visiting. If there is only one “God” or one Source it makes sense to me that Mother Earth is only one of a great many things that were Created by God. I’ve also come to understand that there is a natural order to things in the Realm that we all seek access to meaning that there are councils and a hierarchy of Angels just to name a few. This tells me there are specific steps to take in order to access certain things, much like climbing a ladder or walking a labyrinth. The night of my Awakening, I was “told” that if others would open their eyes and see what is all around us we will be close to “God” whenever we wanted and we would never be “alone” again. This tells me that if I open my eyes to See Mother Earth and all her Grace and Beauty I can connect with her whenever I want. Which brings me to something else that happened to me back in May – I was outside marveling at the Sunshine coming through the leaves of the trees and thinking about my daughter. I remember thinking that it would be the greatest Gift if a child were able to grow up feeling a strong sense of self and knowing Happiness and I heard a “reply”. Now, keep in mind that in May I wasn’t “awakened” yet so it’s taken me a while to understand this reply but I can still hear it clear as day and it was this “bring her here, I’m always here, and I’m always Free”. So, WOW, right…Lady Gaia said “come to me to feel Love and Happiness and Freedom” and isn’t this what we are seeking when we are looking for “God”? And, as parents isn’t this also what we want for our children? What if the reason that there is a puzzle piece missing in the bigger picture is because we in Humanity still haven’t looked in this very obvious place to find it? She provides us with all we need to survive but we have paved over her soil, placed financial status on her resources, killed our own brothers and sisters and her animals for “sport”, abused our power, placed a financial value on the status of Life, and refused to recognize her as the Goddess that she is. I would think that the Creator would See Humanity as “lacking” Gratitude for all that has been given to us by our Mother and I know that Gratitude is a huge part of Creating Magic.Those of you who are Mothers can easily imagine what it’s like to be one but if you’re not try to imagine that you’re a Mother. Imagine as a Mother that you Love your children Unconditionally and you have provided for them over the course of several Lifetimes. Then try to imagine what you give your children and how you only want the very best for them but for some reason you don’t have a voice to communicate these things to them. Imagine what you do for them as you carried them in your womb, fed, clothed, sang to, painted pictures for, and all of the other countless Blessings that you have given them. Then try to imagine how that Mother would feel inside if she were treated the way Humanity treats Mother Earth. In that, also try to imagine her Father and how he would feel knowing that his daughter’s children treated her in this way just because she didn’t have her own “voice”. Now, if “God” were the Father and Mother Earth is his daughter and the Mother that I speak of then it would make sense to me why most of us haven’t “seen” God.Read more...
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