Knights Templar and Heretical Art

8108982657?profile=originalThe past 3 years I’ve been researching an unknown genre of art with symbolic references to Knights Templar.  This includes many curious religious works that have been misidentified as Catholic.

There is a long history of the people behind the artworks that predates the Bible. There is also a long history of these artworks being stolen or hidden away or misidentified/renamed up to present day.  And there is a long political history of the people, artists, and models behind these paintings. They were persecuted to death by Rome, then the Catholic Church under Papal Bull until 1809 AD, and now denied existence by modern Jewish and Christian peoples and relegated to fairytale.

All of the artworks are by important master artists and have had people loose their lives, and at times whole families and towns, to protect these works, which only a few scholars and researchers know about.  

 The controversial story of these works and the people behind them could give the general public the truths and tools they need to drop their weapons.

Research web site

Facebook page with notes and examples

Thank you for your time and interest and any help or advice.


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