Now at 70 yrs old, I am feeling my mortality, I chose a selfy one morning after shaving. I did try other avatar's, but it just seemed like I was hiding behind something other than what I was representing. 

How did Your Avatar Pop into existence?

On Avalon Project Forum I did choose one of My painting: Sunrise over the Grand Canyon:

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  • Thank you John and Amparo...Love to all the ACC family  <3

  • suiris, the human condition and our place in, it is not complete nor have we experience all that has presented itself to use. explanations don't always come with what's presented, could only be one piece of the hole.

    But still is very interesting to ponder.  

  • I was observing your rose...I can almost smell it...So delicate..I love them...When I was in Spain in 2015 I separated from my family group and stayed behind smelling the roses...In Spain they have such a strong fragrance that I have not found here in the States...I almost got lost...This happened in Granada in the Alhambra...Blessings.

  • I love both of your stories, Suiris and Joanna...They are very inspiring...

  • It was given to me by a homeless person.

    I did notice him among a seemingly unending crowd, feigning ignorance towards his condition. And much like anybody else, I pretended not to see him.
    Yet, the eyes of this stranger lifted from the ground, and with a clarity unlike any other human being I've seen in my life, he pronounced "suiris" staring intently into my eyes. It felt like I went deaf on my right ear, an acute frequency akin to ultrasound, something below the range of audibility, that I was able to hear nontheless.

    I kept walking, knowing he was still watching me.

    The awareness in this person's eyes, that spark of intelligence was more than human. I suspect this word to be a trigger, and the event was probably not without a design or purpose.

    When I got back home I started drawing something rudimentary, it looked like a common person, it kept going on. There were other figures behind, embellished in glamorous ornaments like lavish masks meant to hide something else. And above all, the godhead, a thing with so many eyes, a chimera of absolute intelligence, a source of sorts, polarized unwillingly into human form, by this beings of false grace.

    The eye of the human below bleeds like the many of the one above all, while the royal figures around stand in disdain of their own creation. For they lack the blood of life. The essence of soul.

    The avatar is a fragment of the whole, and even though the eye is marked by the gods, his aspect is the one of a slave.

    This is the closest interpretation to this occurrence. But nothing is certain, so it simply could be that this person was mentally unstable, and the unusual happening produced me some psychological suggestion.

  • Joanna, thanks for your participation in this question behind your Avatar.

    It helps our community while in ashtar to interact more like a family, more intimate if you will as we get to know each other and the very planet we all share.   

    Truly we are, after all, a big part of mother earth, and what just a simple rose, can and dose-effect ower sight and senses. thank you for your contribution.  

  • Hi John, I chose this specific photo, because it was taken by a dear friend as a screenshot during a beautiful high connection together via skype. :)

    The other avatar I've mostly used is a rose that grows in my garden, named 'Mother's Love', and it feels so attuned and symbolic of/for this planetary ascension...I've had two bushes for 17 years, every bloom is still a delight (and they have the sweetest scent). Their vibration is always uplifting:


    Much Love, Joanna. 

  • Yes, it would be...While here in this limited 3d. world with a mind preoccupied with survival and the dual way of thinking we would be terrified to face the actions or experiences of our past lives...Some are far from being pretty...Amnesia is a way of not having to deal with distractions and/or the horrors of some of our past lives...

  • Amparo, 

    so very true, why we show up with amnesia, otherwise we be bored threw infinity, that would be a hell in its own I guess.

  • I think in most cases we hide behind the avatar because we don't want to accept that we are here only temporarily and time shows us that we are here for the blink of an eye...and then we are gone to the other side where we are eternal...We want to hold on to what seems so real ...The majority of our existence occurs in the other side...With this knowing we  then come to realize time is only an illusion of this physical

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