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Journal Entry 12.30.2013 – Endings & Beginnings

Paradise River

Journal Entry 12.30.2013

How’s that for a pack of 3's. And don’t ask me what it means; I’m not a numerologist.

Well, the last minutes of 2014 by the count of the Gregorian (and inaccurate) calendar are winding down. And we were informed today that the sun has completed his / her magnetic poleshift. So, what will the new year bring us?

If you listen or read the astrology reports, there are a lot of interesting aspects going on, such as a Grand Cross. Again, I’m not an astrologer… just a Jill of all trades… I know a little of that and a little of this, enough to be dangerous.

I was just listening to a video of Judith Dagley on the Solstice from 2012.

The primary message was on synchronicity and how we are all moving into processing and learning through this now moment, as the Universe presents us information, in answer to questions that we have asked, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Traditionally, if something presents in a series of three, you need to pay attention.

The Universe has a message for you, but you’re the ONLY one who can interpret that message and ONLY by going through your own heart.

I woke up this morning from a really long and complex dream.

The last thing I was doing was trying to get back to Seattle via a ferry or ship and I was trying to pay my fare with silver spoons.

Silly, isn’t it! And the ticket man was one of my many cousins, only he was a teenager rather than the 60+ year old that he actually is in this reality.

Why would I want to go to Seattle?

And then another dream from the night before, I was in a city like San Francisco, wandering through the streets trying to find my friend so I could go home.

I didn’t have a purse or bag, but walked along and then through a long grocery store and out the other side.

When I reached the street, the avenue widened and the buildings thinned. I crossed the street and ended up walking with a couple, a man and woman who were walking their dog. I started talking with the man.

He looked at me and asked, “Why aren’t you talking to her?” He shrugged in his wife’s direction, as she wandered off with the dog. “I feel more comfortable around men, I guess,” I replied.

Then I noticed that we were walking along a beautiful ridge.

Off to the left, a high green ridge was etched against a soft blue sky. To the right were rolling hills and a long valley. It was a stunning sight.

The city had disappeared behind us. And we walked on into a new world… and I woke up.

We are all walking together into a new world as well as a new year.

The year 2014 will continue to bring more challenges as we continue to clear, but now the blessings for those who have done their homework will also begin to manifest.

Strive to keep your center even when confronted with old shadows; they aren’t real and cannot destroy you and never could.

It was our belief that they could that threw us into emotional pain.

Walk the Middle Way of the Buddha, as best you can, seeking to bring balance into your life so you can continue to emanate calm and radiate your light out into your world.

Each of you is a light, a beacon to those who are now in the process of waking up and questioning everything they have ever accepted or dealt with in the past.

Perhaps you don’t have the answers to the questions but through your calm, serene manner and gracious behavior you will demonstrate what it is to live in your truth at all times without fear and without pain.

I was back to work after five days and easily caught up with everything. Seems we have been having a flu epidemic at the prison.

A lot of people will be caught up by difficult circumstances this year, for the Universe will present to you those beliefs and issues that you have avoided by any means that it can.

Look upon yourself and those who appear to suffer with compassion; it is time to let go of everything that does not resonate with the new energies.

Pass through whatever presents with compassion for yourself and for those who are around you.

And now a few New Year’s greetings from my constant companions:

We are the Sirians.

We wish all a peaceful turning of your collective New Year.

May your most creative and gentle dreams come true in this coming new year.

The Light Collective comes forth to bid all best wishes and our love and continued support in the new year.

You will be carried forth into a new world of your own creation, which will begin to manifest in the hearts of those who attend the flow of energies.

Each of you will begin to experience a heightening of sensitivity beyond that which most have lived through during this lifetime.

Your gifts and graces will begin to manifest more strongly in those individuals who are at the leading edge of humanity as it moves with eyes wide open into the higher frequencies.

Go softly into that good light, go hand in hand in harmony and in attunement with the symphony of Heaven that the angels sing.

Some of you will begin to hear the frequencies and begin to discern the notes and you will know that you have taken a step forward into a new world from which there is no going back.

I AM Sanat Kumara. I send my love to all those who are my children and my people. We have come far together and will go still farther.

Keep hope in your heart and a song on your lips. Listen within to the melody of your heart; it is wise beyond the understanding of the mind.

Begin to loosen the dependence on rational thinking and learn to flow in a spiraling, intuitive motion. Initially it will not make sense, but given time, you will begin to enjoy the new freedom.

There is much to explore, dear ones, and I will be there to share your joy and laughter.

Blessings to all. Namaste.

I AM Eliza, your sister in Light and Love.


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