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join me on 12 sept for a great world wide Kundalini meditation with mother Earth

My dearest friends, I have received this great information from a group where I am member of and I have done this great meditation, and would love to share it with you, because on the next full moon at Monday September 12/2011, we all can have this great Kundalini experience with our mother Earth, and as try out, I did it yesterday, and never in my life, I have experimented something so strong, it was a real Cosmic Orgasm, I have no other words who can describe this power full explosion.WOOOOOOOOOOO my friends, I was searching for something to show you what it felt, and I found this amazing video, and THAT is exactly how you will feel through your body, what I was trying to explain, watch it, do it and enjoy the trip.............

Daily Attunement
Remaining Focused and Centered
Connecting to the Group Rhythm
Repeating often... I AM Avatar
Surrendering to the Incoming Energy
Full Moon Monday, September 12
Group Grid Transmissions and Personal Sessions of Support
Planetary Grid Transmissions
Sydney 8 pm,
India 8 pm,
Paris 8 pm,
New York 9 pm world clock

This mp3 audio invokes the assistance of our Divine Guides and intends that all activity be aligned to the greatest good of each individual as we are connected to the Group Avatar and the stability of the Crystalline Grid and Earth's core.

This audio was prepared to give us an exercise to use in group formation while supported by the very high frequency cosmic energies that are now entering. It is intended that we then take this to our daily practice and continue on our own.

Here is the link where you can download the MP3 meditation of 44minutes and 44seconds.

We have heard a lot about Kundalini Awakening and the union of the sacred masculine and feminine energies within. In the past, serious aspirants of the Kundalini awakening have engaged in extensive practices such as physical postures, controlled breathing exercises, meditation, chanting and much more to prepare themselves for the awakening.
Fortunately, in this time of the "Great Quickening", this awakening can be achieved much faster and easier than ever before. Kundalini is a magnificent power and it is imperative that one be prepared for the energy that may be released in such an experience. If one is not ready, it can be like putting too much electricity through a small wire or fuse and you can overload the circuits.
Instantaneous results can be achieved by those who are prepared with a healthy body, an even breath, stabilized mind and balanced emotions. Additionally, the ether envelope of the body has to be pure before the upgraded DNA configurations can be opened into the physical body matrix. Please understand that some purification can be the result from this Kundalini exercise.
This is why so much attention is being place upon the Sacred Fire as a way to accelerate the deeper purification, on all levels and layers of our multi-faceted being. When our own ether body has been constantly held in the Sacred Fire of the merged Platinum Ray at the Cosmic Core, it can more readily take on the light pattern of the Kundalini and Christ expression building our I AM Presence. The body can then more quickly out manifest this in the physical flesh.
As the Kundalini activation permeates the body, a chain reaction is building. This can happen very quickly or slowly depending on the quality of a person's practice, acceptance and surrender.
THE KUNDALINI PRACTICE (To clarify the audio)
This activation is actually an exercise to begin consciously raising the Kundalini, the divine evolutionary force that enlightens and bestows immortality when activated.
Note: The Kundalini cannot be raised into the Pineal Gland if any of the chakra energy centers have blockages. This exercise, our Crystalline Grid atonement and any personal sessions greatly assist to clear, balance and accelerate the chakra centers.
Empowering the Vision
Within the sacrum at the base of the spine are charged bolts of intelligent liquid fire coiled like a serpent. There is a negative charge stream which can be imagined as a silvery serpent of light, representing feminine energy. Also coiled here in the sacrum is a positively charged bolt of fire, which can be seen as a golden serpent of light, representing masculine energy.
Caduceus Staff: The caduceus is a winged staff, with two serpents, and was carried by the Greek god, Hermes, who is said to be the messenger of the Gods. We are using the Caduceus Staff as the symbol of the entire system of kundalini awakening. This is the central rod of power from which these serpents intertwine, intersecting at the chakras. This column is platinum light which bridges the dual aspects of the serpentine fire into a unified field. At the very top of the staff are wings... representing "winged radiance" from the One who achieves spiritual transcendence. The round ball represents our enlightened Pineal Gland
In this Kundalini practice, we keep our gaze held within the chakra energy center between the eyebrows, the meditative access point to the Pineal Gland.
Our intention is upon the very quick movement of the kundalini serpentine fire through one long inhale.... up the spine, through the medulla oblong, to directly reach the Pineal Gland in the center of the brain. It is within the Pineal Gland that we access the "Crystal Palace".
Assume meditative positioning. Relax the body and release the mind.
Keep the tongue up touching the roof of the month just in front of the teeth and the gaze upward and fixed on that interior 3rd eye.
Place the attention on the breath, from the lower abdomen to the upper chest. Keep focusing on your breath.....inhale and exhale very slowly.
Now, focus your breath at the base of the spine....breathe into and out of your sacrum. As you breathe, see your sacrum expanding and contracting, becoming alive as a rhythmic pulsation.
Keep breathing the sacrum for some moments.
Place your attention upon the serpent energy at the base of the spine inside the sacrum...... make contact with two serpents of light... one is a silvery female, the other is a golden male.
THE INHALE AND EXHALE: Visualizing the Energy Flow
Take a very slow, deep inhale. From your sacrum, see the gold and silver serpents energy moving quickly up the central spinal column of platinum light. They wind, uncoiling upwards. See them interweaving around each chakra center. The serpents merge together at the Medulla Oblong as one unified stream of energy penetrating up into the center of your brain reaching into your pineal gland. Your pineal gland explodes with light. Your entire brain is illuminated. As you reach the top of your inhale, a beam of platinum light surges up and out the crown chakra.
The platinum light that is bursting out of your crown forms a Tube Torus geometry around your entire body. Feel the light particles falling down all around you. Your toroidal field is getting brighter, fuller, and ALIVE. Feel your I AM AVATAR blueprint emerging.
Credit for this wonderful information, just go to:

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