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Crystal Magic Orchestra


writings from Mary Magdalene

I am Mary Magdalene

AKA Crystalai, Bezelda, Freetzbin, Angela and the Breath of Eternal Life

and the Light of the Eternal Sun, Merlin's Apprentice and St. Germains

student and girl friend, Celia

I would like to invite my newsletter readers to visit the wonderful new You Tube channel that was created for me by Justine. I am so grateful for this wonderful work that has been done to share all of these wonderful TRUTHS with the world.
There are three groups of information on this you tube channel. The Mary Magdalene True Story is dedicated to the channeled sessions recorded when I was ascending into the Veil. This set also includes the Immunity to the Virus channeling.

For this Easter, I hope many of you will visit the channel titled Mary Magdalene Singing Mermaid to find channeled dialogues that I had with Jesus Christ, my husband. I love listening to his stories about how he was really born. The birth of Jesus was actually in April- not December. His birth place was not Jeruselum and there were no wise men present.
These channelings also include dialogues with Elaika talking about time when I was a Mermaid and Joe was a Dolphin. There is also much information about the process of the next twenty years within these dialogues.

The Third Channel is Crystal Magic Orchestra. There are many songs from many of our albums on that channel.


Mary Magdalene Singing Mermaid

Crystal Magic Orchestra

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