The gift of self-awareness and the violet flame

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TOPICS: Greatest gift is Christ consciousness and free will - Jesus knew about the violet flame - Jesus called the violet flame Holy Spirit - many religious rituals invoke the violet flame - a master must sponsor the release to the public - the Holy Spirit works through all 7 rays -

Question: I believe that the violet flame may possibly be the greatest gift the people on this planet have been given. Did you have knowledge of the violet flame when you were embodied as Jesus? If you did, did you learn about it from a teacher on your travels or through meditation? I was under the impression that knowledge of the violet flame reached the masses first in the 1930's or so. I believe many people would be interested to know if you did use the violet flame, especially if it was known only by a select few at that time, for people may be even more willing to follow your example of working with it if they are not doing so already.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I will have to lovingly and respectfully disagree with you. The greatest gift any being has received is the gift of life, the gift of self-awareness which comes from the fact that God the Creator has embedded a portion of its own consciousness within you. So the greatest gift of all is that you are a son or daughter of God because you have the Christ consciousness within you.

The next great gift is that of free will, which gives you the opportunity to be a co-creator with your God. This is expressed in my saying, “My Father worketh hitherto, and I work (John 5:17).” Your Father has worked hitherto by giving you life, free will and an orderly universe guided by laws as a platform for your growth in creative ability. You now have the opportunity to co-create within the framework of God’s law, and by doing so you will multiply your talents, take dominion over the matter universe – including the material side of your being – and thereby you become more, the world of form becomes more and God becomes more.

It is true that many people see the gift of free will as a dubious gift but that is only because they are unwilling to use it within the framework of God’s law and creative vision. This unwillingness to see themselves as one with the Father, and declare, “I and my Father are one” (John 10:30), has caused people to fall into the consciousness of separation and duality. And the greatest gift people have received to help them rise above separation – the consciousness of spiritual death – is the Christ consciousness – the consciousness of life. Only after that would I rank the violet flame.

I did indeed have knowledge of the violet flame in my embodiment as Jesus, and I invoked it often. I had known about this form of spiritual energy since childhood when I discovered it intuitively, as many children do. I did not learn to invoke it systematically until I traveled to the East, as explained elsewhere. I met several teachers in the East who taught me about this form of energy and its ability to erase past mistakes, in the East called karma and in Israel called sin—two names for the same thing. In fact one of these teachers was, Balthazar, one of the three wise men. There are several spiritual techniques from the East, including meditation and yoga that invoke the violet flame energy.

Obviously, I did not call this energy the violet flame. I later presented it to my disciples as the Holy Spirit or the comforter:

And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; (John 14:16)

But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. (John 14:26)

But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me: (John 15:26)

Let me say that all spiritual masters have known about this energy under one name or another. Once you have misqualified God’s energy, you cannot ascend until you purify that energy. And this can be done only by invoking spiritual energy from above. So I used the violet flame as did the Buddha and Krishna. In reality, many religious rituals from around the world invoke this energy. When Christians engage in communion with pure hearts, the wafer and the wine are charged with violet flame energy, and this can have a transformative effect on the person receiving communion.

It is correct that in ages past, the ascended masters were not allowed to teach the invocation of the violet flame in a direct form. The reason being that the consciousness of humankind was so low that they would likely have misused it on a large scale. They would have invoked the violet flame to erase their sins and then they would have gone right back and committed more sins—as some Catholics bought letters to absolve them of their sins or went to confession only to sin again. This can actually prevent lifestreams from growing spiritually by allowing them to remain in the dualistic consciousness without being burdened by their karma—which can force them to change.

Yet the violet flame was taught to the multitudes in the disguised form of communion and other rituals. Still, this could not be done without an ascended being holding the balance for the use of the violet flame by taking upon himself the karma of any misuse of the flame. That is why I said:

Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you. (John 16:7)

I had to sponsor the release of violet flame energy through the Christian dispensation, which I could not do until I had ascended. So I did bear the responsibility for the misuse of the violet flame in the Christian dispensation. Likewise, Saint Germain must bear the burden for any misuse in the Aquarian age, and that is why he had to receive permission from cosmic councils to release the knowledge of how to invoke the violet flame through spoken affirmations, or decrees. Likewise, Mother Mary must bear the responsibility for any misuse of her new rosaries, as she has done for the misuse of her old rosary.

Finally, I would not say that knowledge of the violet flame reached the masses in the 1930’s. It would be more correct to say that this knowledge was made available to the masses. So far they have been oblivious to the opportunity they have been given by Saint Germain, as they have been oblivious to the opportunity given by me over the past 2,000 years. They would rather listen to the blind leaders who tell them that my blood on the cross secured their salvation for them than they would put forth the effort to use the violet flame to transmute the karma that blocks their salvation.

Nevertheless, the kingdom of God is at hand. The time has come when more and more people will choose to become awakened and realize that God saves those who are willing to make an effort to save themselves. And once awakened to this timeless reality, people will make use of the tools that are available in this age. Truly, in recorded history, humankind has never had a greater opportunity for spiritual growth than right now.

Let me add here that the violet flame is not the only expression of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a universal form of energy, whereby I mean that it is the basic energy from which the seven spiritual rays have been differentiated. Thus, the Holy Spirit can flow through each of the seven rays, and when it does so, it takes on the “coloring” of a specific ray while retaining its ability to erase karma and misqualified energy. Thus, each of the rays can be used for this purpose, as demonstrated by our new decrees to the seven rays.

Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels

The Holy Spirit is more than the Violet Flame

Question: Master Jesus: Are the Holy Spirit and the violet flame one and the same?


Answer from Jesus:

The Violet Flame is one aspect of the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit is more than the Violet Flame. In other words, the Holy Spirit can take on several God qualities. The seven main God qualities, also known as the seven rays, are described elsewhere.

Let me give you a visual illustration of the relationship between God the Father, God the Mother, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The image I will use is to compare creation to a movie projector.

The central element of the movie projector is the light bulb, which radiates white light. The light bulb itself can be compared to God the Father. He is the source of all light. Yet when the light has left the bulb, it takes on the quality of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the Holy Spirit – in its impersonal or universal aspect – is the light that streams through all levels of creation and gives it life, movement and forward momentum. As I explain elsewhere, the Christ consciousness is a state of mind which holds the matrix, or blueprint, for the form that is to be created. This then is the film strip upon which you find the images. The matter (ma-ter) substance of the divine Mother can be compared to the movie screen.

So you now have God the Father acting as the light bulb, which produces the light that drives everything in creation. The light of the Holy Spirit passes through the film strip and is colored by the images on the film strip, meaning the images in the minds of all sons and daughters of God, including human beings.

When the colored light of the Holy Spirit hits the movie screen, meaning the energies of the divine Mother, it projects an image upon that screen. The divine Mother lovingly reflects whatever is projected upon her through the power of the Holy Spirit and through the minds of the sons and daughters of God.

Human beings are always co-creating their own reality on Earth. This happens when the light of the Holy Spirit passes through their subconscious and conscious minds, where it is colored by the perfect or imperfect images that people hold. People create these images by using a combination of the qualities/flames/rays of God or a perversion of those qualities.

The seven main qualities are:

  • God Power
  • God Wisdom
  • God Love
  • God Purity
  • God Truth
  • God Peace
  • God Freedom

These qualities are perverted when people descend into the lower state of consciousness, and therefore people begin to create imperfect images that reflect control, ignorance, hatred, impurity, deceit, aggression and bondage.

The Holy Spirit also has a personal or specific aspect, which is created when the lifestreams in an unascended sphere use their co-creative abilities to raise all life. The principle in an unascended sphere is that after an initial release of the Holy Spirit, more light will be released only when co-creators multiply what was given previously. I explained this in my parable about the three servants who were given talents by their master.

Thus, in an unascended sphere the Holy Spirit is the combined force created by all of the lifestreams who have made constructive choices. Each selfless choice ads to the force of the Holy Spirit and this is what creates an upward spiral that leads an unascended sphere – or planet – towards the ascension point. You can either shut yurself out from this upward spiral – whereby life becomes a constant struggle – or you can tune in to it and flow with this River of Life.

Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels

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"Do you recall the burning bush and Moses? Well this fire referred to in Exodus 3:2 is “The Violet Flame of Fire.” It was not a fire that destroys but rather a spiritual fire that transmutes darkness into light. In other words it has the power to dissolve all negative energy that we may have accumulated through the ages and in turn engulfs us with positive energy and light."


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  • Dear amparo, thanks a lot for your addional explanaton on the Violet Flame. Right, the Flame can extensively reduce the natural disasters which have outpicturing potentials for misqualified energies from the humanity, i.e., negative karmas of societies. Love & Light! Blessings! Seban.

  • Dear Gailene, thanks! You are a blessing being of a violet flame! Love ∞ Light. Seban.
  • Dear Nancy, thanks for your kind comments. Although God will work through several levels of realms or dimensions, even including ETs, the highest potentials for the benefits of humanity would be first of all focusing on the wills of the Ascended Masters and God. I know ETs are also our brothers and sisters at different realms, although they can be categorized into good and bad beings to humanity. Anyway, God will work through You, me, and everyone else through several realms or dimenstions, as in the mode of progressive divine revelation. Blessings! Seban.

  • Dear Feather, thanks a lot for the blazing violet flames. Seban.
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