Back on February 6th, E the Friend on Telegram told us:

We are about to deal your enemies a blow from which they will not recover.

Hold on tight, and let there be light


Note the wording. Not “their” enemy—our enemy. So who are “they”? Are they “the nine” as they claim? And who are The Nine? Our friends upstairs? Intriguing, yes? I think the confidence and bravado speaks volumes. Nothing can stop what is coming.

As Q predicted, “blackouts are necessary”. The focus of Q the Stormm on Twitter/X lately has been on the EBS – which is NOT the same as EAS. The EBS, I believe, is the satellite system/Starlink/Skynet that Elon Musk, a confirmed Alliance military contractor, has established overhead for the White Hats to control the communications. I believe it is the connectivity for everything—communications, surveillance, weapons, and everything quantum and enables them to monitor the financial system, as well. I could be wrong.

Q told us when the lights go out, the Patriots are in control.


Nov 02, 2017 7:31:24 PM EDT
Anonymous ID: WBXFv1gI No. 147683156

Fellow Patriots,
I’m being advised actions have created accelerated counter-actions.
We have not yet ascertained the scope of the attack.
Watch the news outlets.
POTUS’ Twitter take down was not by accident (as referenced several hours ago).
Should the LIGHTS GO OUT please know we are in control.
Do not panic.
We are prepared and assets are in place.
God bless – I must go for good at this point.

6y, 3m, 2w, 5d, 18h, 33m ago            4chan pol

The EAS is the Emergency Alert System which will be used by the EBS to communicate with the world when “it” goes down. All phones, televisions, radios, etc. will be controlled by the Alliance and tell us all what is happening and what to expect.

Q the Stormm confirmed this week via their countdowns at this site that the operations to get the EBS in place and online was complete. They posted the following early today on X.

Note: As we have pointed out many times, a countdown event may not be something we publicly recognize. It can be one of those things conducted in the background as part of The Plan. We have to read between the lines. It sounds like things are going to get a lot more visible than they have been.


And now we hear that nationwide in the US, several telecom companies failed and there was no service for a lot of customers for several hours. Qincidence? I believe the Patriots are in control, my friends.

Of course the “solar flare” is blamed so the Telecom corporations aren’t liable. We know who is in control.


The above is all just my conjecture. You will draw your own conclusions. There are no guarantees on communications at this point in the war and we will adjust accordingly.

TruthPups posted the following Telegram this morning:

The deep state beta tests are happening and preparing for 24 blackouts
We have been helping you and ⚠️ warning you to prepare for the False Flag EVENTS inside job Cyber-Attacks

AT&T customers hit by widespread cellular outages in U.S.


These Telegrams also suggest that something may be afoot. My other half arrived in Florida yesterday so I have boots on the ground—if he can report in to me. He’s not responding currently but Uhura is keeping the hailing frequencies open.

AT&T says 75% of network is restored after thousands report nationwide cell service outage‼️📱💻

No reason has been given for the outages but federal officials say there is no indication of a cyberattack.

A nationwide cellphone outage hit tens of thousands of AT&T users on Thursday morning.
More than 70,000 AT&T outages were reported after 8 a.m. ET, according to downdetector a website that detects outages. The first outages were reported just before 4 a.m.


I don’t believe that is the end of it, folks.


Second X class Solar flare in 24hrs and the 6th one since Jan 1st…


Things are ramping up…

Are you still convinced that there won’t be a Great Solar Flash..?

Because the Sun ☀️ is telling us otherwise, getting closer and closer, to reach its Solar Maximum, also called Solar cycle 25🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

This is The Divine Light Awakening our dormant DNA 🧬 and cleansing within our bodies, what doesn’t serve us anymore…✨

Because 93% of the functions of our DNA are: Light, Sound reception and Transmission…🧬

Buckle up, buttercup


And there are warnings: Are you ready to shelter in place? Stocked up on essentials? Meds? Pet supplies? Cash? Fuel? Ammo? Best to do that now when it’s calm, rather than after SHTF. Whiplash posted on Telegram this morning:

News that FirstNet is down should be a big, bright, warning sign.

I called some friends in DC last night as the 2nd & 3rd lobbying firms ditched CCP clients and told them to get ready. The Party was likely to believe this was ordered from “on high.”

READ – UPDATE | Atlanta’s 311 services, non-emergency 911 affected by AT&T outage…be ready if this happens, have protection as the “mob will come out.”

From American Patriot on Telegram:

Experiencing SOS Downed Cell in Florida.

Forwarded to Capt. Kyle chat from Maritime Chick:

My daughter who works as a 911 communications specialist said they were just notified everything is about to go down nationwide

That’s a sampling of what I’ve seen this morning in my distracted state while taking care of business.

This is interesting, as well. Some are decoding the comms and this is a shared opinion for those who do not have Telegram accounts…  By the way, did you see the white running boots/sneakers Phil G posted on his account in the past week or ten days with the big X on them?


When I had this dream ten years ago 👉 ( the “X” that appeared in the dream between the two dogs was an endless source of wonder. In the dream the “X” was so dynamic and so powerful that I had to know what it meant. But over the years it’s significance continued to escape me, until the day that Elon Musk abruptly changed the name of Twitter to “X.” All of sudden the letter “X” was everywhere, and it’s still coming with the total eclipse this April! After taking it all in, I’ve come to the conclusion that although the letter “X” now has several applications, it’s basic message in the dream is this, When you see the letter “X” it means “IT’S TIME!” Time for what? Time for everything that the “X” represents!

X= 24

On the live chat circuit there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that Capt. Kyle is going to be chatting with the phenomenal Kerry K. I can’t wait. These are two of the most connected and grounded people I know of. The heavy hitters are getting into formation to drop the MOABs. The bad news is below from Kelly.

We need to postpone today’s chat with Kerry K until next week. Between the outages here and Kerry K is also experiencing outages in South Africa.

I will post next week’s schedule shortly, which will probably be about two chats next week because we need to give Captain Kyle a little break, I really slammed his schedule tight this week😉. It has been a very busy week and no time for him to rest. So just stay tuned and I’ll let you know what day she’ll be on next week and then we’ll have one other chat scheduled for y’all besides our lovely Kerry K🙌

Sending love, hugs and blessings,

So you can see the comms are down in many places, not only the USA. Florida, Texas, all across the US—although when I was needing them here in Phoenix, they worked fine. Internet was a little glitchy on Tuesday for me and friends in Scottsdale.

END TIME ALERT – Meteorologist say the Earth is currently being bombarded by a powerful X-class Sloar Flare, Multiple countries like US, Australia, India and East Africa are facing network and Radio Blackouts.

Keep always informed
Subscribe to @Intelsky

And on another topic… but what was that number again? Yup. The “C word” is back.

45 People Arrested For Being Child Predators, Prostitutes, Human Traffickers, Child Traffickers & Wanting To Eat Children, Yes Cannibalism

🇺🇸Join👉 @SGTnewsNetwork

I’m going to publish this now so those still online will be aware. I may or may not be back later today with more.

Remember to remain calm, prepare as best you can, and know that everything is going according to The Plan. They have prepared us for this for over 7 years. It’s no biggie—except that it’s very tangible evidence that “it’s happening”. Our patience has paid off, and we are all part of ‘The Storm’. Don’t expect things to be normal during a war. Every time the cabal pulls a stunt, the Patriots learn more about their secret operations and can prevent worse events from happening and re-occurring.

Q the Stormm issued a warning for Japan and Los Angeles. It remains to be seen what that refers to. Blackout? Chaos? Possibly gangs of thugs ransacking the cities? That will put the military on the streets. It’s getting real.


Twenty years ago we were told by personal development gurus, “What you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.” Dr. Bruce Lipton was a pioneer in the field of creating reality with our beliefs. He taught us that the way a projectile of energy behaved—whether as a particle or a wave—was contingent on whether its journey was observed by intelligence or not. Heady stuff.

Dr. Lipton was speaking on the wall of my Naturopath’s office last weekend and I wanted to remain in the waiting room to listen to the rest because he has such an engaging manner and explains complex, unfamiliar things so well. I had a couple of books at one time and it really opened my mind to the possibilities when he shared his research in, “The Biology of Belief” and subsequent volumes.

The beliefs we espouse which affect “matter” have a profound effect on our bodies, which of course aren’t solid at all. We’re a quivering, quagmire of vibrating atoms and molecules—pure energy. When Humanity truly learns how to manipulate energy we will be like gods.

If you are not familiar with Bruce or haven’t listened to him in awhile, maybe you will get as much out of this next video as I did. The way he connects dots and shows us how this real physics affects us in our day to day life is meaningful. I got a lot out of the interview and the lights were coming on again with a-ha moments as he expounded on the true value of his exploration of reality, and with his usual humour. The host, Jeff Krasno, is excellent as well and this one has 1.2M views. 1 hr. 33 min.


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  • Solar Flash

    When the solar flash happens, many species can extinct because the tsunami coming afterwards will wash everything away on the surface of the planet. What is the solar flash is, actually? It is the galactic central sun first activates the core of the suns in the scalar field. As you know, our sun changes its polarity in every 11 years or so. But here, we are speaking about galactic interreference in scalar. So, as the galactic central sun activates our physical sun in every 13,000 years, usually during the solar maximum. Again, we are having the solar maximum next year.

    Magnetic Polar Shift

    This is a trajectory of the magnetic north pole of last century. The magnetic field was already moving. We are already in the initial phase of the magnetic polar shift. This magnetic polar shift triggers the physical polar shift. At the moment of magnetic polar shift, the strength of the magnetic field decreases quite much, and the structure between earth’s crust and mantle will change. There is a certain transition zone between those two, called Mohorovičić discontinuity. This is a very thin layer. And when the magnetic field around it decreases, it loses its intensity and become more liquid, and mantle can not hold the crust anymore, so they are both disentangled. But the rotation of the mantle continues while the crust stop rotating, creating huge tsunami on the surface. It will shift the polarity of the planet.

    Here, you can see the decreasing the strength of magnetic field of this planet. With the Carrington Event that happened in 1859, which was a very strong solar emission, dismantlement of the earth magnetic field has started. The process is accelerating in the last few decades. There is not much scientific evidence because most of these data is suppressed and very hard to find them. I took the graph from a website called Suspicious Observer.

    Now: -25 percent of magnetic field has been lost. And usually it decreases 1-2 percent every year, but now perhaps more.

    There was a very strong solar flare in the new year’s eve, strongest one almost in decades. To me, it was the strongest experience in this lifetime. This is getting so strong and even stronger.

    Solar Flare

    Once in every decades we get x20 solar flare. Once in every centuries we get x30 flare, which is even more powerful. And in very rare case, we get x40 flare. Those are very strong event, and if something like this happen now, it will definitely flip the pole, creating the polar shift.

    Solar cycles
    (I could not find the right image)
    (Different progress is shown in one graph)

    This graph is also taken from the Suspicious Observers’ video. As you can see, x1 flare is not dangerous. With x5, like in few months ago, it was more dangerous. X10 is more dangerous, and x20 can surely cause the collapse of magnetic field. I can not trust this graph completely because there was x20 flare in the beginning of December 2003. It was a very strong one, it created a quantum leap on that day, but it did not damage the magnetic field very much. So, there other factors involved. For example, it depends on if the solar flare is directed towards the earth or not. If it was not, there is no risk, but if it was towards the earth, it can be quite dangerous. If we have x30 flare away from the sun, we could see that from the northern hemisphere, but not in the southern hemisphere. So, there are many factors involved in this process.

    If the sun erupts, it will emit many particles bombarding the earth magnetic field. If the bombarding is too strong, those particles will reach the surface of the planet, they can cause spontaneous fire. There are many fires on the surface of the planet because of these particles. So, the global warming theory is completely nonsense. What is happening with the intensity decreasing and changes in tectonic activities, we see many volcanic explosions and earth quakes.

    This is a current solar cycle. this line(in red) is the prediction, and this is the actual. As you can see, we are in the more powerful cycle, and some expect the complete collapse of the magnetic field in this year. We will see! But next year will be much stronger year.

    There might be malfunctionings of current electrinicity. There will be many glitches because of the solar activity, so do not rely too much on the electric devices like cellphones or computer. I personally had many many glitches in last few decades. Things will not work anymore as they used to be. Blackouts might happen more often.

    (Note: the image above is taken from an article writte by Cobra entitled “Bubbles of Heaven”, which you can find here with explanations

    another complementary article here )

    What happens in the non-physical planes, there is a removal of subquantum anomaly and activity of Mjolnir technology which I will speak about today and tomorrow. We are now somewhere here (Phase III) since 2019. When it reaches the maximum transition, the Event will happen. After it happened, the flustration will be less and less. Here is the moment of the polar shift (phase V), and galactic super wave(phase VI). So, galactic super wave will be, in a way, more harmonious event than the Event itself.

    The problem we have now is the suppressed energy. Humanity has been suppressed during the last 26,000 years. There was too much suppression that created violence. Not all the damage can be transmuted in peaceful ways. This is the reason why we need the Goddess energy so much on the surface of the planet to reduce the amount of violence. The Event will be a catharsis that can cause violence, too. Many people will not be able to take what they have been done. One of the Event operations on the surface would be bring as much goddess energy as possible here. But after the Event, transformation process will be much more easier. And solar flash, polar shift, and tsunami should not be so traumatic. After the planet earth is purified, there will be a golden age. Well, I have explained this many times on my blog.

    As we are getting closer to the Event, you need to understand that you will have a very active role in that process. There will be a lot of things to do and you are going to be very busy, but it will be more peaceful time. We all have to support each other.

    Moment of the Event

    Here are various phases of the transition. At the moment of the Event, this is where old society collapse. the dark forces need huge amount of energy to maintain the control in the perspective of thermodynamics. They will run out of the resources to maintain the control the system. And the nuclear of the new society will be created. You are the ones responsible. From you, the new societies will be created! start islands of light, teach people, create networks. When the critical amount of light is held by the expanding network throughout the planet, First Contact begins. This is the corporation between the surface population and galactic forces. There are already many motherships entering here now. They are huge network of the ships already in underground of the moon. The structure below and on the planet will be ready. After Pluto entered in Aquarius, this process is accelerating, and things are becoming more intense in the solar system, maybe within few weeks from now.

    As you can see in this graph, we are here now (just before the Phase IV). The event is here (entering point of Phase IV). And the polar shit is here (phase VI). We are at the extremely accelerated purification of all the darkness, so everything is getting crazy. All the darkness suppressed is coming to the surface. This is the purification phase. When that process is climaxing, and this is the moment of the Event (Critical Heat Flux). So this will be the craziest moment. But it is not the moment of the galactic pulse. It is not the moment of the polar shift. Not the moment of the micro nova event. It is the moment of the light forces intervening the surface of the planet, removing the dark forces, and starting the process of healing the humanity. Then humanity has some time to go through the healing process and get ready for the polar shift or coming solar maximum flares, or the galactic super wave.

    As we are getting closer to the Event, you need to understand that you will have a very active role in that process. There will be a lot of things to do and you are going to be very busy, but it will be more peaceful time. We all have to support each other.
This reply was deleted.

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