I do accept both humans and animals are a creation of God , but do we share same rights? Humans are a creatual of the image of God and the keepers of Earth . Animals coexist along with humans that benefit from them. But Deep concers are on my soul , after reading the post Vegetarism , questions start poping out in my head , What would happen if everyone stop killing animals . And I strongly believe it would end in Chaous and humans would suffer greatly.

Why? to began with lest start with insects . Iscets such as mosquitos bring terrible diseases as denge.I have seen people dying in tv thanks such an horrible disease. As well infections pass trough others insects.There also insects that kill the harvest and if dont kill them there be allot of hunger among humans.What about termites , they destroy homes ? Killing insects is not a bad thing in my view they can affect our life in a negative way.

Second , Killing mice and rats, As anyone has stody world history should be familiar with the massive humans dead in Europe around midle ages , Due to infections pass trough the Rats and the mices. A mouse bite can end in the dead of a human.

Thrird reson , Animals that may attack humans , This is serious I live in an area thats thats full of ratle snakes the community has been force to kill them. There communities that are full of predators that may attack a child.

For the last reson.Economical disaster , if people would stop eating meat , Many factories would close thousonds factories that provide Millions of jobs. People would be jobless with out money . And sice the insects will destroy the harvest everyone will starve eventually ...

I believe that in our second life no one would eat animals and the killing will stop but sincerly this our trasition life and everyone want be alive to be able to Mature and be ready to part .

I hope undesrtads my point I respect Vegans , but I just want defend my point of view to everyone. Thanks for reading

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  • i feel impure when i do eat meat so i try not to. its a relatively new thing for me though, and if someone cooks for me i feel it rude to reject their food. i just envision in my mind a thought for the animal I'm about to eat and express my thanks, with a bit of love and gratitude to raise the vibration of the meat. 

    honestly though, i believe it was once appropriate for us to eat meat, but no longer. we don't actually NEED it. its production is immoral and only about money money money. cattle make up a third of green house emissions alone and they are now talking about genetically modifying this trait from them- like we need more GM foods!!! 

  • I agree with ryan , honestly I dont think I can became vegetarian but I want to start eating Organic foods and more vegestables , mistreating animals is a wrong thing we need them for our eco system but unfortunally killing has became an option for our own survival ,Even animals kill each other :( personally if it was up to me i dont have the heart to kill an animal to eat it, but i was raised buying meat from supermarket and i can't stop eating it
  • I believe animals and humans are deserving equal amounts of respect.

    Every animal should have enough food and be respected with its space and loved;

    its the same with all humans,

    its scientifically proven that insects are important for our lifehood.

    If the Bee's die out our main source of food drops, and we will die out in relative short amount of time.

    This is because the bees pollinate the majority of our flowered food crops. Without them we would experience famine...

    so, basically; we need to respect our nature , environment and our animals <3

  • to my understanding, it is how something is killed is what's really important if you find it necessary to kill. Everything has a will to live and deserves to live, so if you are going to end the life, you should do it with respect. especially where food is concerned, the animal should be thanked at least, that it's life is ending to allow yours to continue. this kind of thing is not present in mass meat production, that is why it is a low energy food. 

    there are many examples of this in history, where people would give ceremony to the life of an animal as the killed it.

    i personally don't like meat all that much, but i still eat it occasionally. my body just doesn't seem to "move it" properly lol.

    i have often wondered about some of these things you've brought up, but i have also read a lot about the abilities that people will have eventually which include resistance to disease of all kinds, and, telepathic communications not just to people, but with animals, plants and even the life force of minerals. perhaps animals will have no need to harm humans when there is clear communication of intention between us. after all.... most animals only attack people out of fear. as for the rest, where i live pretty much all water has crocodiles in it- you just stay the hell out of the water :)

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