Instantaneous Communication Over Vast Distances

Interstellar travel is practically impossible without a way of moving several times faster than light. As believed in presently, theoretical physics forbids such a travel. This is a major reason scientists dismisses claims that 'we are being visited by aliens' almost without any need to investigate them! The theoretical physicists have brainwashed their initiates so much that they think that instantaneous communication over a distance is 'absurd'. This is what they call it 'spooky action at a distance'. However, as I will show you, it is far easier to understand things if we think that things in the univers communicate with each other instantaneously, without any time in between transmission and reception, regardless how far apart the things are!

Let me first illustrate an absurd case for the 'no signal can propagate faster than light' doctrine of theirs. Imagine a heavy object tied with a rope and so is hunging near the earth ground. But the rope used to hang the object is so long. It is tied to a peg in a planet in stars! Suppose you now suddenly cut the rope in the stars. The relativist tells us that the object still must remain hanging for at least four years! This looks like more 'magical' than the so called 'spooky action at a distance'! Obviously a case where all signals must propagate at lesser speed than that of light leads to its own sets of more daunting absurdities!

It is a no coincidence that we think that the object will fall to the ground instantly, upon the cutting of the rope, no matter how far the cutting is done. The tension of the rope is never propagated as a wave, along the rope. The tension enables the waves, and is part of what dictates the speed of the waves, but is, itself, not limited by the same speed it defines! Same reasoning can be applied to electromagnetic waves. Like I have explained in a previous blog post, electromagnetic waves is understood the same way as we understand 'mechanical' waves. Only think of charged particles as to have its own kind of 'inertia' caused by electromagnetism, plus an ensemble of them having  a kind of 'stiffness'. So one way of understanding how to break the so called 'light barrier' is to manipulate the parameters that defines the speed of light, in a way analogous to 'cutting the rope', hence 'manipulating the tension'. How this can be done is hinted to you from my detailed explanation of electromagnetic waves in a previous blog post.

It is not hard to understand a universe wherein things communicates instantaneously even over vast distances. For a perfectly rigid object, it is straight foward to understand. If you push one end of such rigid object, its furthest end moves instantly. So all the portions of the solid moves in a synchronized manner. But for an elastic medium, the idea that the motion of the furthest end is delayed seems to make sense at first, but when you close examine, you find that actually it doesn't! In an elastic object, different portions of it can move at different velocities, unlike in a rigid object where all the portions must move in a synchronized manner. If you push one of its end, the velocity of the portions at that end will be maximum, then it decreases for portions away from that edge. If we are to say that the furthest edge cannot instantly move together with pushed edge, then there must be a point along the object where the velocity of the portions of the object abruptly becomes zero! This is unreasonable! Where is this place exactly, and why?The reasonable scenario is where the velocity diminishes slowly with the maximum velocity being at the pushed and the furthest end having the minimum velocity. So the furthest end is move instantaneously with the pushed end, albeit at a lesser velocity.

Another case to consider is a long rope initially lieing flat on the floor. If you hold one end of the rope and raise it, Then every part of the rope must begine to rise instantaneously with the part you held. The only difference is that the parts further away will rise slowlier. If we were to say that the parts at the furtherst end must waite until the wave arrives, then as you move away from the held edge, there must be a point where the adjuscent but further parts of the rope suddenly refuses to move up together with the upward movement of the nearer portions. As far as we can see, and as far as is reasonable, this scenario never happen anywhere on the rope as this would create an 'escarpment' at that point in the rope, if not a breakage! Again, the most reasonable scenario is where the rope at the furthest end is moved instantly by the movements at the other end, albeit at a slower velocity. It is this way that the height of the rope will decrease smoothly the further you move away from the held edge. Otherwise than this the height would abruptly drope at some point for unjustifiable reasons.

This understanding shows that in wave propagation, what we call 'waves' are actually slower signals superimposed on other 'faster' ones. All waves have a component that wiggles like a standing wave does. Consider the following 'standing wave':


 As you can see, several of its portions moves in a synchronized manner, with the only difference being that the amplitudes vary from region to region. Think of all waves, including light, as to have a standing wave component amid the other slower wave. To understand it, think of the electromagnetic field to diminish steadily over distance from the source. So the light vibration has another vibration that looks like the vibration of the string in the manner in which the string swings back and forth the largest at the middle, but swings back and forth the least near the end where the string is tied. However the swinging is synchronized so that all the portions of the string communicates with each other instantaneously. In this way, everything you do instantaneously affects everything else in the universe, no matter how far it is. It is only that the effect is SMALL over vast distances, and it is never the case that the effect DELAYS.What delays is a much larger version of the effect.

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  • That will be amazing!☺
  • If you find an uninhabited galaxy let us know-
  • I do that with the pics of galaxies and clusters of galaxies etc, with some music in the background.☺
  • I'm going to focus on some pics of Mars and then see if I can go there and get a ;feel' for it
  • You can read this blog post to get more on how I link 'movement of objects' to 'transmission of signals':
    'tele' betrays an attempt to apply the technology like that of 'telephony', 'television', 'telegram' etc albeit to transport a physical object! So so…
  • Yes, that is my rough explanation of how to create what is equivalent to a 'star gate', for all relevant purposes. It is a kind of what I may term it 'telepathic omni-presence', especially if the 'computer' I am talking about is the brain itself!

    We 'travel to stars' by 'creating the right dream about the stars'. This 'dream' will come about if our brains are directly fed with the signals conveying the information pertaining to the planet we are trying to visit. Once the instantaneous signal is directly connected to our brain, our consciousness is instantly taken to the very place the signal is comming from. We are now 'one' with that place.

    So I might say it is consciousness itself that instantly 'travels' through the 'stargate'. It is in this way that the search for a means of interstellar travel boils down to the search for a superluminal signal. That is why I zeroed in on signal transmission rather than the motion of objects.
  • So what device do you think would help cut the distance between two planets to allow a gate to walk through or is that your explanation??
  • The electromagnetic device will be a powerful amplifier plus some computer that will calculate based on some formular. Unlike the slower waves, the instantaneous signal will not necessarily be a direct replica of the original signal. This is because at any time the signal at the receiver is getting affected by another instantaneous signal that, if it were an odinary transmission, would be yet to arrive. So this requires some filtering to obtain the original signal.

    I have tried some equations that assumes that the instantaneous signal attenuates to form a 'Gaussian bell'. In this model, you will need to put two receivers in a row, along a line you suspect the signal is comming from. The two (or more) receivers will help to calculate the 'sharpness' of the 'Gaussian bell' associated with the signal.
  • How about a star gate? Build a copper door frame and put a rubber bushing in the middle so really two sides to the frame. Then attach a microwave oven like device to one side that vibrates to the Earths' Schumann resonance 7.83 Hertz, set another device on the other side to 20.3 Hertz for Mars-now the difficult part -what electromagnetic device could cut the distance between the planets?
  • Tesla claimed he had a device that sent messages faster than light-nobody believed him because he said he was having conversations with someone on Jupiter-could happen but an Octave higher
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