i spoke to a dragon spiritually tonight!

i believe i have connected with my dragon, i had a vission that felt like a daydream of me flying on a dragons back and it felt natural and through the clouds and all over australia's bushland, it felt very much real and i can still feel the scale's on my legs and the breeze in my hair , then i connected with him, he said hello and i freaked a little bit then he said his name was draco


i thought draco had a rider already, i mean i don't think i'm THAT important to this cause!

from my understanding draco is the one who him and his rider will essentially lead on several more in battle, the one who guids us and his rider inspire's thousands and helps many more!


i did not think that my jounrey would be so important to everything!


i don't know if this is my dragon or not, i think i need help understanding it all!

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  • ow dear anush it looks like you have your hands full at the moment, thank you for what you for the information, i pray that the chanting may calm and the people give you a break to do what is neccisary!


    the big moon tonight is also the equinox so it shall be interesting what occors on this night!


    i look forward to it and shall talk more with the dragon, as much as i find this difficult to process i shall do my best, ow and anush the war shall be drawn down to earth and every being will have to play thier part if the light even wants to stand a chance of success!


    either way i am more than a little keen to meet my friends and family of the dragone with every passing moment i feel them closer to me than the moment before, soon enough we shall meet :)


    yes drome as anush said it very much the same, it also tie's in with crystal beings!

    crystals are very much un-heard of unless written of by script by the lucky one's who accidently find us out!

    we are still considered myth and that's not a bad thing, our job is to rise in time's of need and go back to society hiding as an everyday person until the earth needs us again!


    Rae: thank you and Captin Sayzarzillion> i apologise deeply, i'm sorry if i offended you in any way!


    much love and light to all goofy :)

  • It is the same.  At this point don't expect anything from me.  I am being driven insane with people following me around chanting.

    "Hail the King Anshargal, father to Anu's (Anush in the Hittite text) heir, who has ascended the throne.  Her rightful place, that Alalu (Alalush in the Hittite text) stole.  Soon the battle will rage, and Anu, will be home once more!  Rise Dragone-Somal Rise!  The temple shine bright.  The time has come for Anu to heal our home!  Hail Anu, the queen of Queens.  The mother of all!"


    It is rather hard to even hear what I am thinking! Let alone what you are doing.  Draco is the lead Dragone on Earth.

    Draconus Maximus was the one that is the master of Dragon war.  Protector to Anu.  The 8 headed Dragone-Somal depicted on the Dragone temple.


    Dragone is the ancients and the first race that came in existence.  The rest of the Dragone, Dragons and then the lower ranking races like the reptilians.  Dragone and Dragon are warm blooded and mammals The lizard races cold blooded.  The yin and the yan of Scaly society.


    Draco is allowed into the first hall of the great Dragone temple, with his rider.  No lizard may ever set foot there. 


    Dragone has no riders and they are angels, human Archons and Dragons.  Reason they are also shapeshifters.


    Dragone-Somal, is all.  A Dragone-Somal can become any race, speak all languages, as they are the marshal law and the guardians of all souls.


    Ok that is all I can manage now.  I am needed.


    That infernal chanting is driving me insane.  Ok granted insaner than normal.





  • As far I know about them they where one the first souls in this universe, they ride at Dragons from planet to planet. How true this is... .. I dunno, but that was what I thought when reading your blog post. :)


    Have fun, looks very exciting to me! :D

  • is that sarcasm Rae or did i really mis understand his humour, if i did i apologise!


    and drome what is

    Valheru Oversoul???

  • Looks like....


    Valheru Oversoul

  • wow i wasn't aware i was being mocked by a 2 year old child, i would go into detail on how you asked a question then answered it with a completly different animal but i'm pretty sure that's aged 6 we go into that amount of seriouse intellect!


    i may not know much but hell god forbid i join a site in the hope that some people have the common sence and respect to treat my questions with respect and help me find some answers!


    this my friends is a classical example of what happens when imaturity meets seriouse adult conversations!


    here's the short version just incase you aren't intellectually aware of what i'm talking about here, i don't have all the answers that's why i'm asking questions!

    i am not 3 years old so i dont' respond to where a dragon or dragon fly goe's pee pee or poo poo!

    a dragon diper, really...

    i would go on but clearly you've proven my point without me even trying so unless you have something usefull to say buzz off!

  • wish i knew to be honest i really got no idea at this point!
  • AND i know that she knows and has spoken to my dragon aswell!
  • i dare say it would be Rae, to my understanding there's only 1 draco...


    the point being draco is one of the highest respected dragons in the dragon comunity he doesn't really hold a place on the board so to speak but he is important enough to go right into the councils room,


    MOST dragon riders or visitors or even dragons are only allowed to be within the garden area of the dragon temple just before the hall, but draco is allowed inside wich is the highest honour of all, i'm not sure how that would work being his rider if infact i was, i'm still not sure but the dragon i seem to be connected with is pretty persistant that it is infact him and i am his rider!

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