So, since I am so swept off by this alien topic, I couldn't help myself and come to some conclusions while brainstorming with my loved one. I don't expect necessarily to be right about it, after all, I'm just speculating. But, we discussed the matter and came to these results.

There several things that don't quite add up when it comes to aliens, to me at least. Particularly the abduction phenomena. Everybody talks about how much more advanced they are compared to us. If that is so, then, why do their ''examination'' patterns seem so reudimentary and human-like? All these gadgets and the testing.

First of all, if they are much more intelligent than us, they wouldn't need 50+ years of consistent examination and study of the human race. They'd simply know immediately all that they need to know about us.

Secondly, highly evolved species obviously are able to develop higher tech. But, I do consider that spirituality is where real genius level intelligence comes from. So, in order for a species to be called much higher than our species, they'd need to have a much more expanded consciousness. Much higher consciousness means less likely to be hostile and to use rudimentary, crude responses to other species below. Also, less likely to see violence as an answer and also less likely to abuse or intervene in the course of the evolution of another species. This is simply a universal law that higher evolved beings automatically respect, from my own knowledge. Simply put, if I were a highly evovled alien, seeing how the humanity is today, I would NOT want to intervene, or even make myself known. I'd simply just stay out of their way and let them sort their own problems. I'd be extremely careful how I proceed to contact them and especially WHO. But the way the governments and the media portray them is pretty much very similar to humans, as a matter of fact, too human-like, mentality and behavior wise. The humans are basicly insulting their intelligence and wisdom and completely underestimate them, either on purpose or not. So, while I do believe they are here and they have their eyes on us, the real ones don't really make themselves known, and they're probably facepalming themselves every 5 minutes of watching us.

Also, I have heard about intelligence agencies being invovled in all of these abductions. And I believe that this may not actually be just some rumours or far fetched. This probably is the closest to the truth we can get. All these UFOs and stuff...There most likely are indeed some species of aliens cooperating with the governments and the affiliated agencies, but they must not be all that advanced in the first place. Humans are known to be cruel and capable to lack compassion for each other. The medical examinations that I read from abductee testimonies sound to be extremely rudimentary to me. Highly evolved alien species would not have such technology that would require to paralyze one and then perform painful proceedures on them. They would work on energy level, they wouldn't even have to kidnap the victim in order to do what they came for, nor would they need to put the victim through so much distress and pain. I only know of humans needing to physically come and take you, paralyze you or put you into sleep or some delerious (spell right?) which means, drugging one and then perform painful proceedures and tests on you.

I do believe that humanity's technology is actually much more advanced than we're lead to believe. Hence why I would not dissaprove if these ''UFO''s were actually human-made technology and all the gadgets that they use in order to abduct could be also human-made. I would really not be surprised about it. Your average person has never been exposed to such high tech and their brain cannot fathom such a world, therefore, to them, being in a UFO or seeing all that tech must mean it's other-wordly, and these entities play up to that and lay the blame on the aliens alone, to detract the attention from themselves. I would not be surprised, like I said earlier, if they would work hand in hand with a couple of not-to-much-more-evolved species of alien/s, hence why the abductees always see the other beings, although, there have been enough cases when they said that they saw humans piloting the ship or simply just being part of the crew. There also could be the possibility that the person who is being experimented on is drugged, and they might be just having hallucinations and such. After all, I hear some governments have mind-altering technology, and they can make you see and feel anything they want, and make it extremely convincing. But these are just two ideas.

And there it is, our leaders throwing the blame on the aliens and making them look bad to humanity. If I were an alien, I wouldn't want to come here for this reason alone, as well. What point is there in contacting and trying to communicate with a species that is stuck on survival mode and is in a constant perpetual state of fear of anything uknown and different? If I went there and contacted someone, I'd risk being retaliated with violence and hostility. There is no point and it would be counter-productive to my good-intentions, or neutral-ones. I wouldn't want this attention if I meant to simply cooperate, or much less, help. But like I said, highly evolved species do not intervene, unless explicitly asked to, which we aren't at that point in our evolution to ask for that unanimously.

So, shortly, I believe that our leaders and behind-the-scenes agencies are doing their best to spread misinformation and to detract us from the real problem, them, by creating paranoia, fear and hate for everything we do not understand. They lay the blame solely on the aliens' feet, no matter who they may be, while they carry on with their own programs and work.

I personally feel a sense of familiarity whenever I think about extraterrestrials. I don't believe that all of them have pure intentions, of course, but I do believe we should strive to understand them more before we let our fears take us over.

What I also dislike is that some beings who want to intervene or already do, or they keep chanting how we need them to help us for our evolutionary leap, they are undermining our capabilities as a species. They are basicly rendering us helpless and powerless, and that without a higher power, we can't make any progress. I call on that BS. We are much more capable than we are taught to think that we are. We are equipped with everything we need in order to go forward. What we lack is the right mentality for it, and that's what the lightworkers are working on improving, but they can't do it without cooperation and will. No truly evolved species would want to interfere in our evolutionary course at this point. We need to pick ourselves up and grow, not wait for other species to babysit us into it. If we aren't going to do it ourselves, who will? A species cannot trully grow and learn and progress unless they do it all themselves. And I would think the true aliens would know that, at least the ones that are truly much more evolved than us.

So yeah, these are my opinions as of now. They don't have to be true, nor do I expect them to be the truth. The truth is such a transparent thing...

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  • I think your approach is a healthy one in regards to this topic. I applaud you.


    Remember this... whenever you hear/see someone speaking about aliens and claiming they're real with their own evidence/experience (and not just what they read on the internet/some book/some movie)... take a good look at them. I mean a real good look at them. Do they really seem credible? Do they have their shit together? And I don't mean actors (liars, frauds etc etc... --- people lying on the internet??? since when?? --- ) who intentionally lie about it for whatever purposes (money, fame, a following, whatever).. but the people who genuinely believe they witnessed something. Sometimes it can be hard to discern between the two but most of the time it's not.

    I think the subject is always going to be up in the air. And we won't learn the truth until after we die. And then our ancestors/dead relatives will be like, "yeah, aliens are the longest running joke since... forever... lol... your bitter ex wife used to love visiting you in your dreams as an alien" (haha, dream trolling).

  • Dreamsicle, yeah, somehow, I have a feeling that actually, some of these aliens might exist here in the astral form. I mean, from what I understand, some of them have the ability to dematerialize at will. So, I wouldn't be surprised if they exist around us in this form. I do not pretend to know what they are looking for here. But, I don't know...I give up. I feel I am challenging an extremely complex subject I am absolutely no expert on, and most likely am truly clueless about. Too bad that we are offered so little, if any real information on them. I'd like to for once get some real info on them, but I am so paranoid about the validity of the info I find online, that I really don't know what to believe anymore and am confused and skeptical of everything.

  • Cornelius, I do not wish to rely on the Internet for information on aliens. I believe most of the info we do find online is misguided, untrue, exaggerated, etc etc. How do I know that whatever I find about it is true or not? There is absolutely no guarantee that it is. And why would anyone post a lot of info on them for all to see? I think the problem is a whole lot more complicated than not. And I am not necessarily putting them all into one bucket, I am saying that people are painting them as stupid and crude. If you know better and are judging me for ''putting them all into one bucket'', then why don't you offer me the information you think you behold to enlighten me on the subject?

  • Earth is a laboratory. And we are the specimens. And if I was an alien doing an experiment or observation with the Earth population at the present time, my first reaction would either be to crack up laughing or to break down and cry (after seeing how the world population conducts itself and sets priorities).

    There is no gravity. The world sucks. 

  • Hi Ara,

    We live in a universe which, like our planet, has myriad species on it.

    All with different levels of consciousness

    All with different intent.

    As a result we can't judge their actions by our standards.

    Because there is so much we don't understand.

    However, we have to be able to account for the the possibility of all possible behaviours.

    Even when they don't necessarily make sense to us.

    Because all have taken different evolutionary paths.

    And as a result, what they need to understand and overcome is different..

    I do agre with you that man kind must be allowed to stand on it's own.

    That there can be no interference until such time as we come to a place where we are capable of solving our own problems.

    this is simply good parenting.

    And by and large, we are being left to our own devices.

    And we are slowly and surely rising to the challenge.




  • On a random note:


  • Yeah, one thing I think is an interesting observation... all stories about alien abductees... the people are sleeping (ie dreaming). Some people don't even realize they're sleeping because the dream location is happening in their bedroom so they think they're still awake.

    People insist they're feeling pain in their sleep due to the activities in their dreams... but that's also something the mind can do. I mean, I've had my arm or hand fall asleep while dreaming and I could feel it in the dream, but I've gotten to the point as an adult that I can recognize it and go, "oh drats, I guess I'm going to wake up soon". But I've also had dreams that imitate pain to a degree... nothing as excruciating in reality. And for other pain.. I think people are just feeling their body have real life pain, and it's leaking through to their dream.

    And just like people can instigate a headache or stomach ache... I wouldn't be surprised if people can create pains that parallel their dream activities.


    I'm glad you've come to this conclusion. I agree on so many things with you. People paint aliens as barbaric. And stupid. And then there's contradictory information that they're highly advanced and intelligent. Well, which one is it? lol

    I think of it like this... IF aliens are on Earth. They are either wearing some sort of invisible/cloaking device like harry potter lol (doubtful scenario... we'd be bumping into invisible aliens all over the place... there was a skit on some dumb show ages ago about invisible people and how cars would get into accidents hitting these invisible people... it was a problem! lol)... or they're in the dead people dimension (or they're wearing human suits, but I also find that to be unlikely). IMO, they're in the dead people dimension. IMO, they're not aliens at all. If anything, people are confusing spirits as aliens. If spirits aren't bound to physical limitations... it makes sense to me they'd be able to shapeshift as they please (including into alien costumes).

    I have an ongoing joke that if spirits can shapeshift, I'm going to shapeshift into a reptilian and bug living humans after I die (if possible) for my own agenda whenever I get bored and want something to do (or if there's nothing to do to begin with). Whether it's scaring pedophiles away from hurting children... or scaring a murderer into having a minor heart attack before they harm someone (I won't harm someone while they're planning something because you don't really know if they're going to go through with it or not... but like.. if I see someone in the act of grabbing a child and trying to shove them in a trunk or chloroform them, that's when I'd make my move.. I guess, I dunno.. I haven't exactly planned it out.. but that's not the point. The point is, I would shapeshift into whatever I needed to, to succeed in my endeavor.

    But if aliens are here and travelled all the way over here from their planet, and they have the technology to remain hidden... that would be truly advanced. But what purpose would that serve?

    Put it this way.. if humans had the technology to do the same to another planet... what would our agenda be for that? Surely it wouldn't be just to sight see. What would drive us to explore living beings on a planet? Well, we're looking for it now (at least on mars lol)... and to what end? Why are we doing that? If we do discover something.. what are we doing to do with it? And if we discover things not nearly as advanced as us... we'd probably do whatever we wanted and treat it like an animal. If we discover things more advanced than us... well, truly I don't think we would.. I think if something is more advanced than us.. we would only discover it if it wanted us to discover it.


    Also, notice the type of people who claim to have alien contact. They aren't exactly role models.

    Then again, maybe aliens are that smart. Maybe that's why they specifically target people with shitty cameras to see their ships (lol). Maybe that's why they specifically target the "class of people" they do to make contact with.

    Or maybe people are intentionally lying about their pictures (I know that's only true for some). Or taking pictures of weather balloons and hot hair balloons without designs or baskets/equipment attached (it happens, actually, not sure if it was actually a rogue hot hair balloon.. it reminded me of one of those zorbing balls just more hollow) that they mistake for something more than it is.

    As far as the "leaders and agencies" who give out misinformation about aliens... once you realize they're full of crap... a sense of sorrow might occur when you realize all the people who still willingly believe them. And then a sense of anger that they're able to get away with it. And then you'll see how they lace the information they give out to give the image that they have truthful information. Like one day talking about aliens... the next talking about how a good diet is important... things like that.


    I keep saying people should stop trying to rely on aliens. Aliens aren't going to fix the world's problems (if anything they create more problems because the people who insist they see them cause others to question that person's sanity and mental health).




    You're absolutely right. Humans are more than capable.

  • Interestingly well said.....



  • Dear Ana,

    I guess you don't make any distinction between good, positive ETs, and bad, negative ones, and so you put them all in the same bucket. If you will search more, will come closer to the truth. I encourage you to do so.

    With brotherly love, Cornelius Constantine.

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