AngelicView: I try to never take it for granted that I know what the author of a Near Death Experience story is trying to tell us, but I can give you my opinion on it and what I came away from the NDE feeling like the message was, as I will try to do with this one.

Actually, I think there is a much deeper meaning than the examples I can give below, but it is hard for me to express in words what that deeper meaning is.

I think that it can be said that we both have complete control over our lives – and yet not much control over our lives – both at the same time.

As an example, say a man is trying so hard to make it big in the corporate world. But he stumbles and falls and never seems to make it up that ladder.

He keeps thinking he must not be working hard enough or he just has ‘bad luck’. But what I’d like to propose is that he was never meant to be a CEO in the first place.

He is putting all of his energies into something that was never meant to be. So in that sense, it seems as though we don’t have control over our lives.

But if that same man were to take a little vacation from work and go camping in the woods and just think about what it is about the corporate world that gets him excited – what is it about the job that he loves?

When he isolates that part of it, he could think of something else that he could do that would still involve that thing that he loves, but goes into a different direction.

Now suddenly his life is so full of joy and excitement and everything he touches turns to gold (well, not literally on that last point).

That happened because he is now on his life path that he had planned before coming to Earth.

And because he had made the choice to follow his joy and turn in a different direction, it is so that he had the power to change his life completely.

Following your intuition is going to grant you way more success in life than following the way of the world, and incidentally it will be much more likely to improve the world around you.

Many people do not know this secret about Life, and so they struggle through the whole thing. I think that is one of the things that is so great about studying NDE’s. :)

Renee had this profound NDE from a terrible motorcycle accident, and it changed her life (and her way of looking at life) completely.

It was a beautiful fall day Nov. 2 2003. The weekend of the celebration of Halloween. The weather at this time in North America was very unpredictable.

This day was a beautiful fall day warm enough for sightseeing and a nice relaxing motorcycle ride with friends. Little did I know the universe had other plans of how this day would end?

Suddenly it all happens so fast. I could see myself outside of my body. My soul was above my body floating around as if I had turned into a magical Firefly.

But I was lying in a ditch in some water unconscious. Strangely just like watching a big screen movie I could hear everything going on around me but I was dead.

How could this be? I could hear the police and paramedics talking about needing to resuscitate me and how much blood I had lost.

It was over three pints and that is enough to stop the flow of to any heart. I heard the life flight land and still I can feel the air blowing everything around as if it were happening to me now.

I am watching my life unfold right in front of me like a bad dream only it does not feel bad at all. I can see my surroundings but do not feel any physical pain or emotional stress.

My emotions are heightened – accelerated into pure light energy where there is no space or time. I feel more alive than I have ever felt in my life.

There is no words to describe this ascended transformation. It is not humanly conceivable for man to remotely understand.

If you could image all of the sudden your soul being ripped wide open and then saw your heart lying on your chest outside of your body as everything inside starts to flow into this superior atmosphere of powerful light and energy.

A supernatural dimension maybe even a whole separate galaxy that co-exists in the heavens or perhaps it is closer to us than we think?

This powerful energy had control over the heavens and planets and it was pulling me, morphing me into it. I became this all knowing all powerful amazing incredible light of energy!

Needless to say I will never be the same. The light of all creation just manifested itself into me.


You do not see and feel in this powerful light energy as we know this to operate here on earth as of our five senses.

People always ask me.

What did you see? Did you meet anyone?

Okay, I will do the best to explain, I can say I was almost instantaneously after the feeling of floating upward into this massive soft, Loving intriguingly beautiful bright light that transformed me and sucked me into its magical atmosphere “merged with God” I instantly became all knowing.

I became a part of the creator itself. I had no known memory of the feelings of separation of anything.

This may be hard for most to understand but I had been there before.

You can never be saturated (AV: “separated”?) from yourself and death is an Earth created illusion and illness. Come back where? I never left.

This is a dimensional world that has levels and planes. Dimensional frequencies that can be moved higher, lower, brighter, slower, faster designed into manifestation thus leading us to other planes and different dimensions of existence.

The strange thing now is not what will happen now but more interestingly wishing to know how it is happening and why, with no fear I must add.

Fear is another illusion. It has taken me all these years just to get a realization and awareness of what an observer is like.

I developed a strange mind in that it is accelerating faster than I could possibly keep up with.

It (AV: I think she means “God” here) intuitively and clearly does not care of my understanding of the processes of what is happening or as to what has happened and furthermore what is to be. It just cares about the feelings behind the processes right now this moment!

That is all that matters and that is all that is even a reality to this transformed mind. Do not try to analyze the possess, I am told it is not where your powers and talents are needed.

My spirit guides which I am dependent on in all totality, tell me that I have tapped into the mind of God and this power knows all.

It has the knowledge and power to control the material world and beyond. They tell me I must control my feelings and thoughts and stay connected 24/7 with the universal laws of energy that our creator has uniquely designed for our success andColorYourDay happiness.

Do not worry your pretty little head as to the process for it is in God’s Hands.

You are not in control now. Just stay close to this plan and your life will blossom like a newly created flower that breathes life as if it were part of the master plan.


I came back to Earth with a different mind operating system. The rules of this land (meaning created laws) no longer apply to me.

This intuitive mind operates all on its own. Heavenly Angelic powers are all around me. Fear is just another illusionary created word. Universal causes cannot be lower than the universal effects.

The source of the streams of universal life and the cosmic mind must be above the level of their manifestations.

Since my out of body I find myself effortlessly moving in and out of my body. I lose track of time, days and months go by as if they never existed.

It is as if someone other than myself is using me in some other dimension, somewhere other than here on planet earth but I am functioning as well as possible all the while this is happening.

Age just one more added illusion illness that we have created to be a part of life as we know it here on planet Earth.

This may come as shock to you but is true nonetheless “We are Immortal spiritual beings” having a human experience.

The separations we have created here has been nothing more an ignorant mind set to create fear.

There has to be an opposite something always. Life-Death, Good-Bad, Happy-Sad. There is nothing separate in the infinite universe and that would include the terrorist standing right next to you.

We are all pieces of one created puzzle. It is true that love is the answer. The earth’s vibrational patterns are changing at a very accelerated pace.

Our emotional patterns DNA and brain frequencies are changing. There is a divine magnetic pull infusing thought patterns and vibrational energies.

These are truly exciting magical times ahead.

The one law that will never change is the law of ”Free Will”. Ask and it is given, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door is open.

As my Angel guides tell me very clearly, they will not come unless invited. It is always about free will. Another shocker “We are already Free”.

But that is to each their choice. We are all on different levels of understanding of allowable choices and spiritual awareness of self.

It is the awareness of spirit that will lead us to the knowledge and understanding needed to transform and transcend into places unimaginable and incomprehensible to man.

Please let me assure you this is only a small part of what is in store for the transcendent soul that follows that “knowing” of the creator of life.

I Am of all things created.


Man has been given power and dominion over all created things. God is the gift giver. We must be grateful and praise the infinite power of the creator of all living things and beyond.

~ Everything was more of waves of energy.

Colors and vibrations.

The colors were attached to vibrations and they were unearthly and intensely vibrant. They moved with the vibrations of energy.

There is no word of color here for this experience what we perceive as color.

~ I intensely felt the presence of God and his army of light. It was as if I was the arm of the puzzle of all created things.

I felt many distinct energies that flow into this one source of light and that is the energy that was pulling me into it along with the other distinct colorfully beautiful light energies (Angels).

Like a melting pot of indescribable magnificence.

~ My Guardian Angel lead me back into my body! I may have put up a fight at this time. I remember how uncomfortable I started feeling when physically trying to reconnect to human form.

They had to strap me down in bed and was trying to scream with a wired shut mouth on the seventh day in ICU.

I think I was out of my body for seven days until then. I was behind the doctors when they were operating on my jaw. I heard opera music too. (AV: Yes!

They do play music in the Operating Rooms – Surgeon’s Choice.)

~ Magically created, we are all one with a chosen will. We will make a choice to connect to our other parts as they fit together universally (LoVe).

Transforming the universal knowledge bank into the all of everything created Merging by choice with our creator into the light of our home.

It is a dimensional transformation of our spiritual souls. This controls the mass of our own creation. We create ourselves here in this human form!

We know how to fix US!!


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