These directions are for those who are using an Eternal Life Album that was created for
them and anyone who wishes to enjoy listening to music at Crystal Magic Orchestra.com.
Listen deeply within when you have your earphones on. It is highly recommended to use earphones when listening to your Eternal Life Album and all other Crystal Magic Orchestra Music because the Voice of I AM THAT I AM is deep inside of you. All That Is, our Father God, Source, Oneness of All Creation is in the Soul which is all through your body.

I AM THAT I AM comes into the body that aligns itself with the Fire of the Soul. The music allows the listener to Ignite that Fire within and allow the fire to flow through the body and out into the skin and outer edges of the body. The music causes the body to Illuminate, to Shimmer, to Glow as the Fire within the Chakras of the Body flow through and out of the body.

The music contains all of the Light and Sound Vibrations of the White Light, which is the accumulation of all of the Fires burning in all seven of the chakras in the body as well as the chakras that are outside of the body.

Listen to all of the sparkles in the music. Allow those sparkles that you hear to ignite the sparkling of the light within your chakras and within the cells of your body.

Breathe frequently while listening to the music. When you breathe, imagine that you are igniting the spark into a flame in your chakras that ignite all of the cells in your body.

When you breathe, first focus your mind far, far above the stars into the Cosmic Realm and then beyond that into the Source Field where Source resides. Inhale from the Source Field and then exhale all of that White Light into the body. So this at least once every five minutes. You can also inhale the light from the Universe and exhale the light of the stars and the suns into your body while listen.

Your music contains a flow or a dance that allows you to become a dancer who is dancing through the stars while you are listening and absorbing the light of the stars into your body.

Your music contains GOD LANGUAGE that is the original language of Creation spoken between God and His Angels and Creators. Creator Beings also use this GOD LANGUAGE for Creation itself. This God Language, which is in the music, allows a link of communication between the Soul in the Body, which is a Finger of God, to connect to all of the Consciousness of God. This connection allows the Source of All Creation to Lift the Body into the Highest Realms of Consciousness.
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Please Listen to I AM THAT I AM- our FATHER GOD speak

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