Dr. Angela Barnett You may have heard an Ascended Master or another Entity of Light state that we need to increase the rate of spin of our electrons in order to ascend to another dimension. So, what does that mean? Electrons are at the Atom level of existence and is where our 3D scientists have done much research, yet our scientists know very little or probably nothing about this phenomena for it has to do with the mechanics of ascension. OUR ENVIRONMENT Atoms – with their spinning electrons – come into existence because of the Standing Light Wave Patterns that exist at the Pre-Atom level. For any one dimension, there are 3 standing light wave patterns that make up the light "Hologram" of that particular dimensional environment, which are basically the X, Y and Z of the hologram. Any dimension that has an environment that entities can move around in and interact with the environment has this standing light wave pattern. A T.V. screen makes for a good example of how this works. The T.V. screen is basically 2D and is flat, so there is only an X (horizontal) and a Y (vertical) standing light pattern (standing means "does not move"). When you are watching a movie on a T.V. screen, you see cars drive by, people moving around, sitting in chairs, walking across the street, etc., but actually what you are seeing are the light pixels changing color on the screen. This is a simple idea – not complex. Imagine a black screen with a white ping pong ball moving across the screen. The ball is actually not moving across the screen for nothing on the screen is moving. The rows (X) and columns (Y) of light pixels on the screen are simply changing color to give the impression that the ball is moving across the screen – as the ball moves to the right, pixels in front of the motion change to a white and the pixels behind the motion change to black to give the illusion that the ball is moving. Also, the ball can change into a square by simply changing the color of a few light pixels. Still, not complex, but you may start seeing the alchemic magic that exists at this level of existence. Everything resolves down, so if you make a change at the light level, what happens at the Atom level? Remember – as above – so below. Let's add depth to this situation by adding a Z row of lights that go straight back from the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical). It's like having the T.V. screen picture in front of you containing the X and Y picture, then stacking hundreds or thousands of that picture one directly behind the other to fill up a box with light pixels. Now, you have a 3D hologram of light pixels that completely fills up a 3D space. 3D in this case refers to the X, Y and Z – not to the 3rd dimension itself. Think of the 3rd dimension, 5th dimension, 6th dimension, 7th dimension, etc. as different channels on the T.V. So, with this 3D hologram, when you watch a movie in it, you will see 3D people and cars and trees of light moving and driving around and the trees blowing in the wind – all within that box of light pixels. It's like the "holodeck" that is shown in the Star Trek movies. Reality operates in a very similar way in the Pre-Atom structure of our environment. There are 3 light wave patterns of X, Y and Z that do not move (stand in one place), and they span across all existence within the particular dimension. This gives us our holographic environment to live in. Ever heard that we are living in a hologram? Well, we are. And it exists at the Pre- Atom level, which is formed of Light and Sound. Ever heard that everything is made of Light and Sound? Well, it is. When our Light and Sound holographic environment steps-down to the Atom level, we can then see it and can physically interact with it. The Pre-Atom level holographic environment is more etheric than the Atom level environment that we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell with the 5 senses, yet they are 2 sides of the same coin and are absolutely interrelated and interact. So, the Atom - material density – level of existence is a resolved down version of the holographic light etheric density. OUR BODY Our body also has a Light Body (which you probably already know) that is more etheric than our Atom level body. Our spiritual body starts at Source and steps down to the Monad, to the 5th Sphere Cosmic body, to the 4th Sphere Universal body (12th dimension - Christ Consciousness), to the 3rd Sphere Galactic body, to the 2nd Sphere Solar - your ascension body, and then down to the current body. Our body form starts out in the 12th dimension in a 12 point grid. This grid holds your perfect divine blueprint. From there it steps down to the Merkaba, which is an etheric crystalline form that radiates out about 27 feet around your body. From a side view it has the shape of a six pointed star that looks like the Star of David. It is actually two stacked pyramids one pointing up and the other pointing down and they spin in opposite directions. From there it steps down to the auras and our Light body. And from there it steps down into the Atom level body. Our Light body is at the same etheric level as our holographic light level environment. However, there are many other things that can be done with the Light body besides simply residing in the light hologram. LIGHT FIELDS Now, Light fields are all integrated and breathe through all the suns throughout all of the Universes, this Universe, Galaxies and Solar Systems, it is the in-breath and out-breath of Source. Our holographic Light Body and Merkaba and holographic light environment is breathing through and as this wholeness. We are as large as all existence and breathe through all existence as all existence – we are One. Our 3D atom level body is a "step-down"- a resolving down – of the vastness of Source – we are God – we are Gods – we are One. So, we are One with our living, breathing, Light Environment, for we are in the flow of Divine Light energy as Divine Light energy. Know that you are Light that is breathing throughout all eternity. Know that the Light Environment is a part of the allness of you that is breathing throughout all eternity. All Light is the Light of Source. All Light is living, breathing and has consciousness. We are One with All through Light as Light. In the 3rd Dimension, which we have been living in for eons, the Light of our Light bodies and Mother Earth's Light Body and the light Body of the Environment we move around in, resolves down to a specific frequency and angle of particle spin that is specific to the 3rd Dimension, so our bodies, the Earth and the entire environment resolves down from Light to that specific frequency. From that specific frequency and angle of particle spin, the Atom level of existence comes into form. 3D Atoms have a specific frequency, angle of particle spin and speed of particle/electron spin. Right now, we are experiencing a transition stage of going from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension, so the 5th Dimensional energies and frequencies are here along with the 3rd Dimension and the 5th Dimension is increasing its presence by the day. As the Earth's and our frequencies raise and then resolve down to the Atom level of existence, the structure of the Atoms are modifying. Atoms came about from a moment by moment resolution down from Light and then settle in at the specific frequency of the dimension of consciousness one has attained. The higher one's frequencies are, the higher in frequency is the resting place of resolution of the Atom. The higher the frequency of resting place of the Atom, the faster the electrons spin around the Atom. Everything is moving up and forward for Mother Earth and for most everyone on Earth at this time of ascension. This is why it is critical to go with the flow of change. Everything is changing. This is why it is beneficial to stay in the flow of the Eternal NOW moment. HOW TO INCREASE THE RATE OF SPIN OF ONES ELECTRONS Since, the higher one's frequencies are, the higher in frequency of the "resting place" of the atom. The higher the frequency of the resting place of the atom, the faster the electrons spin around the atom. A number of Inner Earth entities have said to those, on the surface of the 3D Earth, that want to go to Inner Earth are welcome at this time, but those who want to come to Inner Earth must first increase the rate of their electron spin before they will be able to physically go there. So, how does one increase the rate of electron spin? Since the rate of electron spin is directly related to ones frequency level, raising one's frequency level is the key. Raising ones frequency level is a holistic process. Every time a person learns something new about reality, frequencies are raised. Every time thoughts about reality come together and something more is seen and/or understood, frequencies are raised. Since life is eternal, everyone has lived hundreds of thousands of lifetimes or more. And everyone has come down from Source to this density, so they have previously lived and experienced life at every level and dimension of existence between here and Source. Your higher selves know all of this and are aware of all of this. Your higher selves and you are not separate and never have been. You are your higher selves, and your higher selves are you. So, by getting quiet, and going within and listening to your higher selves, you can feel at one with all of them – all of you - feel at one with yourself, which includes all of your higher selves. Once you start feeling at one with yourself throughout all of the dimensions, you can and will start remembering things about reality from Source down to here. Everything you do along these lines will raise your frequencies. We are interconnected to all Entities of Light through light. Their energy is our energy. Our energy is their energy, which all comes from Source. We are one through Light energy. Once we start remembering that we are interconnected, we can start re-connecting. There are many thousands (or more) of Entities of Light out there that are immediately available to you to re-connect with. Remember, they are a part of you and are one with you. Look through the names of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, Light Beings and listen to feel if you resonate with them. If you resonate with some, call on them to run their frequencies through you. When you feel their frequencies start to run through you, inhale and then exhale their frequencies into your spinning Merkaba and into your 3D body. Realigning and feeling your interconnectedness and running the frequencies of Beings of Light will raise your frequencies. Also, most light workers that are incarnate here on 3D Earth at this time are probably working on and with a Team of Entities of Light. If you have not done so, you might consider finding a way to connect with your team. Finding your team and working more directly with your team will raise your frequencies. Light energy flows. Light energy flows from Source out through all existence. It flows out through and as all as the divine plan. By consciously knowing that you are interconnected to this flow of all light as all light, you can relax and allow yourself to go with the Divine flow in whichever way it goes. And by listening to your higher self, your direction and path will come to you moment by moment. By doing this, you will always be aligned with the Divine flow and will help ensure that you are creating the most heroic future for yourself and others. All of the above raises your frequencies, which, in turn, increase the rate o spin of your electrons. Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse

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