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How to Remain Happy When Negativity Surrounds You?

People suffering from depression and other similar mental conditions are inclining constantly. They fail to focus on the things they do, lose their appetite, either do not sleep at all or sleep too much. Depression can make you feel hopeless and if you wonder how to remain happy even if the conditions are not suitable try these.

Wake up Every Morning Thanking God:

Show your gratitude to the God that you are live today. Begin your morning thanking God that your hands, feet and all other organs are functioning properly. Focus on the things that you have and forget the things that you do not have. Thank God for all the things you possess!

Surround Yourself With a Good Company:

Do not schedule yourself. If you want to know how to remain healthy you need to be surrounded by positive people. Strictly avoid the people who criticize and comment. Be a part of a group that smiles and remains cheerful. Spread happiness and you would get it back also.

Tune into a Melodious Music:

Music is known to have a soothing impact on your nerves. If you are low and surrounded by negativity. Tune into the songs you like. Motivational songs also help you feel better. You can also consider reading motivational phrases.

Look at the People Who are Deprived:

When you start doing so and make it a habit, you would start feeling better. There are all types of people. There are some who are handicapped and others are mentally challenged. Some people struggle day and night to cope up with extreme poverty and some are orphans. You should try to understand that it is not only you who is unhappy. There are millions of others who have palpable reasons to be unhappy.

Shop Around:

When you are feeling depressed, low or given up, the best way to cheer yourself up and start feeling better is to cheer up. Buy the things you like and that would make you feel better when you see them back home.

Indulge in Yoga and Meditation:

Last but not the least, practice yoga every day and take out 20 minutes for meditating. A happy mind resides in a healthy body. Practicing yoga everyday will keep your body disease free and when you are fit and look great, you will feel better and happier.

Be content and try to seek happiness in the small things of the life. This will make you feel better

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Comment by Suiris on April 13, 2016 at 7:39pm

Finding consolation in the misery of others won't solve the issue. Despite that they've chosen to experience such difficulties before being born.

The purchase of objects with the reason to shift your attention from the problem, is yet another form of dissociation from the conflict.

Mediation involves ego the less. It's a way to distance one from the conflictive self, to find insight about the learning experience.

Some people abuse of this method, becoming isolated. This compulsive behaviour finds its roots on non assumed complexes, generally involving the rejection of one or many aspects of oneself. Insecurities they must learn to accept in order to progress.

To pretend healing is the same as to ignore a wound. The experience of such emotions is there for tangible reason, unlike the concept of god, and other divagations of the mind, in most cases.

Negativity is formed as a direct result of your neglection towards the experience you've previously chosen.  Further negativity will only prolong, and often maximize the conflict which you reject.

Some souls experience such difficulties with acceptance, therefore learning from the universe within oneself.

To experience such lack of balance in the world, means Earth is poblated with a majority of new born souls, rebellious and rather conflictive towards the experience of self.


Strange, I'm feeling complete once again.

Comment by Feather Winger on April 13, 2016 at 8:28am

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