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Home Sweet Home Poem-- Do you Re-member, the Love of Home?

The best education I have ever seen is by the Soul.

For it does not urge me to compete, or drives me by motivations of adulation. Nor does it measure my brains or lack of according to a symbol.  It never encourages me to try and fit a category nor to categorize my neighbor.


Soul teaches me to honor—all life as part of the truest essence.

For Soul it is inevitable that I learn to Love unconditionally.

To respect, and honor truth, not just my own but that of all that is.

The leafs, birds, water and rainbows, are small breaks I take—from

 my lessons for they come whisper to me that I’m missed back home…


Oh, home. My indescribable Isle of Peace and Serenity

How I miss your gentle fragrance, the way you embrace me without possessing me.

Home always compliments my essence and brings joy to my every breath.

When at home I never seem to lack a thing.

There are no jewels, money nor relationships that define who I am.

Even when standing naked at home, I no longer notice it. My state of being is that of complete purity and harmony. For at home there is such acceptance.


Never have I felt so loved and connected.


Maybe that is why, it is so hard to be away in school these days.

The fragrance of my home invades my brain some days and the heart quickly accelerates to compensate for the sacredness of that memory.

I miss the perpetual embraces that my Love parents give me.

They stare at me sweetly, and I still remember that I’m not good at keeping it in…


I cry for centuries when I think of the love of home...


I weep incessantly like an infant when I see how cold it is here—the land of lessons.

I miss the wildness of the heart, the trance-inducing voices that sing, the wings that give me back my right of no limitations, the endless hours of knowledge and application. Oh, how I miss the connections…


The way people look you in the eye and soon they step into your heart.

You embrace there until moonlight shines and then you separate only to run wildly in nature, like mad children who have just spotted a door to a land of candy…


All there is shines from within....

There is an invigorating glow that overshadows any potential source of separation.


My skin is part of you--you are part of my skin.


The smell of my being is your favorite perfume.


Although I am not quite ready to be back home

I ‘d love it if home came to visit me, once in a while, it be sweet.

To feel that heart wrenching connection that I feel now when in separation from my Love source


Truth I miss you… You are my favorite lesson to conquer.


Connections, love, faith, kindness, unconditional esteem, family, peace and unity…


How I miss you,


Home Sweet Home.

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Comment by EARTHGODDESS on April 24, 2011 at 7:14am




Comment by Darek on February 18, 2011 at 1:02pm
Are You an ANGEL?
Comment by Darek on February 18, 2011 at 1:01pm
Comment by Leo Saint on February 17, 2011 at 9:58am
Beautiful! :)
Comment by Ranthom on February 17, 2011 at 7:06am

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