Liverpool, NY


January 2

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I'm all about metaphysics, symbols, trees, rocks, crystals, stars, planets, people, animals, love, energy, healing, creating, poetry, music, colors, waves,unity and LOVE.

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Currently my beautiful rocks and crystals, my pets, the universe, angels, spirit guides, and all the energy and light-beings, and many of the Ascended Masters, you and all those who touch my life, like children, flowers, Mother Earth...

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  • That was fast.. hehe We Kumaras are about to start a group meditation.. please look into our articles and our Group here. I believe Sam invited you.. this is your soul group.. as I'm sure you have felt already when seeking out our dear brother Sam.. I look forward to getting reacquainted with you once more and to catch up on all your wisdom / research from this lifetime! Loving blessings of adoration and gratitude.. Jacob

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  • oh and love you main picture you look beautiful
  • hey sister

    i miss your ass so much , i turned in my phone so i dont have one right now im going to get one soon though. oh i got a job lol and i think i wanna go back to school for biology / botony/astronomy lol alot i know..what have you been doing though? i kno alot since we have talked ..but yea love you an text you soon

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    Hey hi =) how`s it going ? Is life now going easy for you ? Hey i also wanted to tell you - i love your new pic. You look so pretty, very nice ^^


  • 8113825057?profile=originalSure thing Yuri, no problem. I hope the Wolf guide you into an haven of much peace & happiness. But i do believe, personally, that these trouble times can`t last forever, they will surely vanish. Perhaps they are here to test you and help you grow, but they will come to disappear i` m sure :) Take care & take heart my friend, life is wonderful :)
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    Hey New York Girl :) I just wanted to wish you a nice day. Don`t worry too much about the trouble times, they will surely vanish. But you know, life builds you up, so just take it positively and it will be fine :) Hope you have a nice day Yuri :) See you later

  • Yuriana!  I love you!  You are gorgeous too by the way!  Happy Loving Summer Solstice!
  • hey love,

    havent talked to in some days how are things going?

    how was your intiation?


    love and light sister

  • 8113790854?profile=originalWishing u a glorious Easter....Love u...2 much....d
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Yuriana left a comment for Divine Willpower
"Def interested in taking to Sam more and you, how do you know we are from the same soul group? Also, id love to be part of the meditation group."
Oct 21, 2013
Yuriana left a comment for Divine Willpower
"Hi beautifuo being! Thank you for the friendship:))"
Oct 21, 2013
Yuriana left a comment for Search for Gnosis
"thank you for your wise thoughts/comments on my Zombieland poem..."
Nov 5, 2011
Yuriana commented on Yuriana's blog post My Jewelry Creations! Bracelet $8, the necklace $12.
"Thank you! yes I made them! :)"
Aug 28, 2011

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"Justin, that Berg video you posted below, is a good one, but lacks data covering the subject of intra-cellular melatonin, which can be triggered when exposed to near infra-red wavelengths, of solar radiation....which are a major percentage of sun…"
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Very true 
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