Moving your body during these times and stretching your muscles, tendons and ligaments and doing deep breathing helps to keep the energies moving through you in a balanced way. Following good dietary habits and drinking large quantities of pure water...


Marlene Swetlishoff


Beloved Lightworkers,


This is a time to nurture yourselves and to listen to the inner messages that your physical body is giving to you now. With the infusion of intensely high energies in the past few days, many of you are finding yourselves sleeping more hours than before. This is your body’s way of integrating the energies and allowing the transformation to occur within. Each of you is becoming a template of the New Human operating system and as such, you have been at the forefront of this process.


Moving your body during these times and stretching your muscles, tendons and ligaments and doing deep breathing helps to keep the energies moving through you in a balanced way. Following good dietary habits and drinking large quantities of pure water is essential during these times. Many of you get so engrossed in your daily activities that you forget to give your body the hydration and exercise that it needs in order to go through the changes that are occurring with greater ease and grace. By remembering to do these simple steps, you will alleviate much distress.


It is of the utmost importance to keep your thoughts in equilibrium as these times with the increased energies will manifest with greater rapidity that which you dwell upon. If you find yourselves in the process of releasing negative emotions from deep within yourselves, it is essential that you quickly fill what has just left your system with several positive and powerful decrees, affirmations or intentions. Remembering that you are connected to the Divine will help to continue to keep you on track.


The Earth also continues to stretch and move her tectonic plates and surface changes will continue to take place. All is in a state of constant shift, change and movement. There is no longer any such thing as staying still except as you go within yourselves and this stillness within as a daily practice is an extremely important gift to give yourselves as the days continue through the rest of this year and into the next, for staying centered within your own core essence is profoundly vital.


You will start to notice positive changes taking place within your body transformations, as a greater feeling of lightness will now become the norm and a greater sense of well being will begin to replace the feelings of tenseness and anxiousness that has been prevalent amongst you as the increased frequencies hit the Earth’s atmosphere. These feelings will now begin to ease and as the energies of human consciousness are further uplifted, many positive signs of peaceful metamorphosis will become more and more evident.


These are exciting and challenging times for all upon the Earth and much good is being accomplished, however, these are not broadcast through your mainstream media and so the masses of Humanity are not generally made aware of these. Many of you are now remembering your Divine roots and the gifts that you bring and are taking your places upon the Earth to be of greater service in the coming days. Unified efforts bring forth powerful results. We continue to support each of you through the changes and applaud your continued efforts to anchor more Light to the Earth.


Until next week….


I AM Hilarion



©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff



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  • Hey KH...Thank you so much for this....OH how I I'm trying to learn detailed info just now, about the human body (space suit) & it's workings - while topping up the water levels! Imagine the reaction, when I saw the muscle system image. Nearly spilled my water everywhere! Jeez, everything happening exactly when it's meant to!!! WONDERFUL...Thank you too...Hilarion. The message has got through LOUD & CLEAR O:-D
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