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Headlines and Updates for March 30, 2020: Decoding Our Reality [videos] by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Thanks to the relatively free flow of information on the World Wide Web, it's becoming increasingly apparent that everything about our reality is artificial... fake... a lie. To some it's frightening, for others, exhilarating.

Because there is so much fodder for the mill and such a glut of fear porn, we're taking a more reflective approach in this post rather than hammering out the ample evidence of the shifting reality.

The informed ones don't need this reality check, but plenty of new people saunter by these days and we aim to calm the jitters, allay the fears, and foment an attitude of gratitude and acceptance---because we're largely just along for the ride. Q's advice to, "Enjoy the show" is excellent. Appreciate what is happening and those who toil on our behalf.

When we know the truth, we can't communicate to the masses in terms of reality because they wouldn't understand it. Pieces of the puzzle are disseminated daily, and we're all on our own journey as we navigate the storm and assemble the puzzle as best we can.

The scope of the lie is revealed every day if we're paying attention, but we may need have the truth presented to us, and framed in different ways, over and over to grasp it.

The false reality created by the legacy media repeating it for decades takes time to undo, and that is part of the purpose of QAnon, who repeats reality and questions to encourage us to probe our perceived reality for elements of truth.

There are now a lot of people who have learned over time that the globalists intent is to eradicate nearly all of Humanity. The workaround for the cabal is to terrorize those who know that by putting out false evidence that they are coming for us; that our demise is nigh. As usual, they are the mirror. It is "they" who live in terror because they know we know.

They've tried it all: the chemtrails are going to kill us, the UN troops are coming to disarm us and throw us in FEMA camps where the guillotines are, the coronavirus is going to kill us, 5G is going to kill us, an asteroid is going to kill us, nuclear war is imminent and we're all gonna die.

It's all just talk. The fake news circulated images of rows upon rows of coffins in Italy because they want us to believe the virus is out of control and kills hundreds of people every day. It's simply not true. We have proof that those coffins were for a boatload of migrants from Africa that capsized in the Mediterranean in 2013.

The lying, treasonous media has been using fake photos and video for decades to convince us their narrative is true. Why do people still fall for it?

It's all Hollywood, folks. The world is run by creatures pretending to be Human, pretending to be smart, pretending to be generous, pretending to work for us and represent us fairly in government, pretending to heal us and search for cures for disease, pretending to educate our youth in school, and pretending to be in control... and it's all make believe.

Where does all the missing money go? Where do all the missing people---particularly children---go, every year?

How can people photograph the things they do in our skies if we live where they tell us we do and if the physics they teach us are true?

Below is one more example that our reality is manipulated. It's footage from an FAA camera in Alaska suggesting our reality is contrived. Nothing is what it seems.

Fortunately, we understand we are being protected and that the end of this nightmare on "Earth" is nearly over; that we are about to make an evolutionary shift that will pop us out of this prison planet and into a phenomenal reality. It's not the end of the world or mankind, it's the end of life AS WE KNOW IT. Evil will no longer rule our lives.

As Q has said, "The world is about to change" and we will soon be celebrating. This evolutionary leap would naturally have happened eons ago, but the vermin running the world prevented it. We have been under their spell, unaware we were captive slaves and commodities.

When Q says, Where We Go One We Go All, it means that all the people who are truly Human and choose a higher vibration are going forward en masse. It will happen automatically. We don't need to do anything but strive to the best person we can be, in service to others.

The final days. Enormous umbrella seen on FAA weather camera shades planets from view. 3-29-2020


Having said the above... don't take the language or messages of QAnon, Trump, or anyone else literally. There is a lot of code. Many are interpreting but that's not to say they are correct.

Very few know for certain what is happening, and some compartmentalization may be in place so that while some patriots know enough to do what they're doing, they may not have the whole story. Treat it as speculation.

There's a lot of educated guessing, and it's best not to count on any of it until it manifests. We're all free to formulate our own probabilities.

Obviously there is a lot of disinformation and misinformation about the coronavirus. The media is pumping out the usual lies trying to scare people, but the good guys are playing along to some degree to enable the Earth Alliance to execute their operations performed under cover of quarantines, shelter in place, stay at home initiatives, etc.

The axis of power is gradually being shifted to the Governors of each state. The Earth Alliance doesn't want Trump to be perceived as the one stealing freedoms from the People, and inflicting hardship due to business shutdowns, etc. The United States is a large country and regionally is experiencing different situations as a result of the coronavirus. There's no need for federal mandates. The governors are empowered to make tactical decisions for the best ways to handle their individual situations.

Here where I am, it's not a big deal; today they're reporting only 51 cases/0 deceased---which is dramatically less than a regular flu season would produce. I'm living my normal life, working from home, going out for occasional groceries and daily dog walks. I would be very surprised if we had a full-on lockdown, but it's possible.

It sounds like the extreme situations will be in the sanctuary states, for the most part. Wherever there is a high concentration of cabal/deep state minions, I believe that is where the military are concentrated and covert ops are planned.

The President wants to put the country back to work, but I suppose the military have not completed their layers of operations and for our own safety we need to honour the sequestering until the end of April or whenever they feel it's safe to get back to normal.

Fauci says task force 'argued strongly' with Trump to extend corona...

Draining the swamp...

Washington, DC issues stay-at-home order

The dark ones are trying to make it look like they are in control and in some countries, in some areas, they may have the freedom to pull some of their stunts but for the most part, they have been rendered impotent. They have a few mind controlled bots out there they might be able to trigger to pull off an isolated event of some kind but that's all. If civilians respect the requests to stay home and not congregate in groups, there will be no targets for them.

Simon Parkes confirms that under cover of the very real virus, the White Hats are making a move on the dark ones. He speaks of the period of "darkness" and how that might look in the UK and in America (different) and for how long.

He also drops some intel he says has not been revealed anywhere else on the Internet. You can check it out if you like.

He also confirms what I said from the outset, and that the virus release was intended to take down President Trump.

2020 03 30 Update - Simon Parkes


What we CAN see is that activities of the White Hats are moving very quickly now and the military worldwide has been deployed to secure the planet and as President Trump says, to win the war against the virus. He doesn't mean the coronavirus, he means the deep state psychopaths and pedophiles.

We understand the Navy hospital ship the Comfort was used to transport people from Haiti to Guantanamo Bay; the naval prison facility. That ship is now servicing New York. For what, or whom, we don't know for certain. We doubt it's for coronavirus victims.

Videos like this one from And We Know explain some of the coding in what we see. QAnon gave us a basic understanding of how the secret languages and symbols, numerology and gematria are used to communicate with the patriots, and with the dark. The White Hats use it to taunt the globalist bloodline family psychopaths.

AWK News 3.30.20: We are, and will always be, PATRIOTS. God Bless America.


The USNS Mercy is in Los Angeles, and for what purpose we are unsure. The information will come when the operation is complete.

The following post from Facebook is food for thought, and we did hear from multiple sources that many children were rescued. Would it not make sense that the military would swoop in without warning to snatch up the children while the predators suspected nothing? If it was announced, they might have done unspeakable things to them---even worse than what they have already been doing.

It makes sense that the children would be the first targets of the military. The deep state psychopaths will be afterward, in my opinion.


It appears that before long we will see significant, undeniable evidence of what has been happening covertly. Ideally, we should be able to relax, for the most part, adapt to the situation, and trust that it's all being done in our favour.

There's no doing this half way. Every aspect of our environment on this planet, or wherever we are, is known, understood, and we don't need to worry---but it is a war, and we need to pay attention.

The fake reality is being exposed in a strategic way that the masses can grasp without causing panic, chaos, and civil unrest.

The Plan is moving along as quickly as it can safely do so, and we need to be patient and refrain from buying into the fear.

Don't worry ? about the "10 days of darkness" because we don't know what that means.? It could mean bad news for the cabal, and not anything that will affect us very much at all. It won't be a big deal, and we don't need to panic.

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on March 31, 2020 at 6:14am

Oop's I forgot to say, that this is also the time 4-1-20 that the Federal Reserve will be no more, so all the central Banks of the world formally controlled by the Fed will be closed down at least for 10 days, so get your money out now in the last day. That you think you will need for several months or more, if it only lasts for 10 days, you still have your money to survive for supplies. I am taking all of my money out of the bank here in Belize for they have no back up plan and are totally controlled by the Central bank that controls the world through the World Bank. 4-1-2020 will be called Black Wed. from now on, huh, oh my. Adonai   

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on March 31, 2020 at 6:01am

I put in the question marks in the last paragraph. I think 10 days of darkness means 10 days of blackout by Satellite everything probably will go down for 10 days, no ph.s except for land lines no TV from satellites, no internet, world wide But the Emergency BROADCAST will be working. This is the time they plan to go after the Deep State big time!


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